Saturday, April 7, 2012

Holiday News

The bad news is.... my little one is not 'King Of The Hammer'.
He's just too little.

The good news is.... the weather is glorious. 
The crowds have arrived. I'm glad we came down a week before the long weekend. 
My boys have been joyous..... and that's what it's all about.

I took these photos only a couple of hours ago.
Live blogging?

Our rescuers were happy. They were even doing a bit of dancing before the crowds arrived.

We've done everything.

We even rode on every yellow ticketed unlimited ride (no matter what age group it was targeted at) when our red ticket limited thingy ran out....

....and I even had a go at Laser Skirmish. I aimed for all the reluctant, timid, participating mothers. 
They were an easy target.

The free daily face painting was a great hit.

My house went unconditional last Thursday..... so it will be mine by the end of the month. 
Cautious excitement. I've had hundreds of emails from you, with suggested house designs. I'll post some of them tomorrow .... and then tackle my inbox. Yep, any minute now. Any minute.

Happy Saturday!



  1. We're down here this weekend too. Such lovely weather :) Enjoy!! xxx

  2. Glad to hear you are having a great time <3

    Love the spiderman face paint!


  3. Keep enjoying yourselves and congratulations on the house. xx

  4. Happy Easter me lovely, what a joyous break you're all having. Thrilled so many of us are having insanely fabulous weather, yay!! We still have a week of school before holidays, argh.
    Congratulations again on the house, exciting!! Love Posie

  5. my god I feel like I'm on holiday just looking at your family snaps - love it!!!! lol

  6. so glad you got it. can't wait for pictures of it growing on your lot

  7. Oh A-M, I'm *so* delighted for you about the house. What a journey you're about to embark on! J x


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