Tuesday, May 1, 2012

That Was Yesterday

Yesterday was a challenge. 

I was in the shower when I heard an almighty scream (those out there with babies/toddlers, the bad news is, you can't leave them alone for a minute even in their tweens/teens). Little one had sneezed while brushing his teeth, smashed his mouth on the sink in the process and broken his beautiful, long-awaited, 'grown up', front tooth. Oh, how we had waited for that tooth. I think I even blogged about it, when we were searching for x-ray evidence of it up in the gum!

Once the shock wore off, the little mite was wringing his hands over the prospect of looking like Jim Carrey, in the movie 'Dumb and Dumber', forever... and the possibility that 'no-one will ever fall in love with me'. To make the situation worse, I was on my way out the door for 'my day in court'. Yes, the 'powers that be' from a previous tenancy decided they'd end our tenancy with a bang by refusing our bond payout, based on some normal wear and tear on the softest, engineered wooden floor in the universe (it was like living on play dough). Sigh. Alright then. Let's go to court.

Big son volunteered to stay home from school as he was also distraught (or so he said) and look after little one (with Gran's help, of course), so I could head off. The earliest dentist appointment we could get was 1pm ... so little one whimpered until then. He wasn't in pain, he just wanted to look normal again. Poor darling.... I felt terrible. 

I spent the morning sitting on the above ledge, at the court, trying to take my mind off things, trying to appreciate the view, the beautiful day, bemoaning the delays in the court timetable, fretting about my baby and summoning the strength to face the people who had given us very little 'quiet enjoyment' of our rental property for the past 12 months. I never bored you with the details about the constant 'entry notices' we received throughout the year, from these people, for 'rectification of defects'. The apartment was brand new and they had not fixed a very, very long list of building defects, the owner had highlighted, that needed to be fixed BEFORE we moved in. We were unaware of the situation before we moved in..... so thus began a year of apartment repairs.... on my time, ruining my belongings in the process... sometimes up to 4 times a month. Renting is so character building.

Long story short. I won. I'm getting my bond back. 

The 'Applicant' wore slippers to court! Need I say more. I received a text from my big son, before I went in to court. He said, "tell me one thing Mum, slippers or thongs"? I laughed out loud. I texted back, "slippers". My son marvelled at how 'the Applicant' wore those slippers everywhere, even when showing prospective tenants through the old place. You go to court... you take off your slippers and show that you respect the process. Ok done, got through that and then bundled the little one up on my return home and held his hand through the afternoon dentistry. 

It's not the same. It's not as good as it was, his dear little tooth :(

My world sort of stopped yesterday, my day passed in slow motion and everything that was meant to matter, mattered. All I thought about all day was my boy. He was all that mattered.....despite the distractions. Perspective. I am grateful for it.

Got this in my inbox last night:

"One little known secret to making precisely the right move, at precisely the right time in your life, A-M, is knowing that in all cases, there is more than one right move and more than one right time. Lots and lots more.

In other words, no matter what you do next, or when, so long as you do something, I'll meet you there, smooth the edges, polish the grill, and connect the dots.

    The Universe"

Thank you universe. Thank you for smoothing the edges and connecting the dots yesterday. Bye-bye annus horribilis... that's the last of you. Be gone!

Anyway, the house/land/shack is mine... as of last night.... picking up the keys today. And breathe out.
Now to get some tenants in, if it's liveable!

Commence Chapter Two.

Happy Tuesday! 
P.S. Hey, thanks Mum, for attacking my ironing pile... and for taking away shirts with missing buttons and school trousers that needed to be taken up. Oh it's nice to accept some help at times! So nice. xx


  1. The first of May seems like a perfect date to start a new year, doesn't it!
    I'm looking forward to following all your progress - good luck with everything; and no looking back xx

  2. Poor little fella! Console yourselves with the fact that at least it's a cosmetic fix only. Still, I feel the pain and anxiety.

    Relieved to hear the court appt. went in your favor. The nerve! We have a name for people like that in the States, but I won't sully your blog with profanity. :)

    P.S. Tell little one that girls will fall in love with his heart, not his teeth.

  3. It's amazing how at the end of an extremely challenging day - the biggest joy comes from seeing an empty ironing basket! Aren't Mums fantastic (and how I miss mine...) Well done on surviving your annus horribilis A-M - I'm really looking forward to your annus exemplifyis! Best wishes, Sharyne

  4. Oh dear. Bad events always like to bring a friend, don't they? Poor little fellow...

    Rest assured, he'll be fine - dentistry is amazing. My stepdaughter fell off her bike at age 10 and smashed her front tooth in the process. (Never mind the fact that she was in my care, and that I was forever held responsible by her mother... *sigh*) The poor kid was so upset, but an emergency trip to the dentist fixed it. It required more permanent work when she was about 16, including a veneer, but nobody would ever know now.

    Congratulations on the land settlement - and on winning your day in court. Slippers, geez.

  5. I have followed your blog for some time and have enjoyed it very much. I saw a saying once "If you don't know how to wash it your mother will". That probably goes for a many things, even if it is just love and support. Glad your day turned out better.

  6. Oh my, what a day! Alls well that ends well as the saying goes! And I think "The Universe" and your Mum are good people to surround yourself with these days!


  7. What a day! Glad you got through it and you won your court battle.
    I'm still chuckling at little ones image of looking like "Lloyd Christmas" for the rest of his life. It's a very funny movie and funny that, that movie came to the front of his mind!
    Congrats on the settlement of your house.
    Have a great day.
    x Jode

  8. Can relate big time to your court battle!!! We had to do the same thing with our first rental in Melbourne. The rental manager had the gaul to talk over the top of the "judge" (not called a judge down there but i can't think of the term), interrupt the judge & not have any documentary evidence with them to support their argument! We ended up with 2 months rent compensation & allowed to end our tenancy. Had we not had only a few months left on our tenancy, the judge said they would have made the landlord fix all the problems which we estimated at a $10k fix!
    Renting can be the absolute pits! But after that shocker of a rental we had the most amazing landlord & property manager for 3 years along with a similarly amazing property manager of our house back in Brissie. Let's hope you'r able to secure some good tenants, but I think more importantly, a property manager who actually does their job well.
    Thank goodness for private health insurance re the teeth!

  9. That was one hell of a day, I bet you didn't have trouble sleeping last night. Congratulations on winning the court battle, such an awful thing to have to go through, but as they say, these things are character building (just not sure which character?)

    Looking forward to reading about your progress with house/land/shack. xT

  10. oh god AM what a crappy day - shame about his tooth, that's just terrible. I broke my front tooth when i was about 25 and got an implant which has held up amazingly well (i was in the RAAF and fainted on parade and smashed all my face). hope there's some amazing dentistry to help your boy.
    great news about your bond and the house.
    onwards and upwards!
    cheers Fiona

  11. Hope the tooth is sorted and your little man is confident of his future in the romance stakes - bless him!

    You know what thongs are in the UK! It was an ugly mental image! ;) Bx

  12. I so feel the day you had yesterday, mine was thursday night friday,saturday need I say more it's all in my blog, I just hope I don't relive it anytime soon. Poor little man best wishes your way xx

  13. Congratulations A-M.

    Oh yes, the nightmare that can be renting is etched on my brain. We won too but our ex-landlord had such disdain for the process, she failed to show. Still, it mattered that we won, on principle. There is nothing like renting to make you strive harder to own your own home again!

    Hope your little K is ok.

  14. What a day! Hope the tooth is sorted and of course, congrats on the settlement of the house and the court battle.

  15. Aww, poor little guy, i broke both of my front teeth when i was 11 so I fully understand!!!
    lucky you got that bond back cause you'll need it for the dentist, teeth seem to cost more than concrete, LOL!!
    Congrats to you for standing up to these bullies!!
    Good luck with the house.

  16. My goodness, what day A-M - his tooth will be as good as new, dentistry only gets better. The comfort is that everyone rallied round, even the Universe: Hello there! One chapter definitely ended, another beginning.

  17. That was a day. We've done the tooth thing climbing on the diving board. Bonding works, tell the little guy not to worry.

  18. Congratulations on your new property, can't wait for chapter two. Sending best wishes to your little one.x

  19. ohhhh, so sorry about the tooth, and so sorry for the little one.
    I'm very happy you prevailed in court and that you are on to chapter 2! you enter chapter 2 with lots of love and support from all around the world... now that's power!!

  20. hmmmmm, might go and buy some padding for our bathroom sink! We have a bowl that sits up high and a little man just getting his 'big' teeth. I can see it happening now that I have your little tike in my vision. Glad he is OK and things are looking up, bring on house fun!

  21. What a day you have had!. My son did the same to both his front teeth two years ago. Not once, twice but three times. Once on the trampoline bar, then falling over a month later in his room and just a few months ago ran into a child at school. Your little man will be fine :)Congratulations on the settlement.

  22. Oh what a tough day you had A-M:(
    Slippers??? Are they kidding???
    I have had a few tough days lately and tonight within 30mins everything changed for the better. I did make sure to stop to say thank you to the powers above. I am so grateful.
    I assume they will do a crown for your little man and he will be looking as handsome as usual:)

  23. You're such a kindred spirit. Just the post I needed to read after a very sad day on Friday. Glad you had a victory in court, you deal with a lot on your own. Rachael xx


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