Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Nice Staircase

I love this... because it's different. A lovely reader, Meaghan, sent it in to me. I so love the detail on the steps too. I am a bit obsessed with staircases at the moment... and elevations. If I can get those right, with the roof looking good and a floor plan at the front, that involves room for a nice staircase and foyer, then the rest will follow, the rest will flow. 

Still on elevations. You can't rush these things..... and my miracle investor/ joint venture partner/financier has not materialised yet! Where are you? 

My tenant moves in today. At least his modest rent will pay the rates. He's going to mow the lawns for me too. It's a lovely block. I'm savouring the fact that I finally found a lovely block and that I got it!

Small steps. Savouring each step. It's all good....

.... except for the fact that my big son is so crook with a horrid cold and cough. There's not much I can do at this stage, except for a few motherly 'there-theres'. He's not at the drug stage yet.

As much as he is protesting (as he takes school very seriously) I am forcing him to stay in bed. The teachers would kill me for sending in such a cesspit of germs to infect others.... and he is like a wilting plant... and pale as pale can be. This kid progresses to pneumonia very quickly. We've had many hospital admissions over the years. I'm onto it. Looks like he got his Mum's lungs. Damn those genetics.

Oh dear, he's sounding like a seal. It's hard being a Mum when they're so sick. Poor love.
Off to brave the germs and give him a cuddle. 

Happy Thursday!



  1. Hope he's ok soon. It's no good when they're sick.

    TDM xx

  2. Good morning A-M
    Now that is a great staircase
    Horrible when kids are sick. Extra love for him today
    Pen x

  3. Hi A-M, Big hugs for B. There is a vicious virus getting around - I've got it and all 4 of my boys have had it too. I spent the evening at the Mater with Charlie the other night, and it was choc-o-bloc full of "barking seals".

  4. That sounds like it Caroline. He went down so fast and has said that he has never felt so sick in his life. I'm so impressed he managed to get through school yesterday. He deteriorated rapidly overnight and reckons he 'took 50 puffs of ventolin' in the night. Hope not! At the doctors now.... my lovely West End Dr. xx

  5. I dread hearing about sickness in children. It's the worst and most worrying situation for parents.
    Plus we haven't even hit winter and flu season yet!
    Hope B is ok A-Me.

    Oh and the staircase is rather nice.

  6. Goodness, where's the good old-fashioned mustard plaster when you need it. Don't know if they actually worked as I'm "up there" in age, but not quite as old as when they were commonly used. ;)
    A doting mother makes for wonderful medicine too so, hopefully, he'll recover soon.

  7. you know the post started so well, and it slowly descended to terrible! How is the little guy? It is horrible when they aren't well, I hope he is ok quickly - big kisses to you and kids! XXXXXXXXXXX

  8. Hope your boy feels better real soon!!!!


  9. Oh dear it is always such a worry when they are not well. Have you tried half a lemon, tablespoon honey and hot water? It doesn't cure but really makes the throat feel better when you have that nasty cough this from a someone who gets bronchitis as soon as someone sneezes in my direction!!!! Take care xx

  10. Thanks everyone. Yes, Jules we're doing the honey and lemon. It's his lungs now... they hurt. He is struggling for breaths... but the medicine is starting to work. A-M xx


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