Thursday, May 17, 2012

Where I Work

Yay! I can now do a 'where I work' post ..... and it's not a coffee shop!

I'm using my second shed as my 'overflow' shed, keeping the other one full to the brim but leaving enough room in this one to move around.... lux.ur.y. I dug out big son's old desk from 'The House'. It's gone a bit yellow .... so it will require a paint job and maybe some fancy upholstery..... when I have time... yeah right.

Look, I even have a light I can plug in. All systems go now. Prime shed real estate.. 2 minutes from the boys' school. Those cranky flower people are going to be seeing more of me... and maybe, just maybe, I will consume less of Justine's Haloumi Special.


Since my 4 year bloggy anniversary, 2 months ago (which I forgot), I'm now tracking at over 200,000 page views/month. Thank you and thank you for supporting my business. Who'd have thought you could make a full time living out of blogging? I love this they say, 'do what you love... and the rest will come!'

Thank you!
I'm off to the shed!


  1. That's a pretty nice office space for a shed. Trust you to make it stylish in an industrial but chic kind of way. Have a great day A-M. x

  2. Goodmorning A-M,

    thats is amazing 200,00 views a month.
    I thought i was going well with 1300 a month lol
    I would love to be able to blog as a full time job.
    be very proud of what you have achieved in only 4 years. well done

    Pen x

  3. Lovely A-M, you've given to us as much as we've given to you! It must be wonderful to have that extra shed space!
    Have a great day!

  4. wow darl, very envious of your shed and your doing what you love! more power to you!!! xx

    (also pretty jealous about that haloumi special too, sitting here eating my vegemite on toast : )

  5. Love your office AM, have a beautiful day.x

  6. Love your new office space <3

    PS. Does Justine's Haloumi Special squeak?


  7. That's a massive achievement.
    No one can tell you that you have a shed full of nothin'......hehe
    Lovely space......
    Have a great day!!!
    Tania xx

  8. you crack me up... best darned 'shed' decor i think i've ever seen! congrats on the views too... you & your boys & their lizards certainly do keep me entertained & coming back for more!

  9. Well you have got the shed to look trully gorgeous well done A.M :) x

  10. Good to see you have a beautiful parrot to watch over you as you work, looks great! Have a lovely day A-M xx

  11. Wow, four year bloggiversary! Congratulations. I do recall when I met you in 2008 that you were relatively new to the scene. I guess it was technically four years for me as well back in March. Cheers to you and the ever-entertaining blog you write. I enjoy reading it daily!


  12. What an unexpected office in the shed. I like it and also "the seeing clients corner" :)
    Anette :-)

  13. Love the shed. It's only fitting that a dealer in lights should have one of her own!

  14. Love your shed! Your success is epic A-M. Here's to many years more!

  15. ah yes, the shed - and those pretty chairs you were tweeting about - awesome!!! Hope it's not too cold in winter tho... :)

  16. Love that shed... and that sandwich... makes my mouth water...Can you tell it's lunchtime here!

    Congratulations... your blog is fab as are you... xv

  17. Go girlfriend! You are an inspiration!!!!!

  18. I need a shed, one I can hide in when the racket is too loud at my place and I can work in without having any distractions...bliss!

  19. MOTH here A-M, not too happy reading this. Mills has sworn black & blue that no-one other than something called a Yankee Super Blogger (whatever that is) could make more than $2.50 doing this bloggie thing full time. So please explain so I've got plenty of ammo when I front her with this. MOTH x
    P.S. Not sure what's in those boxes in that mighty awesome shed, just hope it's legal.

  20. Congrats, A-M! Your "office" looks decent and your hard work is paying off.

    Hope son is on the mend.

  21. Your office looks great even though you have lot of boxes around.


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