Saturday, May 26, 2012

Furniture Foraging

I have been tripping the 'contemporary light fantastique' this week....

... searching for goodies to fill clients homes..

... with a little touch of 'me' thrown in for good measure!

Aren't these glass topped tables fabulous?

Should we do the Eames thing? 
One of my clients is over the seas.. while she sleeps, it's my day and while I sleep, she ponders my emails and pictures. It's fun. I have a tight budget though so there is lots of scheming and wheeling and dealing. I love wheeling and dealing.

The world is going crazy for French Script Chairs, thanks to that TV show 'Revenge'.

Obsessed with bed-heads, I am.

I have to use this mirror in my next place... somewhere!
It's 2.3m high and oak. Sigh. Love.

Kiddies desk chairs?
Great colours.

Teenage boy's bedside? I think so.

Might need some 'coastal' accents?

I had to sit and ponder these important questions... over my weekly Haloumi fix....

... after I had stalked a whole suburb, looking for Bill. Didn't sight him but I was informed by locals that they had seen him yesterday, still in one piece... sort of. Hope he finds his way back on the path soon. I miss our chats. 

Justine informs me that she has many people wandering in off the street asking for the 'Haloumi Special' (which is really called 'Lucky Lucky' on the menu)... because they saw it on my blog. I love you guys! I think I need to discuss a 'Haloumi Commission Structure' with Justine! I don't think anyone has been disappointed. It's a taste sensation. I spend the week running it off. Ha!

The rain has cleared here so I think we're in for a muddy game of soccer today. Big son has a school dance tonight and has been on the receiving end of telephone calls from screaming groups of girls, saying they 'love' him.. I kid you not. I can't remember being that emotional over boys at the tender age of 14? I was quite calm about my crushes......or is it just too long ago to remember?

Little one will sit forlornly by my side when big one heads out for some fun tonight. Now the 5 year age gap is starting to hurt .. poor tike. We'll do something fun.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Those glass topped side tables are amazing! Where could one find one?

    K xx

  2. I do like that squat tufted chair as well as the bright kiddy ones. We were looking at similar ones the other day, imagining them in our desperate to be renovated but probably never will kitchen :)
    I'll feel better when you see Bill in person. He sounds troubled to me but I hope he's ok.

  3. Miss K-C, most of my pictures are from wholesale supplier's showrooms. I can source anything you see there. Just email me:
    A-M xx

  4. You just know I'm drooling looking at these gorgeous pics don't you!
    Spending other peoples dollars would be fun but I'd find it hard to hand the pretties over.
    Thanks for your superb comment over at mine A-Me, you summed the whole comment question biz up perfectly and what you wrote makes sense.

  5. Love all the photos especially the mirror. Where is this shop? xT

  6. SG, wholesalers to the trade, lovely. A-M xx

  7. Your blog is better than Pinterest because I know exactly where to go to get things. Now to get orgznised and start on the office and bedroom makeovers so I can order some pieces...

  8. Well you pack a lot into your posts these days, Bill, the heart throb, the lonely heart, and the beautiful job you have browsing lovely stores - whoa! What a growse life! :)

  9. How lovely sourcing all that stuff must be.

    Hope Bill turns up x

  10. Love the scripted chairs too. Looks like you are having a ball with your work. Fiona

  11. All gorgeous A-M! Doing a similar little project at the moment and recommending your lights and stools! Oh poor Bill. xx

  12. I'd say the girl thing will only get bigger. He's a heart throb if I ever saw one. Conversation in the back of the car after school for 10 yr olds is just starting to be about girls. 10!!!

  13. My boys are 5 years apart as well (my Little One is only 7 months old and my Big Boy just started Prep). I love hearing about your boys and how close they are. I used to worry about the age gap but it has its getting to soak up all that baby time while the big guy is a school.
    Babies one day...Heart Throbs the next!!

    PS: Ooh, those glass top tables are delish!!

  14. I spy plenty of goodies - that I would like myself in that collection! I'm an interior designer from Victoria so Brisbane is just a bit to far to check them out! PS I specified your lighting the other day on a Hampton's style beach house - the client's loved it - so hopefully they will run with it.
    I just stumbled across your beautiful blog & have just signed up as your latest follower. I look forward to popping back soon for some more lovely inspiration!

    Country Style Chic

  15. It's all gorgeous A-M and anyone's home makeover would be safe in your hands. I'd love any excuse to shop those wholesalers!

    I do hope big son survived the Dance and that little one was ok too.

  16. ...and don't think I didn't spot that gratuitous Haloumi shot. So weird that I can actually taste it, when I never have!

  17. You look like you've had so much fun shopping this week. How did you land this client?

    I'm also happy to hear that you've had some news on Bill - I hope you can connect with him soon.

    Enjoy your weekend with both of your boys. I know you'll find the right balance between older and younger so that both feel loved.


  18. LOVING those glass to tables!!!!!!


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