Monday, April 2, 2012

Holiday Waffle

Check out the new 'Soul' building at Surfers Paradise. 
It's a beauty. 

I took this photo on my run yesterday. We're down the coast for the school holidays. The weather is beautiful and the temperature is much cooler than in the height of the summer heat, at Christmas time.

This photo is rather deceiving. Queensland's tallest building, the Q1, is that building to the left of Soul, with the spire. It's over 320m tall and Soul is only 240m high.

We're staying in a smaller hotel.... near the ones I used to think were so tall in the 70's as a kid. I remember the Apollo, the Chateau and the Iluka were the 3 skyscrapers on the Surfer's foreshore in the 70's. You could see them for miles. How things have changed. 

We had rather an exciting afternoon when we stumbled upon the world's best lolly shop....

.... and we finished the day lying on the floor of our hotel last night, chins in hands, watching the night begin from our floor to ceiling windows. We saw what people were watching on TV in their apartments, people having parties on their balconies, we saw the reverse bungy jump in action and even a fight down in the main street.

It's interesting talking to real estate agents down here... as you do. The market down here has dropped 50% since the peak in 2008. There are some bargains to be had. I was told a story about the one million dollar pre-sales, in one of these big beauties, that were valued down to 400K by the time the new owners had to settle the contract at the original contract price, which was way above valuation. Ouch.

So we're chilling out. This last school term seemed exceptionally long! We needed this holiday. Especially my big son. He worked super hard last term. His head was never out of a book. He got good grades... good boy. He's going on the Japan school trip at the end of Term 3. He has never gotten below an A+ in Japanese over the past 5 years. He loves it. I promised that he could go to Japan if he made more of an effort speaking Japanese in sushi trains and Japanese restaurants. I said I would like to hear what I have paying for all these years. He's now singing like a (Japanese) canary! 

We had a fabulous Japanese meal last night in a little restaurant in Surfers. Big son had the Japanese dictionary out and was teaching me all about verbs and possession. Little one is a lot more out there with his Japanese and says every word he knows in the one sentence.

My boys are growing up too fast. I am cherishing every single moment with them.

So, I'm skipping between Brissie and the coast all week for appointments and orders... and of course orchestra practice tonight. String tutorials. Bit scared. Funny, I used to stand out the front of my bushband for 19 years playing solo violin.. and now in a big orchestra again, I feel so exposed! Doesn't help that they are all violin teachers... and that they play every day.... well. 

I'm getting there. 

The bathroom in the new house. Honestly, it's the best bit.
Still hoping nothing stops me from making it mine!

Still doing due diligence on the house block too. Hoping not to find anything scary and impossible to deal with. I have until Thursday and then I go unconditional. Also scary.

Healthy fear all round.

Happy Monday!



  1. Your time at the coast sounds like it's off to a very relaxing start. I'm at the beach also enjoying the sunshine. Fingers crossed all goes well with the land! Ange

  2. Enjoy! I'm heading to the Sunshine Coast this morning. Can't wait to be spoilt by my parents.

    TDM xx

  3. I'm hopeless in a lolly shop. The selections are endless. Bet the boys didn't have trouble deciding! Good for them.
    Fingers crossed regarding the land issues.

  4. My Big Girl (Yr 5) has just started learning Japanese this year. She quite likes it & loved having a visit from their Japanese "sister school" students recently. I'm not sure how much Japanese was practised. Lots of nodding & shaking of heads methinks ;-) Big Girl was very excited when she was learning the Japanese alphabet & realised if she put the sounds su & shi together it was the word sushi! Lightbulb moment for her :-) Next year she gets to choose either Japanese, French or German. I'm gunning for French but I think Japanese could prevail.

  5. Sigh! I love those beach views you've got right now from your run. We were out to Surfers a few times while we were in Aussie and we always enjoyed being right on the beach.

    Good luck this week going are right where you need to be.


  6. The boys would enjoy watching how others live I would think...could do without the fight though. A-M I want your bathroom!!!!!!! xx

  7. Jules, you can have first dibs before the demolition. A-M xx

  8. ah yes, the good old gold coast. My parents had a holiday apartment on 4th level of surfers century (It's still there - the building I mean!), they've long since sold it. I wish they still had it, I loved going there (the usual 2br apartment - building with 2 pools, tennis, 1min to beach and Cavill) seems like yesterday - but it wasn't. I can't believe it's still there, over 20yrs ago now. I love the old buildings Iluka etc, and I love the new ones, we stayed at Q1 a couple of years ago, great pools in that place! And good location. But the real winners are people like my gf, who moved there in her 20's and never left. Tho she's actually now living in Benowa, it's just the whole Gold Coast thing, maybe it makes me feel young again, not sure, but I'd move there in a heart beat, I still might! :) (beats Melb any day). A lady was telling me the other day she lived on GC for about 10yrs, but moved back to Melb recently because she couldn't stand the heat - she reckons the humidity made her insane,.. I'd cope I think... not sure...!

  9. um, i LOVE that bathroom! congrats on the almost purchase darling - BEST news ever!
    And so good to see YOU in the pics in your post.
    Whoa - so many CAPITAL letters in this post. i'm excited, thats why xxx

  10. Have a great week. Please tell the boys our stick insect eggs are hatching like crazy at the moment. Very inconvenient as we are off camping soon. And remind them to brush their teeth after the lollies ;)


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