Friday, May 11, 2012

House Thoughts

When I have a spare millisecond in the day, I think about the house. I'm getting closer to deciding on what I want wrt the elevations.

I love interesting roofs. I love gables. It all has to be 'interesting'. I love the top floor in this one... with the corner windows and the matching gables on each elevation. Brings in the symmetry thing which I love. I love everything about this one....except the Roman columns... and I don't want the front door centred like this one, I want it more off to the left..... with a longer porch.

I love the side elevation in this one.... an idea for the elevation for the 20m frontage.
Here it is drawn.

The gable (facing the other street) would have to be extended right through, to above that lower floor gable to provide enough upstairs floor space for bedrooms.... where I have marked in red.

This sort of stops my heart. Just needs the porch to keep on going around the corner to the right, seeing I have a corner block now.... and that portico, to the far left, would be the garage. There'd be no shutters up top... just a set of two of 4 x1 double hungs in the centre of the gable. Rate limiting step? 8.5m height restriction.... as if I'd be allowed to have a roof pitch that fabulous. Sigh.

I like the idea of the 40 m elevation (front elevation) gables being off to the left a little bit and the front door being right next to them... like this.... but still with some sort of matching gable arrangement on the other elevation. Does that make sense?

So let's see if I can come up with something that's a nice blend of these three! 

Good news is, the old house is now tenanted. They have requested that I remove the 2 closed fridges left in the laundry... left by who knows? ... previous tenants? deceased owner? I was too scared to look in them when I went through the place, as they were not powered and closed! Ewww.  I wasn't interested in the house.... or anything in it really... just the land. I sort of had an inkling those fridges would be horrid. Annie from Red Roses Crystal came through with me, when I went through the house for the first and only time. We cautiously poked and prodded things... gently .... and from a safe distance. We giggled like school girls. Annie was hilarious, being so positive and complimentary.... talking up the place, grasping at whatever she could to be positive about the whole thing. "Oh look, it has air-conditioning, that's good", pointing to the only aircon unit in the place, a rusty old window rattler that was on it's last legs. I didn't even look in the freestanding garage to see what was in there!  I think Annie peeked through the window. What was in there Annie? 

Anyway, it's all set up now with new tenants.... so I have some time to plan. I have lots of lighting jobs on at the moment... which is exciting... lots to source and order. I've had some major rummage sessions in the shed with clients. We had everything out this morning. Despite being stacked to the roof, I know where every little thing is. It's a gift. I am eyeing off the empty shed number 163 opposite me.....I think it might be almost time to expand.....  although it's next to the cranky flower people. Could I cope with all the frowns? 

Happy Friday! I am scheming curtains and blinds for a client today. We're also making up some pretty little ticking shades for some of my 'New England Sconces' for her home.... her ensuite..... gorgeous.

Big son has pneumonia. He's like me. If there's a mycoplasma pneumoniae, or any 'atypical', out there, it'll hunt us down. He is full of drugs and on the mend. Thanks for your kind comments and emails to him yesterday. I read them out to him to make him feel better. It did. Make him feel better.

Waffling.....ok, I'm going......



  1. Thanks for the eye candy this morning A-M:-) Lovely gables and verandahs...ahhh...
    Rest up big son and get your strength back for school later. For now your energy must be on resting your MIND and your body. you will be well again soon enough.
    CAN'T WAIT to see plans of your new place. It will be a big day the day you post them to share with us. How very exciting for you.
    I love to see happiness...yesterday whilst driving through athe main street to a meeting ( late of course) I saw a teenager literally skipping up the footpath. I glanced again and saw that he obviously had Autism and was holding up a CD - happiness that he'd just purchased it I think...I smiled with pure happiness that he was expressing his joy without a worry in the world on such a beautiful Autumn, sunny day.
    Joy and happiness....share it.
    Express it when it comes into our lives.
    Have a great day - thanks for sharing and posting each day A-M.
    May your day be filled to the brim with Joy and Happiness!

  2. Those houses have so much charm Love me a gable too.

  3. Hilarious!
    That's me, always looking for potential even in a property that will be demolished, can't help myself.
    I was tempted to open the fridge doors but decided my stomach wasn't strong enough. Ewww just imagine.
    Still love the bathroom A-Me, took me back to my 60's childhood except mine was pink and black tiles. Very retro.
    I did peek in the garage window (no stone unturned) but it was difficult to get a good look.
    I don't recall noticing any fridges!

    Readers... the block is fabulous and A-Me's vision will produce the most beautiful home. I can honestly say I was super excited like a kid at Christmas while we pranced around the block. Too exciting for words!

    Thanks for the shout out sweets, I gasped when I read my wee name in your post.
    Love and hugs to the boys especially the patient.
    Oh and another shed...Go for It.

  4. Can hardly wait to see your plans - know they will be gorgeous and yes, a combination of these would be wonderful. So glad your son is on the mend...

  5. I don't think you're old enough to remember the horror stories of little children playing hide and seek in old fridges (the ones with catches)- they still give me nightmares!

    Is it too Pollyanna-ish to say that sometimes when our big children are sick and laid up, we get such a rush of tenderness and empathy for them it is heart-melting?
    Does he like going through the gables and roof-lines and verandah's with you?

  6. Loving the journey and hearing your thought processes. As a wannabee house builder myself I am learning so much - thanks for sharing all that stuff about gables and roof pitch. I wasn't around for the first one, which I just love, but get the feeling that this one is going to be truly amazing. I'd be like you, Annie, mentally 'fixing up' the old one even though you know full well it's going.


  7. Lovely A-M,

    Such great vision you have!

    On the height restriction, I believe BCC increased to 9.5m following the floods... enabling a roof pitch to.die.for!

    Suz x

  8. Love the second one! Thinking of your big boy, my husband is also prone to pneumonia and he isn't sounding well at the moment so Im ready to get him to the doc as he usually waits too long and ends up in hospital! There is a beautiful Queenslander for sale on 500 acres near us (Yollogey on the Elders website) Sadly, I didn't win any of those big bucks either! Have a restful weekend :)

  9. How gorgeous is the first...good to hear big son is on the mend.

  10. Such pretty houses. :)

    I hope your big boy feels a million times better tomorrow.

  11. I am sure whatever you chose and design is going to be gorgeous! I can't wait to see it all come together. You have such talent. Whis you were here in the States. :-)


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