Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Moving On Up

See this? 
I'm expanding! 
I am now the proud occupier of number 93 as well as number 95. 
I'm right next to my friend Scott. See! I can hear his music when he's in doing his paperwork.

... and it has a light. The glamour. I mean the light still needs to be plugged into an extension cord and connected to the only powerpoint in the vicinity... but hey, I share Scott's powerboard....it's all good. I have no need for my torch in this shed... only in the other one. It was all hands on deck (i.e., mine) yesterday unpacking my latest pallet and neatly lining everything up around the edges so that there is room in the middle to do stuff! I kicked my shoes off and got absolutely filthy. It felt good.

Isn't it amazing what one defines as luxury these days. I work in cubic metres these days, building, shipping, storing, pricing... I have another 72 to play with. I have a few contracts with builders for my lights now so I am moving more stock and need the space. I am also considering opening up my shed one day a week for customers to come and touch, feel and pat my lights. I have quite a few customer pick ups each week so now that I have the room, I can display each light to make it easier for visitors to see what they are getting.

I might also be able to get in some more pretties and furniture.

So I have a lot to do today. It was all a bit leisurely yesterday. I was savouring my decision to expand, so I was swanning a bit and I was very distracted as a neighbour had just received his container from France. I was bouncing all over the place oohing and aaahing at the goodies he was unpacking. I wish I took photos of his treasures ..... beautiful armoires and library catalogue cabinets. It was like Clignancourt all over again.

So things are good for my little business. I am resisting anything resembling a shopfront as I want to keep my overheads down, my prices reasonable and move as much stock as I can so I can always be sourcing new pretties.

Bit different to Paediatric Dietetics. Who'd have thought I'd have so much fun warehousing, stock controlling, ordering, scheming, planning.... oh yeah and then there's 'The next House'.

Shoes off, I'm into it.
Happy Tuesday!



  1. Good morning, It is so good to hear the happiness in your writing. Go Girl. Exciting times aheadxxx

  2. This is progress! so much better than wasting money on a conventional storefront, well done! Your customers will love it. And it's all yours.

  3. Who is the pretty (blue) boy then?

  4. You are a deadset Dynamo A-M. I admire your energy and drive! Good times.

  5. Exciting times and a great neighbour to boot, sounds good to me, congratulations!

  6. Didn't you know the anti-storefront is the new storefront?! Congratulations on the expansion, it means business is good :)


  7. Congratulations! Love that bird.

    TDM xx

  8. So exciting to see you able to be expanding. I'm venturing myself into the world of a online shopping store in the next few months. You inspire me to take the plunge ! X

  9. Congrats A-M. That's wonderful news!!!



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