Saturday, April 28, 2012

Top Speed

I finished the week at top speed yesterday, still tapping on my computer, loading up new goodies into my store, at 11pm last night. I was on a roll yesterday... very productive. Do you have days like that?....when you have boundless energy and plough through every task you have set yourself with a spring in your step and a smile on your face? 

My 'yesterday' reminded me of a little passage I read recently, from a book in the pile I keep beside my bed. The book is, 'Damn Good Advice (for people with talent!)'. It's by George Lois, advertising guru, the original 'Mad Man'! He lists his philosophies on achieving success in point form. It's such an entertaining read, complete with quirky advertising campaign illustrations. For his 7th point, he states:

"Creating ideas without a work ethic to follow through is inconceivable to me.
If you don't burn out at the end of each day, you're a bum! People watching me work ask me all the time why I'm not burnt out, how (especially now at my age) I manage to keep going. The fact is, I'm totally burnt out at the end of each day because I have given myself totally to my work - mentally, psychologically, physically. When I head home at night I can't see straight. But I love that feeling of utter depletion. It is an ecstatic sense of having committed myself to the absolute limit. But after recharging at night, I'm ready to go the next morning. Isn't that what life is all about?"

I can really relate to this passage.. that delicious feeling of 'good exhaustion' after a very productive day.
I do think though, yeah, alright George, you can bounce out of bed recharged because I bet you don't have to do two loads of washing, iron school uniforms, do the school lunches and be at school by 7am for Guitar Ensemble, after picking up car pooling child 2 streets away by 6.20am. But I get his point.

There is also the subject of balance. Productivity sometimes might come at a price.

They come first. End of story.... said the Mum.

Anyway, the results of my busy day yesterday, after playing in the filth that is my shed, are being loaded up into my Cape Cod Designs store this weekend. They started selling as soon as I started loading them up last night (it was comforting to know someone else was up late with me) so I think I can confidently say today that 'stock is limited'. I have always wanted to say that.. "while stocks last".. ha! 

Well it's pouring rain here... pouring... if they make my little boy play soccer in such rain today I will be a 'Not Happy Jan'.

At this very moment, I have my feet up and the Nespresso machine is purring. It's going to be a slower day today! ...although my dining room table is covered in receipts, as the BAS is due on Monday? Is it? Does anyone know? I can't find the form under all the paperwork. Maybe not such a slow day. Sigh! 

Happy Saturday! I seriously love Saturdays.. and I bet I am not alone in saying that!

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  1. Cape Cod Store did u say???
    Rugby league has just been cancelled here. My boys will not be happy when they wake. I am though!
    Looks like a massive home made soup is on the menu and fresh loaf of bread to go with. Mmmmm
    Happy weekend
    Pen x

  2. Yup, the BAS is due Monday!
    You have inspired me to get into my garage today and sort s@#t out. My girls - both left the nest - also left a lot of stuff in there - surely they won't need their notes from year 8 history? It's getting pretty damp in there and I smell a faint whiff of mould.
    And I wouldn't mind being able to put the car in there, too!
    I too feel fabulous when I get to the end of the day feeling exhausted, but knowing I've really achieved something. I just don't want it EVERY day!
    Have a lovely day, today xx

  3. I used to love that feeling of utter depletion - I remember sitting on the tube in London once, hallucinating about a Roman soldier resting on his spear. Just what I felt!

    I'm older and kinder to myself now, but I miss that fierce exaltation.

  4. I drove down to the city yesterday, to visit my son, got caught up with various things so i missed your store again, but i hope to visit soon, it was a slow drive back to the coast in the pouring rain!

  5. :))) I have big smiles after reading that A.M. so pleased the sales are going well :)
    I am with you on the go go I just don't sit down I think I would go mad if I didn't have anything to do your hard work had created your wonderful cape code store & i am sure the weekends you can catch up on tome TLC
    Enjoy your day raining here too so I have my fingers crossed that soccer is cancelled ;) x

  6. Oh yes George, a man, a man of that era, enough said!! I too could burn myself out daily if someone was there to greet me with slippers, scotch & cigar (ok, i wear ugg boots, don't drink or smoke) after a day of raising 4 children . . . i do like thorough days, that's what i call them, normally result in an overflowing garbage bin & clutter free room, that's my high.
    Not sure what is worst, hugging a frozen wet sports child or having to watch them in the rain, hopefully whatever the weather, your boy has a cosy bath to swim in afterwards, i love that my youngest still loves a pampered bath, with candles, he's 8!! Love Posie

  7. Kids in Landscape Design is the same.

    Swing set & etc. are a priority, their time is so limited.

    So I put them close.

    Kids won't use them faraway anyways....

    Yes, I'm conked out each nite. Didn't know there was any other way.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  8. Just spent a lovely hour (or so) pouring over all the lovely goodies in your Cape Cod store. Trying to imagine where I could use some of that gorgeous lighting or find a home for a couple of rattan chairs. I can't believe how quickly your store has grown and can't believe that you are still managing to fit it into your "shed"! Well done A-M - a total inspiration in how to develop a business "from the ground up". ;)Sharyne


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