Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Nook

Look at this dear little beach shack, right on the beach at Surfers Paradise.
A little nook of yesteryear amongst the monoliths.

I could see no signs of life so I scampered up into the dunes to get a better shot. 
So unspoilt. So yesterday. 
It had an immaculate little front lawn and a sweet little rock garden. 
Just enough for 'pretty'... no fancy reno... just so perfectly simple.

I wonder what this piece of dirt is worth? They are sitting on a gold mine. My boy went to a rather posh birthday party a few years back, in a school friend's holiday house on Hedges Ave, which was worth $10 million just before they went bust and the bank sold it for $5 million (the birthday kid sat and played computer games and ignored his party guests the whole was the most amazingly ridiculous scenario... I digress...back to property prices... ). I hear Palazzo Versace is on the market for only $80 million. That's really not much.... in the big scheme of luxury hotels. I mean, that's only 10 times what that house on Hedges was originally worth. The Gold Coast has taken a battering in property values. This little one? 3 million? land value... or am I way off? Seriously curious. Maybe 30 of us could pitch in and buy a 'Blogger's Retreat'? ...if they'd sell it to us. 

I could so live there. Right there.... and blog from that deck.

It's a public holiday here today. Once I have warmed up my fingers, from my cool-ish morning run, I am doing the world's longest violin practice. Our concerts are in 3 weeks time and the vocal leads are practising with the orchestra tonight. I need to work on the ugly bits... the 'bleeding ear' bits.

Happy Monday! Have a great day!



  1. Ohhhh, I have wistfully gazed at that very house! You have reminded me of lovely memories of a holiday to the gold coast last year with our 2 little girls....I too peeked inside and wondered how on earth I could get in to have a look!!! A far cry from the cold,grey skies of Geelong this morning. Think winter is here..... Thanks for brightening my day A-M X

  2. I imagine there's nowhere to hide when you hit a wrong note on a violin:-)keep smiling!


  3. Sigh, what a gorgeous deck and view to watch the world go by. I know if I owned that lovely beach shack I'd hold on to it no matter what. A little slice of heaven in a crazy world.

    Happy start of the week A-M!

    Andrea Xx

  4. That little house is brave but you just know it's going to disappear to make way for something modern and rebuilt at great expense. And anyway, it must feel oppressive to be surrounded by such huge buildings when you're so small ! Good luck with the practice !

  5. What a sweet little house. Someone obviously cares for it. I love an un-fussy beach holiday.

  6. That little shack is divine. What a shame that we have lost so many of these homes in the name of progress. xT

  7. Hi A-M
    I am in, now to find another 19 bloggers to pitch in the rest.
    Pen x

  8. Oh my, what a treasure. I would have wanted to knock on the door! Bet it was worth a squillion!

  9. Isn't it amazing the few places that still exist down on the Goldie? Was at Broadbeach today and I can't believe the same block of units where we used to stay in the early 70's (neighbour had one of them & let us use it) is still there! AMAZING! And wasn't the weather glorious over the weekend? LOVE long weekends like this.


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