Saturday, April 14, 2012


A simple staircase with just the right accents. Wall panelling, thick skirtings, gorgeous floors. I am aiming for a entry foyer, with a nice staircase, in the next place.

Last 2 days of the school holidays. We're busy. Soccer has started back. Both boys have matches both days. Back to the deck chairs and sausage sizzles... and screaming at the top of my lungs. Love it.

Happy Weekend all. Thanks for coming by this week.


  1. love it! Make a cupboard underneath for shoes, and school bags etc, i wish i could have one too!

  2. So will you live in this house or sell it? Or have you not decided?!
    Sounds so exciting to be planning all the details of a new place! Good luck!

  3. Jill Elaine, I have every intention of living in the house, depending on circumstances at the time... things often change. We'll see! A-M xx

  4. AM, that will look gorgeous in your new place... Such an exciting stage all the planning. The wall panelling and thick skirtings tie in so nicely with this staircase.

    Saturday winter sport is great isn't it, cheering at the top of our lungs - I am sure it helps them, although at times they wouldn't admit it!

    Lou x


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