Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Back Into It

We had a lovely long weekend. The skies were blue and the temperature was so mild.

We chilled out and forgot about everything... sort of.

A meal in a chip!

Lovely Natalie, a blog reader, sent 'little one' some new books. 
Every chance he had, his head was buried in them.

I got to run on the beach..... at the best time of the day.......

... and watch the sun come up...

Penny, Katrina and A-M
Doesn't she have 'the TV smile'?!

I even got to snatch a couple of hours with my favourite Logie winner.
Not long enough though... we didn't even get started! 

Back into it. Off to the shed. I have a lighting rep coming for a visit today.
He can have a seat on my pretty shed chairs.... #theglamour.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Beautiful photos A-M. Running on the beach would have been the perfect start to your day.
    Have an amazing day.
    Much Love. xox

  2. Good morning A-M
    As I said. I am laying in Bed reading your blog post.
    Again thanks for catching up. You both have that TV smile and both are way beautiful inside and out.
    Love to catch up next time u are on the coast and take u up to the block.
    Enjoy your day , I am off to watch our youngest at district cross country this morning.
    Pen x

  3. Penny, would love to see your block and house frame! You know I love building sites! A-M xx

  4. Oh Lorraine, I could so live on the beach, just for the morning runs!... nothing else. A-M xx

  5. Hi dear A-M...

    Happy to see that all of you had a great time. Thumbs UP. Gee... Mr. AM's are almost grown up now? Taller than me now, *giggles.

    Enjoy every minute of your time coz time pass too quick. TOO quick... soon, they will say "Bye mum" see you next term... eh?

    Happy Tuesday, DownUnder... Looks you have warmer than our summer weather.


  6. A-M, Your photos away could make me cry they look so good. Our little family is desperate for a holiday. Am I allowed to ask where you stayed? Also, being the wise mother of two gorgeous boys, any suggestions on how to survive toddlers who are constantly getting sick at childcare?
    Love your blog......
    Kate x

  7. Good morning AM, Thanks for the lovely photos. Very glad K loves the books. There is nothing like sticking your head in a book and reading and escaping from the world.Penny, hope the cross country went well. My son had his yesterday and I was given the job of standing near corners on the running track to make sure the kids didn't cut the corners so you can imagine how popular I was. Nataliexx

  8. I want to be back there with you where the sun is shining!

  9. I loved following the conversations and photos this weekend. Good for you ladies for getting out and enjoying life for the weekend. I hope it's invigorated you for the week ahead!

    Andrea, X

  10. Wasn't the weather perfect this long weekend?
    My 8 yr old daughter loves that book. I bought it recently for her 'just because'. I met Andy Griffiths years ago at a writing workshop - he's a great guy.

  11. Fab weekend! Glorious weather too. We braved the crowds at movie world - it was insane.

    TDM xxx


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