Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Nook

Dear 'Paradise Building Developments'........ would you mind popping over to Australia to build my house?.... please?

Sarah, from Paradise Building Developments, in Mount Maunganui in New Zealand, sent me some photos of their latest show home.

Isn't this the prettiest kitchen? I love the symmetry, the bevelled subway tiles and the colonial kicks. Oooh, and I even love the 'lab sinks' (I call them lab sinks as they remind me of my uni biochemistry pracs that were held in the most depressing laboratories, with the very same sinks, albeit all splattered in all sorts of waste. They're growing on me... as the years pass. Sarah said they used my ideas in their Butler's pantry. Lovely. Thank you!

Let's not leave it at one nook, let's include the bathroom from this lovely home too.... a 'Monday Double Nook'.

Love the grey. Love it. Love the bath. There are those bevelled subway tiles again. Love them.
Lots of 'love' here this morning.

Even more gorgeous when you can see the ceiling! 
There are those tiles again.
Love a good 'subway'.

Happy Monday!

Oh, I forgot to mention, my house/land settles today!!! How could I forget? All ready to go. It will be mine at 5pm this afternoon, if all goes well. A good day already!


  1. Lots of love A-M, the nooks are gorgeous. Love everything about them.

    Have a Happy Monday.

    Much love xox

  2. Gorgeous kitchen.

    Is that a tv above the towel rail?


  3. Thanks Lorraine! xx

    B, I think it is! A-M xx

  4. Love this kitchen and bathroom! Very high on the love-scale.

    Hope today goes well and you can celebrate tonight x

  5. hi AM - that is a gorgeous house you have posted about. serious eye candy.
    all the best for your settlement. How exciting for you with this new project.
    cheers Fiona

  6. I think if we started a petition for you then they'll HAVE to come over and build it!
    How gorgeous is that kitchen???
    that is my favourite layout and would suit my area down to the ground. I would have to add deep sills at the windows for herbs etc...

    Congrats on settlement this arvo - on the merry-go-round again!
    and we're all happy to jump on for the exciting ride with you!

  7. Good morning A-M! Congrats on your land/title settling today. That means rolling up the sleeves and getting started on what your Monday nooks will look like in this new house. So excited!

    Absolutely love the bathroom. Those amazing angular ceilings and the double sinks on each side of the gorgeous.

    Have a fantastic day :)

  8. Oooooh nice!!! Love the bathroom tiles very pretty, I bet it was the hubbys idea for the tv in the bathroom!! Mine is always asking to put a tv in there!!! lol

  9. Love these, looks so fresh and cozy! :-)

  10. Well, well, well. I've seen a trillion kitchens over the years but this little Kiwi beauty comes so close to getting Millie's Best Kitchen EVER Award it's scary. It's not the kitchen that's scary but that the Award may need to go across the ditch. Who would have thought?!
    Millie xx

  11. Good luck today sweet A-M!!!



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