Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Who's Your Favourite Blogger?

Who's your favourite blogger? Who inspires you? Draws you back every day to their writing?

That's an easy question for me to answer. For me, it's Leo Babauta who writes 'Zen Habits'.
His daily messages in my inbox hit me in the heart every time. They stop me in my tracks, put me in the moment, in the now, and make me assess my life... in an instant. Life slows down to that very moment in which I read Leo's posts. To have that power over a moment in someone's life? make one think about their journey, their purpose, their values, their happiness.... in one second?.... I think he's a genius. He makes a difference. I admire him immensely.

Leo's latest post, 'How To Live Well,' starts with a quote from Seneca..."Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life." Boom... instant perspective. 

Leo goes on to say: "You need very little to be happy...some simple plant food, modest shelter, a couple of changes of clothes, a good book, a notebook, some meaningful work and some loved ones".... aint that the truth??!!!

Leo says, be happy where you are, right in the moment. Don't wish to be somewhere else. Where you are, who you are with, what you are doing in this very moment.. is perfect...... and be grateful for the teeny tiny pleasures in life. He lists the simple pleasures in his life. What are yours? Mine are: running in the morning and looking at the sky and the clouds and drawing in my breath and saying to myself 'I am alive', listening to my children tell me something so funny they can't get their words out, running into someone and being so excited to see each other we just do the 'giggle and grab', the time in the day before the dawn when I have the peace to blog, a warm shower, the first bite of my favourite sushi. As Leo says, "these simple pleasures are living well, without needing much".

And this: "Want little, and you are not poor. You can have a lot of money and possessions, but if you always want more, you are poorer than the guy who has little and wants nothing". Powerful stuff.

There is much more to inspire, in Leo's latest post HERE. His posts change the course of my days. That's why he is my favourite blogger. He makes my life better through his powerful words.

Have you a favourite? ... a favourite blogger, who inspires your days?

Happy Wednesday... I'm off to the Dentist!... to live in the moment. :(


  1. SSG does it for me! Yours is ok too I guess :p

    Have fun at the dentist.

    TDM xxx

  2. Oh TDM, you make me laugh. You make a lot of people laugh... do you know that? xx

    1. Of course I make people laugh - I'm just so witty. Haha but seriously no, I didn't know that. Thanks for telling me xxx

  3. You do A-M!! I started reading you because you built 'The House' back when I built my first home. Now I read you because yes, I share your love of beautiful houses but as a parent you inspire me. If my girls turn out half as lovely as your boys I'd be happy. And we're building again too. Nothing as fancy as yours and a renovation this time but again I'll find inspiration on on your blog.

  4. Yours! I have a small list of exactly 2 I religiously look at every morning. I never know what I'll find here to inspire me - either my imagination or my soul and the other feeds my inner business geek, is hard core but just as rewarding in a different way.

    Thanks A-M for writing almost every morning!

    Ruth x

  5. LIve in the moment... yes I applaud that... but at the dentist... maybe not!! ;) Good luck A-M... xv

  6. Hi AM
    Right at the moment I really need all those inspiring words. Normally I'm so greatful and happy with my lot. But when human nature becomes ugly I struggle as I expect to be treated the way I treat others.I'm struggling now
    Kind Regards

  7. Aww it ate my last post. I was saying that so many bloggers inspire me in different ways that it would be hard to choose just one fav. But Privet and Holly's posts always touch me each time I read one. Like you, she speaks from the heart, and you gotta love that!


  8. Elisabeth's finelittleday blog have been visiting it pretty much everyday for the pasy 3 years. Has the right balance of personal and informative content.

    Eek the Dentist!!!


  9. wow, never heard of this guy. but I like hte sound of it. and the wisdoms - they're so true!!

    i need a few positive mantras right now xxx

  10. I mainly go to the blogs that pop up as having a new post in my blogroll on my own blog. There are a few I'm always happy to see there - Miss Mustard Seed, Freckled Laundry, Decor to Adore, plus a few more. And yours of course! I always read even if I don't take time to comment :)

  11. I mainly go to the blogs that pop up as having a new post in my blogroll on my own blog. There are a few I'm always happy to see there - Miss Mustard Seed, Freckled Laundry, Decor to Adore, plus a few more. And yours of course! I always read even if I don't take time to comment :)

  12. AM, I love reading your blog :) I find you to be very grounded, positive and inspiring. You make me want to be a better parent.

    Very inspiring quotes today and very true. Something we should include in our day, except the dentist :-/

    V x

  13. Ouch I don't like the dentist but with Leo's words I am sure he would help me relax in that chair.
    What up lifting words & definetly makes you think thats for sure.
    Felicity from Gifts of serendipity is mine she lifts my spirits such an inspiring lady & always finds a moment to say HI.

    And you of course you are a true naturel blogger straight from the heart. :)

  14. Yours is my favourite ~ hands down. Your blog is a little bit of all things contemplative and fun, that's why I read it daily. You're what keeps me going rain or shine, happy or sad.

    Andrea xx

  15. I love reading your blog. I'm fairly new to blogging and yours was one of the first I started to read and I read it every day. I enjoy reading about the challenges you face and how you deal with them. I also enjoy reading about your boys... it makes me smile and think about my two who are 18 and almost 16, whom I haven't seen for 4 years... ouch, that hurts to type!! The bullying you experienced, I'm still facing that everyday I don't see my 3 children. You are an inspiration and I will continue to check my inbox everyday for your posts.

  16. Oh ha ha ha ha.... Love how you signed off!
    Am going to use Leo's stuff in the parent support group I run so thanks for sharing A-M ( you never know where your posts lead us)!
    Hope ur mouth( and hip pocket) survived the dentist:-)

  17. There are a number of favourite blogs I read daily but there are also those that blog infrequently but still remain favourites because their humour just hits the spot; Bern Morley's "So Now What" blog & Carmel's
    "Make Mind Mid-Century". I'm not sure about inspire, but they make me laugh every time; the kind of spit your tea out at the computer monitor, snorting kind of laughter. And if you can laugh, surely you must be happy.

  18. I really needed this reminder this morning - beautiful post and thanks for sharing. I'm off to subscribe to his blog x

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