Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cafes, Antiques and Famous Chefs

I arrived at school pick up yesterday.... to realise it was Wednesday.... and I was way too early.... as we still had big son tutoring Japanese, and little one singing his heart out in choir, until 4.30pm...

... so I hightailed it over to the 'Cottage Garden Nursery', one street away, and plonked myself down in above said pink chair for a cool drink.

Gillian Hirst has taken over the cafe which is now 'Gillian's Cafe'... yes that Gillian Hirst!
(who hasn't had the Sandcrab Lasagne from Il Centro, back in the day ... who?)

The cafe was closed for the day.... so after my drink, I wandered...

.... into Katherine's antique store, which is part of the complex.
This little place has a nursery, cafe, antique shops and now even a clothing shop.
It's such a lovely place to hang out.

I am seriously in love with these trunks. #thatisall

Katherine, from 'The Old Boathouse' is who I call the 'Scarlet Pimpernel Of The Antique Scene'....

... she exists, I know she does, because people say they have seen her ..... "oh, Katherine?.. yeah, she was in yesterday... briefly"...
.... really?....really?

These are all her goodies! Look at this beautiful stool!

She has everything!

Even glorious bar carts!

I think, if you like anything here, you can pop over to her blog and ask her to hold it for you.
She surprised me once... with a treasure I thought she had sold... but she was really keeping it for me, after I hyperventilated over it on her blog. 

I'd really like to meet her one day.

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beautiful Tiles

Oh how glorious are these tiles! I wouldn't change a thing... except perhaps the mirror and the lights.... but that's just me. I am so going to make tiles more of a feature in my next place.

Happy Wednesday! Life is busy. Hope all is good your end!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Life In Style

Hi, bit late to the party today. I'm over at Life In Style's Blog today, pondering 'creativity'.
I'll be contributing a post over there each month. So thrilled to have been asked to be involved with their wonderful new blog.

Happy 'Rest of Tuesday'!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Nook

I'm looking at 'mini nooks' now, in my house build scheming. I reason that if they are mini, then they won't be too tricky to whip up .... and I won't get the standard, "what do you want to do that for?" so much? This one says 'warm and cozy cabin in the woods' to me... with the autumn colours and furry jacket... and look at the little twigs for the cabinet hardware!... and the hooks... are they twiggy things too?

I'm off sourcing white-goods today. George, at 'Clive Anthonys Commercial', that's you! See you soon!

Happy Monday! It's deliciously cold here! At last!
Is it cold where you are? I am a cold weather girl so I love 'cabin with fireplace' stories.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

You Have A Loaner Pillow?

I'm sourcing bedding at the moment ........and I can't walk into any bedding store without having a quiet giggle to myself. "You have a 'loaner pillow'"?.... I say to myself, in my best drawn out Californian accent......

You see, there is this comedy skit, on mattresses and loaner pillows, by the comedian Arj Barker, that my big boy thinks is the most hilarious thing.... ever. You know teenage boys. The concept of a 'lice farm' living in a 'loaner pillow' brings him to tears.... teenage boys! So, every time I pass through a bedding store, and sight a 'loaner pillow', I take a photo and text it to him.. wherever he is... school, soccer training, at a friend's place...

... he loves it! It's our little mother-son joke.

I've included the link to the '2009 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala' clip. Warning, it's contains profanities.... the normal stuff that everyone else says out loud on their blogs..... but not me, as my Mum reads my blog.

Hope it gives you a giggle....
Happy Sunday!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Furniture Foraging

I have been tripping the 'contemporary light fantastique' this week....

... searching for goodies to fill clients homes..

... with a little touch of 'me' thrown in for good measure!

Aren't these glass topped tables fabulous?

Should we do the Eames thing? 
One of my clients is over the seas.. while she sleeps, it's my day and while I sleep, she ponders my emails and pictures. It's fun. I have a tight budget though so there is lots of scheming and wheeling and dealing. I love wheeling and dealing.

The world is going crazy for French Script Chairs, thanks to that TV show 'Revenge'.

Obsessed with bed-heads, I am.

I have to use this mirror in my next place... somewhere!
It's 2.3m high and oak. Sigh. Love.

Kiddies desk chairs?
Great colours.

Teenage boy's bedside? I think so.

Might need some 'coastal' accents?

I had to sit and ponder these important questions... over my weekly Haloumi fix....

... after I had stalked a whole suburb, looking for Bill. Didn't sight him but I was informed by locals that they had seen him yesterday, still in one piece... sort of. Hope he finds his way back on the path soon. I miss our chats. 

Justine informs me that she has many people wandering in off the street asking for the 'Haloumi Special' (which is really called 'Lucky Lucky' on the menu)... because they saw it on my blog. I love you guys! I think I need to discuss a 'Haloumi Commission Structure' with Justine! I don't think anyone has been disappointed. It's a taste sensation. I spend the week running it off. Ha!

The rain has cleared here so I think we're in for a muddy game of soccer today. Big son has a school dance tonight and has been on the receiving end of telephone calls from screaming groups of girls, saying they 'love' him.. I kid you not. I can't remember being that emotional over boys at the tender age of 14? I was quite calm about my crushes......or is it just too long ago to remember?

Little one will sit forlornly by my side when big one heads out for some fun tonight. Now the 5 year age gap is starting to hurt .. poor tike. We'll do something fun.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Mother Love

This little one...

... won Silver, in the QYMA (Queensland Youth Music Awards) last night. 

He loves his choir. 

Sorry, rushing out the door this morning. Am shopping up big for clients. Tough job. Have a few on the go so I am not sleeping at the moment... my dreams consist of sofas, consoles, cushions and deadlines. Could be worse!

I'm also on the hunt for Bill... but it is raining... won't find him today, I don't think.

Happy Friday!

PS If you have emailed me, I promise you will receive a reply this weekend. This is catch-up weekend.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Yesterday I went searching for Bill.
His pigeons were searching for him too. 
Where are you Bill? I am starting to get worried.

Of course he won't see my online concerns about his whereabouts...
... as he has no computer, nor electricity... nor shelter for that matter.

We had an arrangement. 
Fridays, after school drop off. 
I was going to sell some more of his artwork, through my blog. 
He was so excited and positive and full of ideas.
I thought I might try a 'non Friday'. 
Where are you Bill? 

He loves Golden Circle Pineapple Juice.... chilled... in the tins.
I couldn't find the tins??? .... have they stopped making them?
 This one has been sitting in my fridge for weeks. 
I keep putting it back when I can't find him .... and the boys keep asking me if they can have it....
.... and I keep saying ..."it's Bill's".

So yesterday I left it for him ... with a note ...
... and I sat and worked on my computer in the car, parked nearby... just in case he showed...
.... and then I had to go, so went back and wrapped it in another note that said, 
"Please don't steal. This is Bill's".

I hope he found it... and I hope it was still cold.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hampton's Wanderlust

East Hampton. I've got to get there. So far, all I have found are Hampton's shopping tours!??? Not interested. I need an 'architecture tour'... surely someone is doing it? I know you need a car if you really want to do it all justice but hey, I'm a backpacker from way back, I'll get around... somehow?

Thank you all so much for your accommodation suggestions following my post yesterday. My inbox is full of fabulous itineraries that you have put together for me. Please keep sending them in. I am having a ball reading all your suggestions. I might have to put together a spread sheet! ... there will be no aimless wandering on this trip (like I did in Paris).... I'm on a mission. 'Speed NYC'.... I only have 10 days, 2-3 of which is conference.

You might like to head on over to Coco Cozy's blog today. She is featuring a beautiful Hampton's home that will only set you back $8.5 million! HERE.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Where To Stay In New York?

Hi, I'm scheming accommodation in New York. I can't believe I am pouring over NYC maps. It's a bit exciting. I want to stay somewhere groovy and hip and not mainstream global hotel-ish. Somewhere that is blog fodder worthy! I want to share all my experiences with you. Any suggestions? The New Yorker looks like it has some history? Looking on Tablet, the Crosby Street Hotel looks to die for, with to die for prices (highly recommended to me by Anna, from Absolutely Beautiful Things). The Ace Hotel looks extremely hip and retro. Too many choices. I have high expectations of getting a good price. Am I delusional? I'm at the stage where I think every other country is more affordable than Australia. Hey, I think Paris is cheap. Any travellers out there with some good advice?

Show and Tell went well. He was happy with the class interest. Although I was not invited in to watch. I wistfully looked through the door and took photos through the glass. I could tell he wanted me in there as he kept looking at me. I think me not being in there was a distraction for him. He couldn't work it out. Neither could I. Is this the norm with other schools? Was I expecting too much?... wanting to see my boy show his lizards and hear him espouse great words on lizard life? I was so disappointed. 

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Nook And Some Exciting News

Image via Cultivate

I'm obsessed with kitchen nooks... can't you tell? I think this one is lovely...symmetry, cornices... although I am still trying to work out what is happening with the cupboard inside the cupboard? .. for the doors to come out and then to retract?... oh yeah, that's it! Live blogging! You see the penny drop live!

My weekend was eventful. I made a decision. As Frank Sinatra would say, "start spreadin' the news"... I booked a flight to New York for August. I'm going to go to the 'BlogHer' conference to learn some stuff and I decided after 4 years of blogging about New England, The Hampton's, Cape Cod....and naming my business after it all... I should get up there and have a quick look around. I ummed and ahhed over it for about 5 minutes and then decided if I only had until the end of the year to live, I would make the decision to go in a heartbeat... so I made it in a heartbeat. I have negotiated with my boys an acceptable 10 days away from them. They have said they miss me already. We're all going to be brave.

My little one has 'Show and Tell' at school this morning and has asked me to be his 'Lizard Transporter'. Brian and Nigella are going into a big bucket for the trip into school. They'll frantically scratch around all the way there, I'm sure!... so I'll have to say nice, soothing 'lizard' things to them.  Then I get to bring them all the way home when son has finished his performance. He's even going to do live cricket feeding. He's hoping to win over his teacher. He doesn't think she likes him that much... as he's a chatterbox and lively and easily distracted and social and obsessed with stick insects and never stops talking about them. He can feel it. Kids are smart. Makes my heart hurt a bit. He's trying hard to shut up in class :( 

I've told him stories. My Grade Two end of year report card? One comment - 'Talks Too Much' ... that was all she said. I was heartbroken. Grade Three? Three words. 'Room For Improvement'. I told him this and he looked at me seriously, and said so gently, "Mum, I think you have improved". 

They were harsh in those days. Hey, I still remember their exact words, 40 years later. Harsh. Please be nice to my boy. Although I'm going to piss her off by jumping all over the classroom, taking photos of him and his beloved 'Inland Bearded Dragons'. That sort of won't help, will it? Hmmm.

Happy Monday! I'll let you know how we go. Tell me what I should do about my boy's teacher. Should I speak to her and tell her how he is feeling? ... or just shut up so she doesn't single him out any more? Parenting is heartbreaking... always. That love in your heart... you'll do anything for them. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Diamond Days

Boundary St, West End

I've had a glorious week.... and I am taking a moment to be grateful for it.

Business was good. I had a busy week in the shed...

... with lots of after school help, of course :)

Unpacked these the other day and thought they were so pretty, I'm keeping one on my desk.

I savoured my new space, sat at my new desk lots.... and got lots of work done. I am so grateful for the location.... and the gentleman at the front desk, who forklifts my pallets down for me and puts them in my sheds when I'm not there to unpack them! I gave him a bottle of wine the other day. You can never thank happy, willing, free helpers enough, I say.

Solved the world's problems with friends over a 'bucket of coffee' (I asked for a mug).

.. and giggled my way through a meeting with a new blog friend and an oldie in the same establishment. Same establishment, different day... different calorific morsels.

Squealed my way through a warehouse sale with a bloggy friend yesterday. Oh, the clothes were such beautiful quality and so cheap.... and we kept finding new racks, after deciding.. "that's it, I don't need any more". My friend owns a fashion agency, that supplies all the glamorous boutiques. We used to be neighbours in West End... and her 4 girls used to play with my boys. We miss them. Another thing to miss about West End. Sigh. 

I even got some animal print (I folded under bloggy pressure, with Katrina and FF and RRC espousing the glory of it all)... although the boys reckon I look like Brian and Nigella's sister... and they call it the BD print ('bearded dragon print'). I did a fashion parade of all my purchases in front of an underwhelmed, faking interest, teenager and a delighted little one, who kept genuinely saying, "this is so exciting Mum"...(chalk and cheese)... and yes, we don't get out much so it doesn't take much to excite the little one. I can't remember the last time I splurged on a new wardrobe! I'm a new person!

Justine's (Posto, Boundary Street, West End)

Had to do the 'post fashion purchasing frenzy' debriefing in a familiar establishment...seeing we were tripping the light fantastic in West End and all. We discussed important world issues, like fake fur jackets, blog photography, the gorgeous floral arrangements next door in the Japanese florist shop and whether I need to go to 'BlogHer' in New York in August... because life is short and I have never been to New York.

I know, I know..... that Haloumi Special... it's going to be the death of me. 
I'm going for a run right after this post!

... and yesterday, my Mum rang (way too early in the morning) to inform me that I got a mention in the paper! Twice!

I was wondering why my shop was unusually busy for a Saturday!
Thanks Paddy!

Do you notice the diamond days? As I am getting older, and time is passing so fast, I come to a standstill, even in the middle of them, and 'scream' a thank you to the universe. Screaming thank you makes past pain worth it, I say..... a passionate way of acknowledging the really good things in life. Life according to me.... 'don't mutter it, scream it'.

Little one is off to Dreamworld for a birthday party today. His birthday friend got to take two special friends and little one was one of the chosen two..... he's so chuffed. 

It's going to be nice and quiet here today!
First, I'm running off that Haloumi.

Happy Sunday!
Oh and PS, Brian and Nigella say hello.