Friday, April 20, 2012

Now Here's A Beauty

Look what arrived in my PO Box this week! The March issue of 'SA Life', sent to me by Letitia, from 'The White Shed'. It had the above page marked.... because it features my lights, in her beautiful home! Much excitement!

Look!... her dining room made the cover! Excitement!

Letitia is a woman after my own heart, with her love of neutrals..... and she says, 
"I'm a great believer in the importance of the formal lounge and dining room".

Hear, hear! 

It's interesting, digressing, my boy asked me about , 'here, here' vs 'hear, hear'.
The correct term is, 'hear, hear'. It is an abbreviation for "hear, all ye good people, hear what this brilliant and eloquent speaker has to say!"As of March 2010, a NY Times article cites a web statistic where 'here here' outpolls the correct 'hear hear' 2,720,000 to 1,420,000. I'm sure it is still outpolling with current stats. (Source: IT Knowledge Exchange)

So I exclaim it loud and grammatically correctly..... 'hear, hear'!!!!

Oh, would I sit here and daydream!
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
Look at the pew! 

Isn't Letitia's home just beautiful?
Letitia has the most stylish blog HERE too... as well as her online store HERE.

Happy Friday!



  1. So no connection at all with 'There, there.'?

    It makes sense that your lights are in Letitia's house, and both of you in the magazine!

  2. What a lovely post of your friend! I have popped into her shed from time to time...elegant and great taste!
    Rain has finally stopped here on the mid north coast of NSW- getting out on our bikes today before school returns next week!
    Have a great day A-M xx

  3. Hi A-M,
    What a delight seeing a house/mention of SA on your blog! Your lights look gorgeous in situ, too.
    Letitia's home is just beautiful.
    The SALife issue with her home on the cover is so stylish, I keep it on show on the ottoman in my family room!
    I love a formal sitting and dining (if room allows).
    It is lovely to have that separate space for either "escape", entertaining or quiet time. I didn't have this in our last home and really missed it.
    Hear, hear! (I can't believe that poll...."Here, here" doesn't even make sense...unless you are pointing at something!)

  4. Isn't it just Beautiful! I so love her home it looks so peaceful your lights look sensational! Have a lovely weekend you and your gorgeous boys xx

  5. Oh lucky lady, great taste & wonderful home. How delightful she sent a copy, it's such a beautiful home. The gorgeous black, white, neutrals, furniture, not to mention lights!! Love it all, love Posie


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