Sunday, May 20, 2012

Diamond Days

Boundary St, West End

I've had a glorious week.... and I am taking a moment to be grateful for it.

Business was good. I had a busy week in the shed...

... with lots of after school help, of course :)

Unpacked these the other day and thought they were so pretty, I'm keeping one on my desk.

I savoured my new space, sat at my new desk lots.... and got lots of work done. I am so grateful for the location.... and the gentleman at the front desk, who forklifts my pallets down for me and puts them in my sheds when I'm not there to unpack them! I gave him a bottle of wine the other day. You can never thank happy, willing, free helpers enough, I say.

Solved the world's problems with friends over a 'bucket of coffee' (I asked for a mug).

.. and giggled my way through a meeting with a new blog friend and an oldie in the same establishment. Same establishment, different day... different calorific morsels.

Squealed my way through a warehouse sale with a bloggy friend yesterday. Oh, the clothes were such beautiful quality and so cheap.... and we kept finding new racks, after deciding.. "that's it, I don't need any more". My friend owns a fashion agency, that supplies all the glamorous boutiques. We used to be neighbours in West End... and her 4 girls used to play with my boys. We miss them. Another thing to miss about West End. Sigh. 

I even got some animal print (I folded under bloggy pressure, with Katrina and FF and RRC espousing the glory of it all)... although the boys reckon I look like Brian and Nigella's sister... and they call it the BD print ('bearded dragon print'). I did a fashion parade of all my purchases in front of an underwhelmed, faking interest, teenager and a delighted little one, who kept genuinely saying, "this is so exciting Mum"...(chalk and cheese)... and yes, we don't get out much so it doesn't take much to excite the little one. I can't remember the last time I splurged on a new wardrobe! I'm a new person!

Justine's (Posto, Boundary Street, West End)

Had to do the 'post fashion purchasing frenzy' debriefing in a familiar establishment...seeing we were tripping the light fantastic in West End and all. We discussed important world issues, like fake fur jackets, blog photography, the gorgeous floral arrangements next door in the Japanese florist shop and whether I need to go to 'BlogHer' in New York in August... because life is short and I have never been to New York.

I know, I know..... that Haloumi Special... it's going to be the death of me. 
I'm going for a run right after this post!

... and yesterday, my Mum rang (way too early in the morning) to inform me that I got a mention in the paper! Twice!

I was wondering why my shop was unusually busy for a Saturday!
Thanks Paddy!

Do you notice the diamond days? As I am getting older, and time is passing so fast, I come to a standstill, even in the middle of them, and 'scream' a thank you to the universe. Screaming thank you makes past pain worth it, I say..... a passionate way of acknowledging the really good things in life. Life according to me.... 'don't mutter it, scream it'.

Little one is off to Dreamworld for a birthday party today. His birthday friend got to take two special friends and little one was one of the chosen two..... he's so chuffed. 

It's going to be nice and quiet here today!
First, I'm running off that Haloumi.

Happy Sunday!
Oh and PS, Brian and Nigella say hello.


  1. Gorgeous photos. You've had a bust week! Love the new clothes. Yay about the lights too! X

  2. Good morning A-M
    I have been shopping too and feel like a new women. Love the feeling . Just need my body shape to fit me now. Lol
    Diamond days are rare. But that is why we work so hard, just to have that diamond day
    Enjoy your Sunday
    Pen x

  3. New clothes give your spirits such a lift, don't they?

    I'm taking a moment to appreciate the good things going on this weekend too. I may whisper "thank you" rather than scream though....don't want to be mistaken for a crazy woman. ;)

  4. sounds like an awesome week darl. revel in it, you deserve it!! xxx

  5. Oh your little one is the cutest. I'd love to have my own personal fan to model to too! Sounds like a stunner week. I'll start watching out for more Diamond Days myself. I am a bit of a grouch lately.

  6. How lucky are you to have had such a good week.Love hearing happy stories. Fiona

  7. So glad your week's been a good one. Did you happen to catch up with Bill at all? Love the photo of Brian & Nigella. They look as if they are having a great time together also.

  8. What a ripper week! I wish I could say the same :/ Still like you, I reward the good in others, because Lord knows it doesn't always come along often enough and it costs nothing to lift morale - a kind word cannot be measured! I love West End too! I know what you mean! And I also scream THANK YOU to the Universe because when things go great, it's nice to say thank you!!!!! xxx

  9. My husband asked me if I have a spare moment in my social calendar this week to do coffee with him!
    I hope you show us a pic of the faux fur in action at soccer.
    Oh and thanks for the mentions A-Me.

  10. What a fun post, good for you!!! ;-)

  11. You sound so happy and optimistic and this rubs off of course. Thanks for sharing. Hope it all continues. G.x

  12. Lovely week A-M!

    Congrats on all the fab happenings :)

    And yes, life is short, New York is a MUST!!

    Love,love,love that city :)

  13. Happiness is contagious A-M, so thanks for sharing!

    I love your haul from the sale.

    Congrats on the lovely promos for the business too.

    I vote for New York any day of the week.


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