Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Week That Was

I knew it was going to be a good week, when my big son cooked me this last Sunday!
Bit heavy on the butter... but who's complaining? He's learning.

Joined the Symphony Orchestra on Monday.... as you do...

.. then ate my body weight in celebratory food the next day.

Dropped in on Bill to deliver more art goodies (thanks Jen W.. see he put them in one of his many plastic bags, as it was raining. That's Bill's heart umbrella!.... ooh and I spy the green plastic plate I gave him with his fruit basket at Christmas.... good to see it's still useful!)...

...spied on my son while he was practising his new piece....

Little tacker is learning a new piece too. 
This was him about 5 minutes ago. It's all systems go here this morning!

...went back to collect some paintings from Bill, to sell for him on my blog... but he'd gone walkabout. 
He loses track of the days and forgets what day is Friday.
I left him a note. 

...decided it was all too hard and planned to take the day off... reading the paper and sipping coffee...

.. then I got the call that 3 pallets of lights had arrived.
Shoes off!

.. more of my gorgeous Etienne French Glass lights...

.. and some beautiful crewel throws and cushion covers from Orson and Blake...

... straight to my sofa. Some for you and some for me!

I finally invested in a torch.. so I can ferret around in there like nobody's business.

... tragic for the nails, all this hard labour. 
Look away Faux Fuchsia.
The colour had to go anyway... frowned upon in orchestras.
Length has to go too... although this is my bowing arm so I can keep them a bit longer. :)
Today is election day here in Queensland. 
Time for a new government... Queensland has gone to the dogs.
Happy Saturday!
PS My boy is playing Enrique Iglesias 'Somebody's Me' on the guitar while I have my coffee. That song always makes me cry.


  1. Have a great DAY A-M, its such perfect weather today. xx

  2. I missed the story of Bill. I read that he is an artist and his work is lovely. Is he homeless?

    It is wonderful that you are your readers look out for him.

  3. Yes, Razamataz, Bill lives on a park bench in West End and creates his masterpieces on a picnic table nearby. My readers send him art materials via my PO Box!. He said to me the other day... he is inspired to draw only because my readers are sending him paper and oil pastels. It has given him something to live for. I am going to start selling some of his work for him on my blog in the next few weeks. A-M xx

  4. Sounds like a very productive week.
    And those lights are absolutely gorgeous!

  5. That sounds like a pretty good day! That light is just lovely...

  6. Certainly busy. Hope your weekend allows you all to recharge for next week.Cheers! Fiona

  7. Oooohh I love that light, gorgeous, A-M you can get lights with sticky bits on the back that run on batteries(Bunnings)to hang them up, not sure how good they are but it might help.x

  8. Beautiful lights! I soooo need you to come around & see if you have something for me ... I'm so bad at picking things for myself.
    Busy day here too. Been to cricket, voted, maths tutoring, picking up the puppy from Pet Emergencey (a whole blog post in that one) and now to tackle the washing!

  9. Love to see your big guy has untied shoes....must be a boy thing. If I say once a day I say thirty times " tie your shoes!". And practice your music! He sounds great, I was really impressed by the school guitar group you posted a while back.

  10. The boys play so well! My daughter would love to have that piano to play on! Well done boys!

  11. The boys are fabulous played them both several times. Oh and I love the hat on!!!!!!!

  12. Sounds like a great week, hope the weekend is good too. I love those cushions. Fx

  13. Phew mate it's been too long since I stopped by, so much going on here & at The Hedge! Anyhoo I loved your tweets last night on the Qld election. As MOTH calls me his little 'Lefto Pinko Commo' I don't necessarily agree with the result, but hey what's a bit of political argy bargy bewteen friends. As long as the LNP does't take Qld back down the road of Joh B-J's time warp conservatism, things are looking good for you mob.
    Millie xx

  14. Lovely post and lovely day for you. I would die for a breakfast like your son cooked you - you had me avocado! :)



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