Saturday, March 3, 2012


There was much excitement .... as little one's stick insect has started laying eggs. He has promised them all to school friends..... so he was busy sorting them into snaplock bags and printing out 'Stick Insect Eggs Care Sheets' for all and sundry.

I got a new frock so I wore it for my visit to see Bill and to my appointment after. Little did I know that 3 unexpected pallets would arrive at my shed and I would be unpacking them in frock, heels and 50 degree heat. 

Bill dressed up too.... as he expects me on Fridays.

Look at the goodies Bec sent me to give to Bill.

Bec, he was so grateful. Bill said that he asked the universe for more art materials, as he had run out.... and then I turned up 5 minutes later! Thank you universe. Bill always needs art materials my dear readers. If he doesn't have materials, he has nothing to give him hope. If you have any spare arty things lying around, please consider Bill. Thank you.

We sat and drank icy cold iced tea. I chatted to Bill about possibly doing an exhibition of his work. He just couldn't get his head around it and I suggested that maybe the possibility scares him a bit. Success can be scary. He agreed with me and suggested that I might like to take a few of his artworks each week and sell them on my blog for him. I think this idea is great. Great for direction, goals and self esteem. I'll hit him up for some next week.

Swung by Justine's for a bite before the shed.

It was hard work in heels. 
I could have taken them off, but the floors are so filthy.
I draw the line.

Full to the brim. Creative Stacking 101.

Over the weekend I will be loading up, in my little online store, more stock, that is arriving next week, HERE. You can still email me if you don't want to buy through the shop. Flexibility is key.

BTW, I have been having serious gratitude moments about this business of mine this week. Grateful to be working for myself (I love making all the rules), grateful that I don't have to fill out time sheets, weekly reports, stats, call rates (Friday night used to be weekly reports and next week call plans.... now it's just fish and chips), grateful for my wonderful suppliers, grateful for my lovely customers.. who don't just email their orders... but ask about my boys and chat about houses and pretties and everything. Life is short, you've gotta love what you do. I do. #grateful

Big son is having his 14th birthday 'do' this weekend. A few mates are staying over after the school dance tonight. Tomorrow, it's pancakes, Nerf wars, soccer, swimming, and X-Box challenges on the big screen. Little one will be in tow. He's not missing out. 

Happy Saturday!


  1. School dance! Bet he'll be the belle of the ball.

  2. Hello A-M, I'm catching up with blog reading this morning. Haven't been around for a while but I just love this post. Love your boy's excitement, love your dress, love that you enable Bill to sell art and love that your business is doing well! Hope your big boy has a wonderful celebration and you all enjoy. xx

  3. "Life is short, you've got to love what you do" thx for reminding me... That's going on my Inspiration Board if u dont mind:-)
    Wishing u a lovely weekend.... Out into the garden for my husband and me.

  4. Kudos to you for doing what you love and loving what you do! You have truly turned lemons into lemonade with the life you have carved out for you and your darling boys! So cute how those 2 get along. I love it!
    I can see why your business is successful - it's because you love what you do and you put the customer first:) Blessings to you this weekend.

  5. I have always wanted to stop by and say hi to Bill. Once or twice I have ridden by on my bike and smiled or said hello but I've always been a little scared to just go up and start chatting. I really admire what you have done for him with those art supplies - I wonder whether all that stuff will fit in his shopping trolley??

  6. Cara, say hi, he would love it! He is such a gentleman. Tell him you know me. He doesn't know me as A-M, tell him you know Anne-Maree. He keeps his bits and pieces in someone's garage. He doesn't have much as I think people steal things. His trolley he uses for daily chores. A-M xx

  7. Thanks for your kind words girls.

  8. It's just so fabulous seeing how your business has grown A-M. To have been there right from the start - read about you ordering your very first light - and now clicking onto your shop and seeing such an impressive array of wares - such a tribute to you (and your sheer tenacity). You deserve every success that comes your way. Well done! ;)Sharyne

  9. Great dress A-M, maybe you could keep some daggy clothes and a pair of thongs at the shed so your worlds don't collide!

  10. Oh I am very excited as to Bill selling some of his art work !! I have always secretly wondered if he would sell and I could buy a couple (ok, ok, I was secretly hoping), especially now we aren't there :( some familiar Bris artwork would make me smile.

    I am back in Brisbane March 22nd for a week, or then again in June, running around for lots of medical appts but I would love to take an original piece of Bill's artwork home with me !

    I would also love to donate some $$ to help restock Bill - as I can't buy decent drawing supplies here, and postage is very unreliable.

    Happy Birthday to your big boy, my little boy turns 6 and is having a sleep over party :0 next weekend.

    Love the dress !

  11. Such a gorgeous dress! I am really impressed with little ones stick insect care sheets too, so thoughtful of him.

  12. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful.

    Have a lovely birthday weekend with the boys. Sounds like all sorts of fun to be had there.

    I have a little stash for Bill that I will send up to you asap. I love that you still visit him x

  13. Wow doing all that in heels hope you managed to relax after, I love your dress A.M.

    Bill must be so pleased with all the goodies looking forward to seeing some of his creations.

    Thats lovely of little one to be giving all the eggs to his mates hope they all hatch so they can share in the excitment of the stick insect family been shared among's friends :))

    Have a great weekend sounds fun!! xx

  14. The bike riding is obviously working for your figure!! I think I'm going to have to get mine out!! Love the dress and shoes. Congrats on the shop and happiness is really about living a full and meaningful life.

  15. Loved this post this morning A- M , it was a great read.
    Gorgeous dress ( maybe you could keep a apron & joggers at the shed for such occasions).
    Now my little one is going to school too Im hoping to get my own buisness up & running. After not working for someone else for ten years , I just cant imagine. Plus how to you get a job within school hours & no holiday or weekend work ?
    I will get some art supplies for Bill & send your way. Both you & Bill inspire me.
    Karyn x

  16. You need a pair of "shed shoes" that stay permanently there.

  17. Shed 'crocs' perhaps? Never owned a pair. They look like comfy shed shoes. A-M xx

  18. Karyn, Bill would be ever so grateful. A-M xx

  19. Lovely dress! Enjoy your weekend with the birthday boy!

  20. Hi AM, love your dress, it looks so pretty!
    Do you think the parents of the new stick insect egg owners realise what they are in for? I had to chuckle about that :)

  21. I do know it wasn't meant to be but it was a sort of weepy one today!
    Crocs...revoltingly ugly but ridiculously comfortable for shed work..they are my painting shoes!!!!
    J xxx

  22. Hi I just found your blog, love the new frock, I have some paintings done on canvas that Bill can have to paint over if he would like them, I regularly go to Brissie so can deliver.

  23. love reading about your visits with Bill.
    enjoy Nerf wars
    Pen x

  24. Hi A-M, I'm very sorry. I haven't sent anything to you for Bill yet. We're moving so we've been knee-deep in boxes for the past week! I have a little pile ready to go though.
    As for 'shed shoes', I recently bought the perfect pair for gardening. They're called Sloggers. I stumbled across them and then heard from friends how fantastic they were. Some of them are ugly but I bought a pretty pale blue colour.The new pale pink spring clogs on the website are sweet too.
    And I'd love an illustration from Bill. Would he do a black-and-white one? Something architectural - a house perhaps? I'm happy to pay. It would be a thrill to own one of his pieces.
    Janelle x

  25. You really hit the nail on the head A-M ~ you have to live life the way you want. At the end of the day the only one who knows your likes and dislikes the best is you (as well as who can make you a success).

    Have a fabulous weekend with the boys - 14 already?! Oh my goodness, time is warp speeding past me. He'll be in college before I know it. Happy Birthday B!


  26. Happiest of Birthdays to your son!!! And I am off to check out your seeing Bill and your new frock too!

    Kat :)

  27. Hi A-M.

    I think it's great that you (and your readers) are able to give to Bill - it is such a heart warming story!

    I would like to send you some art supplies to pass on to Bill. Where can I send them to?

    Jen x

  28. Jen you can send goodies to Bill via my PO Box:

    Anne-Maree Russell
    PO BOX 660
    QLD 4171.

    Thank-you. A-M xx

  29. Thanks! Parcel is in the post today :) x


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