Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Anzac Day 2012

Remembering my 'Pa-Pa' today, on Anzac Day.

Hugh Gordon Routley
2/2nd Machine Gun Battalion
Palestine, 1941
Aged 37, in photo.
Also fought in New Guinea. 

He was a very quiet man. He seemed to be always lost in his thoughts. I think the Machine Gun Battalion might have had something to do with it. I am so sad that he, like many, had to participate in the horror of war. I was only getting to really know him as an adult when he passed away. I was at Uni and 19 years old at the time..... a lifetime ago, it seems.

We're off to the Anzac Day Memorial Service at school this morning. We're tying our ties (researching Windsor knots on the internet.... you'd think they'd know by now!) and polishing our shoes.... to avoid the dreaded detention. Goodness, my big one has grown! When did that happen?  His blazer is sort of a midriff arrangement now!  I have been avoiding the expensive new purchase for long enough I think! 

Have a good day, my friends. 
Lest we forget.


  1. Also remembering my Grandfather today. He was a Light Horseman. In October 1917, the Light Horsemen staged what's widely considered to be the last great mounted charge in military history outside the town of Beersheba. He was there and survived to fight again in WWII. Immensely proud of him, despite never having had the great privilege of meeting him. Yes ... Lest We Forget.

  2. I didn't really realise how badly they really were affected until last year when we were studying WWI and II! What was particularly bad was that a lot of the WWI diggers then got to witness their own sons going off to war in WWII- must of been hard seeing your son going into the same hell that you had been in.

  3. Morning A-M!

    Happy ANZAC day... today I will think of not only your grandfather but the many men and women who've fought for our country and continue to fight for our country. It is an honourable and brave thing that they do. Anyway I just wanted to say that I've requested to follow you on Instagram and hope that I'll be able to - I've been reading your blog for years! Or what seems like years now :) I'm @janny81.

    Have a great ANZAC day with your boys :) xo

  4. My Grandpa was an anti-aircraft gunner in New Guinea and spent quite a while there, including a stint at Kokoda - I wonder if he knew your Pa-Pa, A-M?

    He was also a quiet man, never spoke about the war at all and what went on during those years he was away from his young wife and two little boys.

    ANZAC Day always makes me sad, thinking of those who didn't make it home and those, like our grandfathers, who did but were forever affected by what they experienced.

  5. Thinking of you and all other Australians on Anzac Day. It was four years ago that we had just arrived in Brisbane and we participated in Anzac Day ceremonies while there. So long ago but just like yesterday.


  6. My pop also fought in New Guinea. He died two days before Olivia was born.
    Lest we forget.

  7. My Dad served with the Army in New Guinea and my daughter served with the Army in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  8. My Grandfather fought at Galliploi, and as an English soldier was helped to safety by Australians after he was shot and left for dead by his own regiment. I think the story has alot to do with my father moving to Australia as a very young man. It's so lovely to hear our children remembering them with respect and appreciation for their sacrifice.
    x KL

  9. Thank you for this post as a reminder of all of the brave men who fought in various wars for this country. A lovely tribute to your Grandfather.
    I've been watching the Melbourne ANZAC Day march on TV this morning. It's been raining most of the time, but still they proudly marched both Veterans and family representing loved ones.
    Nice to find your blog via Olympia's "Old Things".

  10. We are Army both sides. My FIL is a padre and sadly was there in Afghanistan a couple of years ago for the terrible run of digger losses. ANZAC Day makes me fiercely proud and honored to be from a godly country. We are truly blessed to have so much and have others who cared so much to keep us blessed. Thankyou diggers!

  11. A moving post, Sweetheart. I wonder if my grandfather met yours in New Guinea as well. J x

  12. My Grandfather fought in WW1 on the Western Front & managed to survive. Unfortunately he never lived long enough for me to meet him since I was the last born grandchild by a lot of years. I still to this day feel slightly jealous of my sister, who is a lot older than me, when she talks about him and my Nan.

  13. wonderfull blog

  14. Your photo of your dad is beautiful and he is handsome. I love the nostalgia around your dad and I love history and the personal experiences of soldiers in the war are so interesting and heartsore for me. If you want to know more about him as a person perhaps I could help you, if you give me his birth date.
    (I'm serious).
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