Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Nook

I reckon this is the perfect mud room set up for those of us who don't really need room for big winter coats and snow covered boots. All us 'mild climate people' need is a place to dump a couple of school bags, some dirty soccer boots and a hook on which to hang a wet beach towel. This is it. Straight to the 'pseudo-mud-room' file. I love the tiles. Look at those little tiled nooks.. that's where the soccer boots will be going. Perfect.... except my cabinetry will go all the way to the ceiling. Why bother leaving 15cm?

Speaking of mild's cold this morning! Finally! We had a cool wind thing happening here yesterday and it's finally brought us some Autumn. I might even have to wear a jacket for the first bit of my run this morning.

Happy Monday! 


  1. Oh, I like this - would be perfect! :-)

  2. We have a so-called mud room, but it consists of a double floor-to-ceiling cupboard, and doors to the garage, hall and laundry. There isn't any usable wall space for hooks or shelves and nowhere to sit to remove muddy shoes.

    I so want to rip out the existing cupboard and re-fit the space with something that will actually WORK. Something like this would be perfect.

  3. We just had a discussion about needing exactly that yesterday! Your comments r my sentiment exactly as we live on the mild Mid-North coast of NSW.
    Alas, these new throw together- buy off the plan homes have no soul or character, and no space to convert to a mud room:-(
    I dream on!
    Have a lovely Monday. Hope urs on is better- I have mine home today with sore throat and awful cough

  4. That cool wind thing happening yesterday has sent me straight to the QV cream! I'm sure I never suffered from dry skin down in Melbourne like I do here. So glad I've never had to wear stockings for work. I'm a big fan of the 'mud room' but I think they're only functional if they're located where you always enter the house. People become lazy then to walk further & deposit their things.

  5. Love this one! I agree with you, I would go to the ceiling with those cupboards too.

    We had high twenties on Friday and down to five degrees this morning, so I got a very rude shock. Time to dig out the electric blanket.

  6. We will have a side entry for us through our laundry. It is not big enough to have anything as sophisticated as that but perhaps I will be able to create a little nook. At least wet things can come off on the tiles and not the wooden floors.

    Oh I so love this weather - I have a smile on my face and a spring in my step - the cold is coming!! It has seen me spend the last two hours sorting the children's wardrobes out though!

  7. I love your enthusiasm for the chill soon as it begins to feel like fall we start complaining. I love all of the seasons equally but some people are perpetual "summers".

    I love this nook ~ for some reason it reminds me a lot of the mud room at "The House".


  8. A-M; I so admire your style and your quest for balance. I am a very green blogger- started just tonight but I have followed yours for quite a while. I totally agree, with all my joinery- that 10-15cm gap at the top is just a dust trap- why do people leave it?
    Thanks for the inspiration & keep warm


  9. ah yes, I'll take one of them at the front of the house, and one at the back - thank you very much. :)

  10. Completely in agreement about joinery not going to ceilings- looks ridiculous. Loving several of your posts recently as we are planning both kitchen and laundry at present. We are having laundry as a side entry and are trying to create something very functional and still pretty.

  11. Love this mud room especially the floor, we are looking for some kind of natural stone for our house now, thinking blue stone or a slate like this is lovely. My mudroom is nearly ready for cabinetry, we decided to make is a study/mudroom as its where I would be dumping the mail and bills etc. I also have added a small ensuite to it so my tradie husband can be clean before he gets into the house!

  12. Oh how I wish we had a mud room near the garage.... Wish I had been into blogging during the design stage of our home....



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