Sunday, March 11, 2012


...we hung out at Gran's...

...played by the dam...

....played in 'the tree'...

....fixed up the 'stick' swing.... as last time it broke...

...had running races on the lawn....

...hunted for stick insects...

...high and low.

It was a hassle at times... waiting for big brother to bring the ladder... he was always chatting to his friends on the phone.

Tess, the dog, was right into it.

Mission successful.... a little one....

... and a big one.

They came home with us in the stick insect net thingy... and after being presented with fresh leaves back at home, they have settled into their new enclosure very nicely. They are currently being fawned over as I type. Early riser.. as he has to check on them every 5 minutes. It's serious stuff here. Their little house is just outside Brian and Nigella's tank. Drives the lizards crazy, seeing the stick insects, as they just want to eat them.

We're off to school on a Sunday for a choir workshop... as there is a concert next week and then the Easter Service in the Cathedral the following week. I'm hanging out at the shed, preparing orders, while the choir practices. The shed's close to the school. 

We're going to head down to explore Oxley Common this afternoon, after choir.... lots of dirt bike tracks... boy heaven.

Happy Sunday!


  1. How lucky your boys have such a place to play and go exploring in. My children's grandparents have a farm but it's nowhere near as exciting looking as the pictures you've shared. There's just loads of paddocks with cattle in them; no big trees for cubby houses or rope swings. My Big Girl had her House Chapel Service last Sunday so it was an early start for us last week. More laid back today. Enjoy your day.

  2. This is sooooooooooo precious!
    This is all that pictures!!!
    Tania Maree xx

  3. Looks like the boys at a great day at Gran's place. A hive of activity. Hope you've had a successful day at the shed. I'm supposed to be doing work also but am exhibiting work avoidance behaviour by checking the blogs instead! Ange

  4. What a lovely day doing fun, boy stuff. They look like they love a bit of action and adventure those two.

    So handy that the farm has good phone signal so the social life doesn't have to suffer.

  5. oh how awesome does that place seem!! wish my nan lived there too!! (wherever it is) and don't the boys look happy, so great to see them enjoying life, really, what more can we ask as mums! well done old girl, you're a fab mum, with a fab blog I might add!!! So glad you share it so we benefit too, very generous of you AM! xxxx

  6. Ah, to climb a good tree again and have fun on a swing. I miss those summer days as a kid where I had all the time in the world. Have a great week A-M!


  7. hee every one's climbing trees just read posies post about her kids not fair I want to have a climb tee hee
    It's reminded me when I was a little girl & I used to climb my mums apple tree & visit my neighbour Mr & Mrs Lewis they didn't have children so me & my sister would stop by to say hi & we would get fig biscuits & a drink I will never forget them :)))


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