Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Nooks And Stuff

I delight in finding little nooks in homes. I am so keen to create a few of mine in the next place.... but they would have to be totally practical. As much as I adore the one above, I couldn't ever see myself sitting there. Would that nook be used? It's a beautiful solution for the dead space at the top of the stairs though!

Just quickly, here's another nook that is truly swaying me towards a 'kitchen nook':

Sigh. Gorgeous. 
Ok, so I'm sure that I am going to incorporate a kitchen nook in this house. You can hold me to it.
And look... a black island bench... that too!

We had the most wonderfully busy weekend. Big son went to a school dance at the girls' school. Oh, how little one cried after the drop off, mourning the fact that he and his brother are "growing apart". "I can feel it Mum, I'm an only child now". "Time is going so fast, I can feel my childhood slipping away". No joke, that's what he was waffling on about (since when do kids say that time flies? Time didn't fly by when I was a kid. I spent ages waiting for good things to happen, wiling away the hours doing handstands on the front lawn). 

Added to his torment, over his big brother doing fun things, 'little one' sort of fell apart at the A League Grand Final last night, when Perth were up 1 goal just after half time. "I give up, I am not cheering for Brisbane anymore" (not too different to the the way he plays his matches on the weekends... we're working on it!). He put his hands by his side and stopped the hand waving chants that we were delighting in. I promised him that we would score a goal and at least draw. The lady in front was chuckling to herself at my son's melodramatics. It was a good lesson in never giving up as we won 2:1. 
Boy, I have two entirely different sons. Optimist. Pessimist. How did that happen?

Anyway, I have totally digressed off 'nooks', haven't I? The joys of making it up on the spot at dawn. Spontaneous posts are frowned upon in blogging circles, you know. The rule is, you should compose... and then leave it 24 hours ... as guaranteed you'll want to change something! That's why I never look back! Post and be gone! Don't tell anyone!

Happy Monday. A lovely new week!


  1. Love it! Don't change.

  2. Oh dear. I break the "rules" all the time then.


  3. My nine year old is similar. The minute something goes slightly off plan, it's drama, drama. We watched the soccer at home and at 80 mintues she declared "that's it, I'm not watching any more I'm off for my bath!"
    All this kitchen nook talk has seen me look at a corner in my kitchen in a completely new light!
    Have a good week.

  4. Hey AM, I went on a school tour and saw a big brother with his arm protectively around his little brother the entire time. I thought, "They're just like AM's boys!"

  5. Oh my ? leave it 24 hours and come back? I would forget or by the time I came back want to say something else and then not think what I had was worth posting anymore.. oh no spontaneous for me..

    NOW as for nooks.. oh my how I love nooks. You do need to have a house big enough but even dead corners in a room can 'feel' like a nook if you out a decent feature chair there that is worthy of curling up in.. I have one in my dining room and will have one in my living room when I can afford the chair x

  6. Nooks are lovely. Unfortunately I don't have many planned in our house, but I know I will create a few with furniture. I love that first one especially. I'm a dreamer, a silly-heart and a twiddler (stolen from Uncle Buck), so I love window seats.

    Your young days remind me of mine. Nothing ever went fast and I also whiled away the hours doing handstands and cartwheels. Too funny about your youngest. You'll have to watch that one as he is obviously a sensitive little soul. It's funny how siblings can be so different. My brother and I are like chalk and cheese but we love each other to bits and it sounds like your boys do too. So beautiful.

    As for planned blog posts, I think military precision would be out of place in your blog, which is creative and heartfelt and is the reason I like reading it :) Keep up the good posts!


  7. Good morning A-M. I love that you talk about kitchen nooks and the personalities of your boys in one post - I think that is why I keep coming back everyday!

    What flows out of you at 5.30am every morning sets your clock and tone - as well as mine.

    Thanks for the joy - and, oh, love, love, love the kitchen nook concept.

    Have a great day!


  8. I wouldn't change anything if I were you, I love reading your posts everyday. Thank you for your spontaneous sharing. xT

  9. Hi A-M,
    I don't have a nook in my kitchen but my esk/nook is right next to the kitchen so it acts like a nook nd I love it. So practical.
    I also never plan my blog posts. Just whatever is happening that day or what project I've finished. Oh well, I need to make blogging work for me rather than the other way around.
    So did your big son enjoy his dance? So growing up!
    Cheers Fiona

  10. Gosh I have a chalk and cheese two boys too. One with the biggest heart and one that just cuts u with a knife at times.
    Go the Roar.
    Not that I cheer for them but I'd rather them win than Perth.
    Have a great day, I seriously need to get back into eating healthy along with exercise daily. Arhhhh

  11. i completely want a nook like that in my "one day" kitchen. i could really put a spot like that to good use.

    if composing is the rule - i broke it, smashed it and drove all over that one ages ago :)

    have a great week darl xxx

  12. A-M I have decided that when we *finally* sort out our spare room I am going to create a nook for myself and send you a photo!

  13. I can understand how youngest son feels ~ heck I'm 35 and feel myself growing away from my youngest sister. We used to do everything together and now she's doing different things with her life. It still sucks no matter the age!

    I enjoyed your pics of the match last night. It looked like so much fun! Have a fabulous week A-M.


  14. 24 hours, who has that? Not me. I have (or get) an idea and then I take the photos and when I get a moment during the day I upload them to the computer, write and then BANG!
    It is funny how your children become so different even though they have the same parents and you think you bring them up the same way. But I reckon you can already tell a difference in the womb sometimes!
    Have a lovely week!
    Anette :-)

  15. Much to my delight, it would appear that I have a kitchen nook!!!! Alas not by design but because, beside the chimney was the only place I could fit a favourite table in the kitchen and it makes a place for the fixed line phone (I am hopelessly old fashioned!!)
    Now it is officially a nook I have been using it for my paperwork!!!! You just gotta laugh!
    How did the dance go?

  16. oh no A-M, spontaneous posts deliver your true spirit and feeling at the time.have you seen how many people enjoy your've nothing to fear, and thank you for sharing bits of your life... and kitchen nooks! I do dream of a black island, so keep the pics coming please!!!!!

  17. Glad I never heard that rule about blogging! And your little one sounds like an old soul. I can't wait to see your nook one day. When/If we ever add on I will be adding a few nooks of my own.


  18. love the first image A.M glad you had fun at the finals we had it on the TV my ears are still ringing from my husbands yell's so glad we won yay!!! Lucky we got that penalty :)))

  19. Ah who cares what 'they' say in the blogging circles! I like how you blog so keep writing it, publishing it, and don't look back!
    Kudos to you:)

  20. I am planning on having a kitchen nook in my renovation - due to start soon. Would never have thought of it, if I hadn't seen all of the lovely images posted on your blog. I have a long bench looking out to where the pool will be and since I have plenty of other bench and cupboard space (large island bench and a small butlers pantry thing) have decided to have a corner as a 'kitchen office'. I will drop the bench to desk height and will be able to sit with my ipad looking out to the pool as well as fitting filing drawers to deal with all that school paperwork.

    My little boy is very much like yours too. He is only 5 but booked into the same school as yours attend. People call him an old soul as well. I call him my overthinker. He asks questions about things that I can barely imagine!

  21. Oh how precious are they, I often write down my childrens sayings it's simply priceless!Love what your son said, I would've had to stop and kiss him.It's so beautiful when they realise the happenings of life and how they are growing. Have a beautiful monday xx

  22. Oh how precious are they, I often write down my childrens sayings it's simply priceless!Love what your son said, I would've had to stop and kiss him.It's so beautiful when they realise the happenings of life and how they are growing. Have a beautiful monday xx

  23. Come winter time the sun will disperse over our stairwell landing and I can see myself propping up a couple of cushions with a book to get nice and toasty in this little nook.

  24. Last year my 15 year old daughter and 12 year old son seemed to have little in common but now they are at High School together they can often be heard chatting about things that happen at school during the day. Now it is my now 13 year old son and 8 year old son that often seem to have little in common. I realise, in time it will change and little one will catch up.....but not too soon I hope!

  25. My 9-year old gets quite dramatic right now when something doesn´t turn out as he planned. :-)

    I love the first pic - soo pretty! :-)

  26. I'm with the on the nook. I've been stressing out this week because our original plans for our reno (in Windsor, Bris), which included a nook need to change and the nook has to go...I've just put the plans up here if anyone has any ideas!

  27. Love your attitude to blogging, I think I will do the same, that way I will blog more than I do. Post and its gone wooosh!
    by the way, kitchen nook = yes

  28. Loving the nooks. And I also love the Fly By The Seat Of Your Pants blogging style. It's all about keeping it real.


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