Thursday, May 24, 2012


Yesterday I went searching for Bill.
His pigeons were searching for him too. 
Where are you Bill? I am starting to get worried.

Of course he won't see my online concerns about his whereabouts...
... as he has no computer, nor electricity... nor shelter for that matter.

We had an arrangement. 
Fridays, after school drop off. 
I was going to sell some more of his artwork, through my blog. 
He was so excited and positive and full of ideas.
I thought I might try a 'non Friday'. 
Where are you Bill? 

He loves Golden Circle Pineapple Juice.... chilled... in the tins.
I couldn't find the tins??? .... have they stopped making them?
 This one has been sitting in my fridge for weeks. 
I keep putting it back when I can't find him .... and the boys keep asking me if they can have it....
.... and I keep saying ..."it's Bill's".

So yesterday I left it for him ... with a note ...
... and I sat and worked on my computer in the car, parked nearby... just in case he showed...
.... and then I had to go, so went back and wrapped it in another note that said, 
"Please don't steal. This is Bill's".

I hope he found it... and I hope it was still cold.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I hope that Bill is okay and that maybe he is just somewhere out of the cold or something. You are so kind leaving him that juice and for trying to help him. Mxxx

  2. When I saw your post title I hoped you had found him (saw your Pic on IG). I hope he appears soon. He'll have no idea so many of us will now be wondering! You are such a sweetheart for looking out for him x

  3. Aren't u an angel looking after him. He may have taken ill or found shelter and not venturing out until morning has warmed up?
    I'll keep him in my prayers...

  4. I hope bill found your note and chilled juice too!
    I hope he is there for your next 'appointment'.
    Have a great day A-M.
    x Jode

  5. Oh that's so good of you and I hope Bill is okay :( he's lucky to have you looking out for him. Please let us know if you see him again.

  6. you are a kind soul, hope you find him.

    Sad I won't see you at Anna's wallpaper Triumph tonight x

  7. I don't know who Bill is...I should go back and search your blog, but whoever he is, you're very kind and I hope he's ok.

  8. You are so paying it forward,
    Pen x

  9. Hi AM - I was meaning to ask you about Bill. I saw him on Saturday morning - he was without his shirt and trademark hat pushing an empty trolley. He looked like he'd been robbed. I've never seen him like this before (he is always well presented.) I have not seen him since. Can I help?

  10. Oh dear, Caroline, I have seen him in that state before.... my dear boys have too. Very distressing. He has his ups and downs. Sounds like a down at the moment. I might pop in to the shop where he has his cereal and birdseed deals going.. to see if they can shed some light on how he is tracking. Thanks so much. If you do see him again can you please let him know I have been looking for him... especially on Friday mornings. K misses little J.... and we miss West End :( xx

  11. Ooh no what a shame, I hope Bill will be okay, have my fingers crossed all will be good. x

  12. How beautiful! I'm glad I'm not the only crazy person in the world who does things like this :)

    I hope he got the juice! You must let us know what happens tomorrow.


  13. Well at least you know he is still around now even if it is one of his down times. Perhaps he doesn't want you or the boys to see him like this and will return when he is on the up again. I hope so anyway he is so lucky to have you caring. xx

  14. Hanging With The Haywards, this is Bill:
    A-M xx

  15. You are so caring..Hope Bill's ok..xx

  16. So Sorry to hear about Bill, he often walks past me on his rounds and I am one of the many that silently cheer him on in finding his way. It's been terribly cold the last few nights, hope he's up and about soon.


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