Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thank You For The Music

The old Queensland Museum - on a Monday night!

Hands up those who can still get away with a really late night and not be wrecked for a week?

Not me anymore. Oh my goodness, Tuesdays are a challenge these days! This orchestra thing on a Monday night doesn't finish until 10.30pm, so by the time I get home and into bed.... and unwind through another half an hour of 'ta, ti, ta, ti, ti, ti - ta, ti, ta, ti, ti, ti's'... it's after midnight .....and then I slumber through more mental rehearsals until dawn.

Oh yeah and there's my foot.

It's been 20 years since I have been in an orchestra. I have glasses now. It's hard. I have to sit so close to the music and I have NO peripheral vision. I can't see the conductor unless I wiggle my glasses down to the middle of my nose... conductor above glasses, music below.... and I can't see my fellow violinist's bows.. so it's guaranteed that my bow is going in the opposite direction to theirs.... AND I can't quickly sneak a peek at my fellow musician's music to steal a bow marking without practically sitting in their lap to see their music.

I'm feeling it. Tuesday mornings, I can't move my arms or my neck. I sit there, in rehearsals, so tense, for almost 4 hours, amongst violin teachers (really good virtuoso players!!!), trying to get every note, every entry perfect. Oh my neck.

But here's the good bit. I look around, I savour every moment. Savour, savour, savour. It's so not a bore like it used to be when I was a busy teenager, wanting to be everywhere else but orchestra rehearsal. I don't care if I miss the notes and everyone looks at me as a result. It's so beautiful, even with my mistakes. It's just so beautiful. I hum the music when we're not playing it... I hum the music during the week. My life now has a beautiful soundtrack. I carry the music in my heart. I am a different person because of orchestra on Monday nights..... and I am so grateful... even with the aches and pains, I am so grateful.

Do you have something in your life that exhausts you?....extends you?.....thrills you?
I can highly recommend it... once you get over the shakes and the nausea!

Happy Tuesday!
PS. What would life be? Without a song.. or dance... what are we?
Thank you for the music, for giving it to me. HERE


  1. Have you tried bi-focal contact lenses A-M? They have concentric rings of two different strengths, good peripheral vision and instant adjustment near to far.

  2. When I lived in London I worked for a big accounting firm giving corporate tax advice to some of the world's biggest companies. I worked long hours under incredible pressure. But one afternoon a week I escaped work at a reasonable hour and took myself off to a singing lesson. I had a lovely teacher from Australia who was very patient me. She was an opera singer but very nicely taught me to sing songs from artists such as Dido and the Corrs. I loved sitting on the steps in the rehearsal building and hearing all the lessons going on around me. That half hour a week was such a memorable time and let me enter an amazing 'other' world for just a moment.

    Congratulations for taking up the challenge and losing yourself in the atmosphere.

  3. I hear you on the glasses. Such a PITA. Mine live on the end of my nose at work and I'm always peering over them at people. Such a good look! ;)

  4. It's so lovely that you have this thing that you can do for yourself that you obviously love so much. Don't worry about the glasses or the aches and pains, just go with it and remember to tell us all about it. xT

  5. Slightly different, but reminds me of going to 'aerobics' - I was always going left when everyone else went right, peering over my shoulder to see what everyone else was doing, eyes on the bum in front of me, trying to stand behind someone who looked like they'd been doing it for ages. Clumsy and uncoordinated where I used to be so good at keeping time, keeping in step - used to be a whizz at the 'Bus Stop', Nutbush and so on - but I do so love the music, the feeling of just moving my body - I say "I'm off to throw my body about a bit" - for the sheer joy of it. I got better, still not mistake-free, but I don't really care - it's about the challenge and the way it feels afterwards. HOWEVER, so glad I'm not doing it late at night!

  6. Wonderful A.M I am so pleased you are enjoying every sweep you bow makes creating gorgeous sounds I am sure!!!

    I used to go to Zumba classes loved every minute dancing to the sounds & feeling exhilarated but alas the teacher has stopped the classes I must find another teacher as I love to dance :)))

  7. This year I started singing in a choir. I love it. I sing all my stress out, missed it so much last week when it wasn't held because of school holidays. I haven't sung since I was in school choir and it's just pure joy, even when I don't hit the high notes all the time. It's been lovely rediscovering that part of myself again. Lovely to hear about you doing it too!

  8. Violin is my very favourite instrument I can listen for hours.
    Alas I have no musical talent whatsoever I lack musical memory but that does not stop me loving it with a passion. I have a young cousin currently at the Brisbane Conservatorium perhaps when I next come to Brisbane you could play, she could sing and I would just be in heaven!!!!!!
    It is wonderful that you have found your music again. xx

  9. I definately need music for the soul it truly makes my world a better place have a beautiful week A-M xx

  10. Glorious post, A-M. You are such a lovely way to start the morning (even though it took me until the afternoon to comment!) Thank you! xx

  11. That's very ABBA of you ;-) I'd love to be in a band again but I've lost my lip! It would take years to wear-in that groove on the inside of my bottom lip from playing the clarinet & saxophone. Not to mention the muscles around my mouth! It might give me a mini facelift though ... ??? ;-)

  12. Lovely post, and the ABBA clip at the end was the icing on the cake :) transported me back to that time as a child when I would wait with eager anticipation for their latest record. Showing my age .....

  13. I remember my first days playing with the orchestra after years and years of not playing. I felt like just a novice. Hang in there though! All my section mates were so helpful and kind.

    And the whole glasses/not seeing thing - dealing with that right now myself. My teacher actually has special glasses just for playing.

  14. It's amazing how we take less for granted as we get older. Mr18 is home for 2 weeks at the moment. I cherish every second with him. Although I try to give him lots of space and not freak him out by smothering him with kisses lol.
    I'm glad you are enjoying every moment of rehearsal A-M. It is wonderful that you have been given this 2nd opportunity to do something you love:)

  15. You are so inspiring going back to the orchestra. Every moment of life has a soundtrack set to it (in my opinion) so I completely understand the music you're humming to yourself all day long. I'll continue to pick my violin up and practice as I can when I can!



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