Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Friend

My friend, Katrina, has not only been nominated for a Logie!!!!! (for her stellar performance in last year's TV show, 'The Block') but also for the 'KidSpot Top Blogger Award'.

Katrina is the kindest soul. I have known her for years, through our blogging..... and last year, I had the opportunity to meet her for the first time in real life, on The Block during filming. It was like we'd known each other for ever.....chatting to each other every day through our blogs and twitter sort of does that! Our paths crossed many times after the Block auction (I was one of her invited guests... much excitement) and at various blogging events throughout the year. Katrina is so fun to be with. She is generous to the core... sharing her life, her feelings, her blogging tips with everyone out there in bloggy land. She runs a seriously stylish ship over at her blog and shares her design and tech savvy with all who engage her talents in creating their beautiful blogs and websites. I have heard on the grapevine that Katrina is also running a Blog Design Masterclass mid year, at the Nuffnang Blogopolis conference.

Katrina has had serious battles with her health and has used her TV exposure to do really good things for Crohns and Colitis Australia. She's fiercely loyal and generous to her friends and family..... and never really asks for I am asking you, if you love her even half as much as I do, to please skip on over to the voting site HERE and click on this button to vote for Katrina. 

You can win $5000 just for voting too! Seriously. 

Go Treens! Love ya.

PS Tell me if the link to the voting page doesn't work. I could not check it... as once you've voted, you can't get back to the voting page..... as you can only vote once. Rats :)


  1. Morning A-M,
    I too feel like I have known her for years. Katrina is friends with girls I went to school with. But I left wagga when I was 18 and I dont think Katrina had moved there yet.
    My vote is in!
    One day maybe I can meet with u both. If Katrina visits this was I would love to have a coffee catch up.
    Pen x

  2. Dear A-M

    I voted and it worked! How come you weren't nominated? I checked the judging criteria and you tick all the boxes!

    Meanwhile I have started to think that I will never ever be well again. I mean seriously this is insane. I know I sound like a Nana but without your health you have nothing.

    Winter is in the air! Excited re your new project and very pleased about the fact that you will be actioning more colour. xx

  3. Hi A-M! The link to the voting page didn't work for me. But I'll vote via Katrina's blog. Belated congrats on your property. Very exciting.

  4. The link worked for ne so voting done! I'm sure Katrina will do well :)

  5. Thank you so much!!!! I appreciate it lovely lady! oxoxox

  6. Voting done and good luck to Katrina for the top blogger and for the Logies!!!!

  7. Absolutely done with joy. Hope she wins, you are so right Katrina is such a generous and fun blogger.

  8. FF, I think you have to be in with the 'Mommy Bloggers'. I've been hiding behind a house build for years. I don't think they know I exist. Different premise.
    For god's sake get well. A-Mxx

    Thanks everyone for voting for Treens. Gotta get her to New York. Wouldn't that be something! A-M xx

  9. I had already voted from Katrina's link on her blog so I did try again here, but it didn't work.
    By the way, when I was having a nosey through the Kidspot site if you go into the page "meet the 2012 top 50 bloggers", you'll notice a rather familiar thumbnail image...yours!
    Have a good Sunday

  10. It works A-M! Happy to vote for Katrina and glad for the heads up about the comp! Fingers crossed for her!
    x KL

  11. Katrina is such a kind soul. I was lucky enough to win a blog makeover from her last year. My vote is in.... go Katrina..New York here she comes..Whoop, whoop

  12. Well Hello. I've obviously not read the fineprint! What's this about New York!

    WooHoo Go katrina!

  13. Go Katrina!! How exciting that New York is on the cards.Good luck x


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