Friday, May 4, 2012

And Breathe Out

We have a long weekend here this weekend so we are taking the opportunity to catch up with some friends down at the beach. It's been an exhaustingly busy week so I am so grateful for the opportunity to have a 'mini holiday' for a few days. 

So, I will be back here on our holiday Monday morning sometime. I always think I am going to sleep in, when we have a day off from the school run, but I haven't slept in since I was a teenager....what 30 years? ... yeah, so I'll be up with the birds and tuning back in then, sometime just before sun-up.

Have a lovely weekend.... and thanks for coming by here this week. l always love hearing from you. You give great feedback and have such great ideas. What would I do without you?

Miss you already. xx


  1. Have a wonderful break x I always know I'm up really early when I'm reading blogs before your morning post ;) the last time that really happened we were on daylight savings, & you weren't

  2. Hope your arm is feeling better today.
    have a great week!


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