Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Onwards And Upwards

You inspire me to do my best.... every day.
Thank you for being there for me.

PS Something to make you smile..... my boy's toes... painted by Gran.


  1. Today will be a fabulous day, A-M. In fact, it's started off extraordinarily well! (Go check my blog)


  2. Well sweet blogger friend it has been a long time since I have dropped by :) Just sending you love and hugs and it looks like the start of another gorgeous autumn day in Queensland.... xoc

  3. Sending you loads of love and hugs.
    Today is going to be an amazing day for you.
    Congratulations on winning Kek's giveaway.

    Totally love your son's toes A-M.

    Much love. xox

  4. Have a lovely day A-M. I have been thinking of you, xx Katherine

  5. My son has fingernails and toenails that grow extraordinarily fast, perfect for painting if he'd let me. It doesn't seem fair that boys get those physical attributes, along with long eyelashes & curly hair ;-) Have a beautiful day.

  6. Have a fabulous day A-M, that is a beautiful quote.x

  7. Good for you A.M been having a little peek at what you have been up to iver easter, glad you have all been having fun especially little one loved his face painting.

    So looking forward to seeing what you create on the block you have purchased are you renovating the house or knocking down, i have so loved some of the inspiration homes it makes me want to build again hee

    Enjoy the rest of your week x

  8. I'm a frequent reader, but not a regular commenter. I just wanted you to know you are choosing the right path. This stalker doesn't deserve ANY of your time. And by the way, I loved your first house and can't wait to see what you do with this new house. I hope you have a spectacular day!

  9. Nice colour on the toes. Happy Day!

  10. Dear A-M,
    Like many I am a regular reader, but first time commenter. I just felt I had to say how much I love my daily visits to your beautiful, clever, insightful, witty and welcoming blog. I look forward to sharing the building journey with you! May the friendship and support you are receiving far outweigh the pitiful bullying you have been subject to.

  11. Whatever makes you happy, sets you free.
    I love your style and I love Cape Cod and The Hampton's and Nantucket; It's a big world of architecture out there - it's the integrity behind the design that counts, not where it originated from.

  12. You know what I think, Gorgeous. Yay for us Brave Girls! J x


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