Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Nook

I'm looking at 'mini nooks' now, in my house build scheming. I reason that if they are mini, then they won't be too tricky to whip up .... and I won't get the standard, "what do you want to do that for?" so much? This one says 'warm and cozy cabin in the woods' to me... with the autumn colours and furry jacket... and look at the little twigs for the cabinet hardware!... and the hooks... are they twiggy things too?

I'm off sourcing white-goods today. George, at 'Clive Anthonys Commercial', that's you! See you soon!

Happy Monday! It's deliciously cold here! At last!
Is it cold where you are? I am a cold weather girl so I love 'cabin with fireplace' stories.


  1. I like this a lot - looks very welcoming! :-)

  2. Morning A-M! That nook looks really cosy and practical. Great for shopping basket and handbags and school bags etc on the cushion and coats on hooks, how organized! Well, it's freezing here, 6 degrees outside at present! All the woollen Metalicus clothing is being worn! Mx

  3. Good morning from the chilly mid-north coast nsw! I'm with you, love an excuse to pull my long boots on!
    that mud 'area' is perfect for me! the size also means that there isnot toooo much cleaning involved - something to keep in mind when you build A-M!
    With your flourishing business you don't have time to clean - well, what busy mum does!
    The hardware was the first thin I noticed, wonder where you get that? (not in Australia I'm sure!!!)
    have a happy monday!

  4. Haven't seen them HMB :(.. has anyone else?
    A-M xx

  5. I'm a cold weather girl too. I love winter clothes, meals from the slow cooker, fireplaces and warm blankets. The little cozy nook is gorgeous, especially the knitted blanket in the basket. xT

  6. Lovely nook,would love one of these, my laundry has the back door which is the only door we use, so that has become our mud/ junk room!
    The ugg slippers are on these chilly mornings!

  7. I love this! I want one, next time I build. When I build on acreage, and I have my country house! :) Bring it on!

    It is indeed freezing where I am! I have the cosy socks out, the warm winter jammies and I'm blogging under the doona with the electric blanket on! :) BLISS!

  8. Wash your fingers out with soap and water A-M. This cold weather can only be described as "the devils work"(FF, 2011). I have 4 layers on and am not a happy girl. The cold makes me lazy and grumpy. Bring on Spring. I do like the nook though. I have developed a thing for nooks after reading your Monday posts. Deb

  9. Hello from the other side of the Earth where it is warm at last!

    Lovely nook! as always


  10. You would love the winter here in Alberta I reckon if you use delicious and cold in the same sentence ;). It's chilly in the mornings but warms up nicely during the day - perfect for my bicycle ride in to the office. I love spring and summer in Edmonton. Enjoy the day A-M!



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