Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday Waffle

Here's another take on what I want my front entry/foyer to look like. As my home is running along the 40m frontage, it can really only be one room deep, if it's going to be flowing out onto lawn and the pool area.... so the stairs are going to have to start immediately you walk in the door. I still can't get my head around designing on a corner block... but I'll get there. No rush. Oh and I think I want a black front door? Opinions? Advice? 

Speaking of the block, I received a phone call from the Real Estate Agent yesterday afternoon. "I have a house here that belongs to you, do you want the keys?". I forgot to pick them up! I went hell for leather in the shed all day and forgot. 

I had a few customer pick ups and some deliveries to unpack and then I decided to drag everything out in search of something way at the back, then I put it all back... time consumingly neatly, then I had a chat to one of the flower delivery ladies about the hideous cost of living in this country, then I chatted to Garry (front desk man) about recycling, then I chatted to the Nestle rep about the luxury of receiving a weekly pay-cheque when you don't work for yourself, then a lovely lady who was putting all her belongings in storage chatted to me about my lights and real estate and house sitting (which is what she is doing), then Scotty turned up (interior designer, shed neighbour... he also has 'prime position' shed real estate like myself... one of the lucky ones... actually he has the 'corner block'!) so we excitedly caught up on each others lives for about an hour, then the shed manager James had a chat about his holiday in Thailand, then Scotty and I chatted some more about Paris and Fiji and New York, and then the day ended. Who said working alone is unsocial? I spent my day shifting boxes and chatting... and still don't have possession of this house.

So, this morning, I am picking up the keys, no ifs, no buts, no distractions. First thing. Boys to school, then the keys. I'm not going anywhere near that shed today. I need to arrange to get some tenants into this house. 

I overdid it yesterday. I can't move my arms. I'm still doing a violin practice though, somehow. I am sitting next to someone in orchestra who used to be in the 'Basel Symphony Orchestra'. She's a machine. I can't compete. I think she feels sorry for me. I can only do my best. I was never 'Basel Symphony Orchestra' standard. I'm a bush-band violinist. My bush-band was called, 'The Bullocky's Bathtub Bushband'... I rest my case.

Happy Wednesday!

PS Thanks for your 'tooth' love yesterday. He's feeling better and in good spirits. He told all his teachers about it.....and 'they felt sorry for me Mum'.

PPS. Happy Birthday Marina, my cousin, in Melbourne. xx

PPPS. Hi Scotty! xx


  1. Hi A-M! You're such an inspiration with everything you do! Thanks for sharing with us all! Front entrance is classic, functional, timeless n fantastic! What taste! Your home is going to be enviously lovely! Black door good-or maybe a dark charcoal blue? Have a lovely day... :) F

  2. Love love love the idea of a black door... With some nice shiny silver hardware!

  3. I love seeing your inspiration, your new house will be fabulous!

  4. Love the classice entrance and a black door would look superb. I have spent the last twelve months trying to convince hubby that our front door would look great painted black. He's not with me. Loves the Western Red Cedar. But I'll keep trying.

  5. Yes black door! Did you think I'd say anything else? Enjoy the rest of the week. xx

  6. You are a superwoman A-M <3

    Love your entrance idea, and the idea of a black door :)
    Would you also paint the timber door frame and step black too? MrB wants to spray paint the door in 2pack (black), but I am not sure car paint will last very long on the step, so am thinking of staining the timber step and painting the other 3 sides of the frame to match the door?


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  8. You know A-M sometimes buying things can give you a buzz, bit like a drug really but I also have found just talking to people and catching up can do the same thing. A natural high. I hope you are still buzzing today and so glad your son and his tooth are feeling so much better.

    Hope the sun is shining in your part of the country as it is cold, windy and rainy (is that a word??) here today.

    Take care

  9. I think it's hilarious that you forgot to pick up the keys! Hope you can remedy that situation today.

  10. First the boys (tooth emergency and all), then you with court and overdoing it at the shed. When is the next opportunity for holidays again?!


  11. Oh yes- absolutely do a black door. We recently repainted our weatherboard california bungalow, and chose black for the front door- love it. Have you ever used Resene paints? During my arduous search for 'the' colour I discovered Resene....THE most amazing shades. Our house is 'Pravda' with white trim. Have fun with all the details!!!
    X Emma

  12. I had my mind set of a glossy black door, then the builder and painter and paint shop turned me off the idea because our house faces due west and has no eaves to speak of for protection, so apparently the black door would absorb too much hot afternoon sun and make the door warp and the paint fade and go chalky. So I went for the opposite and chose a Benjamin Moore aqua instead. I love it, and it gives the the pick me up it needed amongst the pale grey and white. No doubt whatever you chose will look stunning.

  13. oh hello darling!!!

    did you say black door?

    check this post by one of my fav bloggers!

    I read about the tenancy sh*t you been going thru, geesh, one can only hope this is the end of all that neg crap from 2011 and 2012 now takes a new lease of life! I feel it will, your blogging is more positive than it has been for ages, it's subtle, but your smile is there just beneath the surface!

    have a great day babe

  14. Hi A-M, thanks so much for birthday wishes! Birthdays are busy and exhausting! I loved the "Bullocky's Bathtub Bushband", I never tired of attending the events at which they played! Mxxx

  15. Hi A-M. I am a first time commenter. Gorgeous Pic! Love a Classy black front door against the white. Beautiful! I was exploring pinterest during the week and saw a mint blue door with white trim and grey weatherboards. It looked amazing... "just putting it out there!"

  16. Hi A.M yes you have to do a black door they are stunning I'm doing black next time round good choice.

    Take care of yourself A.M & enjoy your rest over the weekend at the beach have fun :) x


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