Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cafes, Antiques and Famous Chefs

I arrived at school pick up yesterday.... to realise it was Wednesday.... and I was way too early.... as we still had big son tutoring Japanese, and little one singing his heart out in choir, until 4.30pm...

... so I hightailed it over to the 'Cottage Garden Nursery', one street away, and plonked myself down in above said pink chair for a cool drink.

Gillian Hirst has taken over the cafe which is now 'Gillian's Cafe'... yes that Gillian Hirst!
(who hasn't had the Sandcrab Lasagne from Il Centro, back in the day ... who?)

The cafe was closed for the day.... so after my drink, I wandered...

.... into Katherine's antique store, which is part of the complex.
This little place has a nursery, cafe, antique shops and now even a clothing shop.
It's such a lovely place to hang out.

I am seriously in love with these trunks. #thatisall

Katherine, from 'The Old Boathouse' is who I call the 'Scarlet Pimpernel Of The Antique Scene'....

... she exists, I know she does, because people say they have seen her ..... "oh, Katherine?.. yeah, she was in yesterday... briefly"...
.... really?....really?

These are all her goodies! Look at this beautiful stool!

She has everything!

Even glorious bar carts!

I think, if you like anything here, you can pop over to her blog and ask her to hold it for you.
She surprised me once... with a treasure I thought she had sold... but she was really keeping it for me, after I hyperventilated over it on her blog. 

I'd really like to meet her one day.

Happy Thursday!



  1. I've had that sand crab lasagne! Totally amazing! Oh and I have briefly met Katherine once or twice when buying from her eBay store a few years ago. She's lovely!
    Kate x

  2. Isn't that little nursery centre a gem and Katherine's a darling! I've met her a few times too though although admittedly, I've never caught her in either of her shops either. You probably won't around school pick-up time.

  3. Katherine is a lovely bubbly person and has some great items at the nursery. Hope you meet her soon. ;-)

  4. I've been lucky enough to meet Katherine too - once recently when I bought some furniture from her on eBay, and then many years ago in the 90's she had a stand alone antique shop just around the corner from the old girl. I bought some antique kitchen scales that are on my kitchen bench to this day. She is the loveliest person. And yes that sand crab lasagne was something special wasn't it? Fx

  5. I've been lucky enough to meet Katherine too. I recently bought some furniture from her on eBay, and many years ago she had an antique shop in the 90's just around the corner from my house. I bought some vintage kitchen scales that are on my kitchen bench to this day. Katherine is the loveliest person. And yes that sand crab lasagne back in the day was pretty special wasn't it? F

  6. I did it! I had a free hour and called in there about a month ago and there she was! With a huge hug and her beautiful smile as always, I kinda interrupted her re-arranging her stunning wares.

    Love Katherine and you will too when you meet her A-M! Must catch up with her soon though as a month has been way too long! x

  7. I have met Katherine and she is the loveliest person you could meet. I have also bought heaps of fabulous pieces from her store at the Garden Nursery and also from her store at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre where I run into her everytime I go there!

  8. My eldest is playing at your school on Saturday I might have to visit the nursery while I have crossed the river.

  9. I met Katherine on my first trip to the WAC. She's a "top chick"! Never been to the Cottage Garden Nursery but it's on my list of places to visit.

  10. I've met Katherine a few times - she is one of the nicest, gregarious people you could meet. It is amazing how much wonderful stock she procures. It's a gift!

  11. Ditto about all the nice things said about Katherine. She has to be my most favourite person in the world! When you meet her, you'll think you've known her for years. xx

  12. Oooh I love the neighbourhoods you get to poke through. What a find all in once space - lovely cafe, great antiques shop. I'd take up permanent residence if I were you.

    Have a fantastic day A-M! Hi to the boys from me :)


  13. LOVE the trip down memory lane. So much of this stuff I just adore. I have the type of house it would suit, but no Interior Design motivation at the moment. I'm writing and busy and I'll get back into it eventually! We're disorganised and cluttered from half packing and unpacking, selling and not's car-ay-zeeee!

    Ah well...I can dream. I shall live vicariously through others - you and Katrina Chambers for now...oh and Chantelle (Fatmumslim) is moving too! I hope it's my turn soon!

  14. ooh how lucky you were to be early for school pick up & have to pass the time there, I bet your subconscious had it all planned out tee hee!! :)

  15. Thanks A-M I remember that sandcrab lasagne it was a fantastic dish...gee must be over 10years ago since I tried it. I will have to check out Gillian's Cafe. KP

  16. Swoon.

    Suitcases, yes, typewriter, ohh yes, drinks cart, omg yes!!!!!

    So visiting when I am next up in the fabulous Brisvegas!!!!

  17. Ok, I am going to step up my search for 'Katherine in real life'! A-M xx


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