Thursday, April 19, 2012

And A Building Designer Comes On Board

Bit blurry because I was talking.

I for one can't really have a meeting of any sorts, with anyone, without food and beverage..... so my initial consultation with my Building Designer yesterday involved Justine's 'Haloumi Special'... and we made it a double.

We're on the same page, Mr BD (Building Designer) and me. He understands my obsession with eave returns and double hung windows. We finished each others sentences.... and said, "I agree, I agree, me too, me too", a lot. That's a good sign, I reckon.

Got side tracked off the elevations and floor plan and went into kitchens a bit.  Couldn't help it. I could see the kitchen appearing before me on the floor plan and things had to be said.

As my kitchen ceilings will be 3m high, I was thinking I need cabinets, floor to ceiling, like this:

What do you think? I would almost forgo a pantry for those huge cupboards. I'm also thinking.... white cabinetry.... but a black island bench... with marble bench-tops? this beauty that I pictured the other day:

Award winning Melissa, from Verandah Interiors, loves her marble bench-tops and spills things all over hers and still loves them to bits. Hmmm. Tell me. Yes? No?

My beautiful blog friend, Col, sent me this image (of unknown origin, sorry) as she knows how much I adore a good kitchen nook. I would love a little desk, and a nook for my cookbooks, thrown into the mix. We've already noted a need for the nook in the rough floor plan... sort of. There was lots of scribbling being done... the nook is in there somewhere.

Digressing a little bit more....."Mr BD, this is more of what I was envisioning the pool house to be.... simple, open, casual." He had pool house grand plans.... and I have a budget! 

I'm going to talk to Mr BD through my blog as he lives over the other side of town... although I think I can lead him to my side with promises of haloumi and hot chocolate. It's my shout next time.

Anyway, back to the plans. We schemed each elevation (gables and porches and stuff) and the basic living spaces downstairs. We tossed around the idea of having a low L- shaped porch out the back (as well as the front), flowing off all the living areas, with a few wide steps down onto lawn this time... and positioning the pool and pool house, further out from the house. We agreed on everything, Mr BD and me. Thank goodness, because I can get a bit bossy, as I know what I want.... and I didn't want to scare him away on our first meeting.

We got excited about creating a free standing, gabled garage, on the long elevation with a beautiful windowed corridor/hall from the garage to the with lots of lights.... maybe some 16 light feature windows on both sides of the corridor. It was all sounding so good. We are going to create something really beautiful. I think we are going to work really well together. It's going to be great to have someone to collaborate with this time! Two heads are so better than one. 

I've started. It's good. And the house hasn't even settled yet.

Anyway, it's coffee time! The mornings are so delicious, now that it has cooled down a bit. I am sitting under a blanket on my back patio, enjoying the crisp, early morning air.

Happy Thursday!
PS. Hi Kelly! (blog fan, from the coffee shop)


  1. This is so exciting, A-M! I love the planning and design process (much better than the painful building process - ugh).

    Kitchens offer so many choices, it can be overwhelming...but I'm sure that whatever you decide, yours will be a delight.

  2. I love how happy you sound A-M! The pictures are gorgeous and I can't wait to dream and watch and live vicariously through your building process again.

    That last picture, with all the Hydrangeas and gorgeous garage doors and deck.... swoon.

  3. It's good to have someone on the sampe page as you. Fantastic-sounds like a good partnership is about to happen! xx

  4. How exciting, I love the sound of it already. Love the floor to ceiling cupboards but perhaps consider a ladder nearby too, so that you can get to those high spots. A lovely ladder of course. ;-)

  5. It is going to be AMAZING! I'm looking forward to seeing it grow :)

  6. I've saved the last picture to my downloads. I think I will be planting a row of hydrangeas somewhere in my garden. Just gorgeous. G.x

  7. Your ideas sound amazing. Really must go with the floor to ceiling cupboards in the kitchen, I love them xT

  8. I Can't Wait To Watch This!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

  9. Oh I love it. I have been mentally redesigning my kitchen With a white cupboard and black island. Now I will be able to watch it happen, just not in my home.....its all so very exciting.
    Happy happy happy.

  10. It all sounds so lovely already! How exciting to find a like-minded designer to build with.

  11. Sounds absolutely fantastic A-M, and the best part? All of those pics are in my own dream house folder! I know I'll thoroughly enjoy your journey, and can't wait to see it all unfold. The Next (and even more fabulous) House that A-M Built has quite a nice ring to it, don't you think? xx

  12. This is so very exciting. I'm so happy for you and this new fresh start!

  13. When I got to the last picture with the hydrangeas I had forgotten what else you were talking about :-) I just love those flowers on that picture and thinking that I need to get some for my place.
    Anette :-)

  14. Yeah I'll second that, as my grandma used to say "you're in ya glory"...

    Good to hear you're so happy.

    We've just finished our unique owner build project which we call "Rome" on the decorating forum.

    Go up high with cabinets I wish I did on my 3m ceiling but I had a miniscule budget...

  15. I want to move into that first kitchen! Forget everything else - that kitchen is the business!
    I adore floor to ceiling cabinets and had them in my last house. My kitchen was no-where near those propostions so each cupboard was used so the constant foot stool in the kitchen was a little pain but the look is stunning.
    I can sense the excitment in this post...

  16. Did you notice A-M that the shelves, at the top of those incredibly beautiful cupboards, are empty?
    There is a reason for can't reach them!!!! having to climb up a ladder each time is really irritating, from someone who knows. But despite that they do look so beautiful!
    I can't wait to see what you come up with it is sounding fabulous wish you could design me a little one!!!!

  17. A start....yay!
    You are planning MY dream kitchen- white cabinetry and black island. I'd use caesar stone though.
    LOVING your idea to link garage to house, I think it will look quite unique.
    Do your boys have any requests for what they'd like?

    thanks for 'including' us all in your journey A-M:-)

  18. How fantastic to find a BD that is on the same page. All your ideas sound super as always - I'm feeling very jealous! Are you dreaming of ideas/modicfications/finishes yet ? :)
    Clare x

  19. It all sounds so wonderful, I am excited for you A-M. I was going to have a black island but the kitchen designer talked me out of it saying it would create a barrier and close off the space. A bit sorry I didn't go with my instinct and get one. Actually would have liked a black kitchen come to think of it. I've seen some gorgeous black Hamptons and Shaker style kitchens. Apart from looking sensational a black island is practical as won't show scuff marks from sitting at the stools.
    Looking forward to viewing your progress A-M.

  20. I've found that planning a house is quite intoxicating. You too? I've even been dreaming about our house plans lately. Then jotting down my ideas at all hours so I don't forget them in the morning. Can't wait to follow your new journey. Amber

  21. I'm already excited about this new journey of yours AM, and all of the choices and decisions you are making as you design your new home...and I'm lokking forward to watching the progress unfurl on your blog!

  22. Smartstone carrara. It's looks like marble but has same properties as caesar stone. I'll put it on my blog next week - theblogahousebuilt.blogspot. It matches (almost exactly) my marble floor tiles.

  23. Thanks everyone! KAR, I will check it out. Thank you! xx

  24. I am so excited for you! This is going to be a real joy watching your thoughts and inspirations come to life :)


  25. babe, I love those high cabinets, gorgeous, but build a ladder on a roller in there somewhere to get up there, otherwise probably just for looks and hard to clean!

    Can't wait to see what you do, and don't those hydrangeas look spectacular along that driveway - can you plant them too!!!

  26. Ha ha @Annette! I did the same. Garage? What garage when there are hydrangeas to look at!

  27. As you enjoy your cooling weather, I'm eagerly anticipating the heat of summer! And I say go with the marble if it fits in your budget. It would be my first pick anytime! Not that I have any experience owning it but I love the look every time I see it. And I think you can get it sealed so it doesn't discolor from spills??
    I would go with a grey rather than the dark black for the island. but that's just me - I've done the black thing and now I'm over it! LOL!!

  28. Hi A-M,
    So exciting - just love your passion, enthusiasm and joie de verve for this project!
    I love the idea of a black island/white 'other cabinetry/marble bench tops kitchen. Porchlight Interiors have a beautiful one on their portfolio with this exact combination that I often swoon over! Worth a look (if you haven't seen it already.)
    As far as marble goes - I would say totally go for it, but it must be in a honed finish. We had Calacatta Marble on the bench tops in our last kitchen - initially in a polished finish, which was a bit of a nightmare with anything even mildly acidic etching the surface off the "gloss" (juices, drinks - even milk!) We then had the counters honed (and sealed) on site - and didn't have a problem after this whatsoever. When we sold the house 7 years later, there wasn't a stain on it (and with a busy household of 6, I gave it a real beating). By honing the surface the sealant soaks in more and any water marks or etched marks do not show at all. I would have it again in a heartbeat.
    The other surface really worth considering (as Kel mentioned) - Smartstone 'Carrara' is a great alternative if you want a polished marble look. It really does look very good. I can't wait to see her blog next week!

    Good luck with all the planning - it is going to be stunning. Enjoy!

  29. Such brilliant ideas and am really loving quite a few of those photos. Look forward to watching this house develop just like I did the last one. Thanks for sharing with us you are very generous.

  30. Oh A-M, living the dream! It makes me so happy for you.


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