Friday, April 13, 2012

Do You Know What I Love About My Blog?

My readers. You're there to greet me in my inbox every morning, with little snippets of love and encouragement, wise words, advice, support. I just want to say here and now, before I start my morning waffle, how much I appreciate you popping in each day and for taking the time to write to me, to engage in comments here..... and for believing in me.

I, like Katrina, am a 'blog winger'..... I wing it every day..... I have pretty much nothing planned for my morning post when I sneak down in the dark to my blog each morning. I sit in the dreamy, morning silence... and my post comes to me.... eventually!... some days later than others. I had an email from a customer in my inbox this morning that directed me to Rudyard Kipling. I had forgotten how powerful 'If' was. It caught my breath this morning. The last time I think I read it, was pre children. It packs a different punch when you've lived more life than when you last read it.... when you've met with disaster and triumph. I must poster this up and put it on my boys' wall. Life summed up in a poster.

Oh my boys, be this.

I'm a bit melancholy today... sentimental... last week day of the school holidays. One more weekend and they're gone again. I love having them around. Do you get all depressed at the end of the school holidays?

Happy Friday!
PS On the fence about the fridge. You presented great arguments for both sides. To be continued!


  1. Done slide shows, power points, for 3 decades.

    Blogging is so fun.

    Give me a pic, I'm blogging.

    Love to use mostly pics of real gardens, homes, and not styled.


    Passing along exterior design with each pic.

    Love all you do, I learn from all the layers you post.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. Ooh, I love that Tara.. "the layers you post". I think that's what I love about blogging.. you get to know the real person through 'their layers'... good and maybe not so good! A-M xx

  3. Hey A-M, this is my second comment today ha. If, is so timeless. One of my brothers had it on his wall growing up and I used to know most of it by heart. I think the weather doesn't help much today with a down mood. My youngest has surgery on monday so I admit to be dreading the end of the holidays more so this time. Maybe a good day for DVD's and comfort food, xx Katherine

  4. I love 'IF' - lump-in-the-throat-stuff. I also love Desiderata and 'Love is...' (Corinthians something-or-other). It's always good to have something to ground you. How do you 'poster it up'? I always hated the end of the school holidays - I was lucky enough not to have to work them - and was always sad driving my kids to school on the first day back. I used to feel like that when I was a child, too, hated leaving my mum behind.

  5. I homeschool my girls so I get rather ready for some quiet time! I love having them home, but sometimes I just have to have a break!
    The glass doored frige's are so cool looking when all your food in them is neat and tidy and in fun containers. Unfortunately mine never looks that nice inside!!
    I bet yours would though - it seems very much your thing!!!

  6. I love reading you and Katrina specifically because you are both blog wingers :) That's the beauty of your blogs xx

  7. I so Love that A-M I wish this for my Beautiful boys too deep thoughts and wise words that resonate with us tend to make us melancholyit helps us reflect on times gone by and future times ahead. I so miss my children on their first day back at school and then I'm usually okay day two...ha! Have a Beautiful day xx

  8. Dear AM

    I loathe the end of school hols too as the traffic becomes a NIGHTMARE!!!

    I wing my blog everyday too. I let the Universe guide me in matters of Baking and Blogging alike. I feel it's for the best really.

    See you on Monday xx

  9. My mother's tongue-in-cheek version of the last line of 'If": "And what is more, you'll be a WOMAN, son!"! It still makes me smile, and I still love the poem for any human ~

  10. Your heartfelt words and strength of spirit are what draws me in A-M. That speaks volumes about who you are.


  11. Thank you - for all your words, your inspiration and your beautiful images.

  12. I love having my kids around too. I used to get so sad when the holidays were ending and could never understand the Moms who were counting down the days until school started. What wonderful words from Rudyard - words to live by!

  13. Beautiful AM. I am going to print this out for my boy too. What a great way for them to live their lives. Have a fabo dayxxx

  14. My Dad's favourite verse .. he taught it to my boys. Such a lesson on life.

  15. I never have a plan... they say to fail to plan is to plan to fail.. yeah maybe so for business but whilst blogging is a business for some I thin for most the personal side is what makes it a success.. yours for sure!!

  16. If has been plastered to the side of our fridge for probably 40 years...I grew up with it hanging on my wall! It is a wonderful lesson for life and my children were thoroughly raised on the belief of these beautiful words!!!! xx

  17. I have always loved this poem (or is it a guide to humankind?) since my dad showed it to me as a little girl. Such words. Also love Deiderata ... "Go placidly amidst the noise & haste and remember what peace there may be in silence ..."
    School's back with a force for me next week; tuckshop on Monday & a day's supply teaching on Wednesday!

  18. oh my boys, be this?
    i have no doubt.
    take a good look in the mirror a-m. they have one hell of a mum!

  19. Hmmm, A-M,
    As to the Kipling poem, it struck me that your boys will more than likely end up exemplifying the attributes it expressed if for no other reason than the example shown by their mother!

    As to your bully, well, she's leaving quite a trail of ill will behind her and a lot of bad karma! Oops, that's right, we're not talking about her anymore!

    P.S. Loved those painted toes!

  20. Ha, ha! Just read Trica Roses' comment: "And what is more, you'll be a WOMAN, son!"

    Obviously, it echoes what I alluded to, but is WAY more funny and, ahem, so true!

  21. "If" will always remind me of staying up late A-M and watching Wimbledon with my dad when I was young, and he'd recite the bit about meeting with Triumph and Disaster and treating them both the same (which is written above the entrance to centre court so the players see it on their way out to the final...yes we're fans)..anyhow now as I get older I see the wisdom in these beautiful words and what my dad would be quietly teaching me, and it makes me quite teary. By the looks of your boys through your lovely blog, it appears you won't have much to worry about, they look like fine young men! I have another week with my boy at home here in NSW, we're having a lovely holiday. Enjoy your weekend!

  22. My Welsh father loved Kipling and this poem was one of many he would tell us as a bedside story.I once knew it off by heart and it was so very lovely to be reminded of 'If' and my fond memories of those times with Dad.
    x KL

  23. I remember those melancholy feelings at the end of the school holidays... and as for blogging.... I agree with everything you say... I am a wing it girl too! xv


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