Sunday, May 27, 2012

You Have A Loaner Pillow?

I'm sourcing bedding at the moment ........and I can't walk into any bedding store without having a quiet giggle to myself. "You have a 'loaner pillow'"?.... I say to myself, in my best drawn out Californian accent......

You see, there is this comedy skit, on mattresses and loaner pillows, by the comedian Arj Barker, that my big boy thinks is the most hilarious thing.... ever. You know teenage boys. The concept of a 'lice farm' living in a 'loaner pillow' brings him to tears.... teenage boys! So, every time I pass through a bedding store, and sight a 'loaner pillow', I take a photo and text it to him.. wherever he is... school, soccer training, at a friend's place...

... he loves it! It's our little mother-son joke.

I've included the link to the '2009 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala' clip. Warning, it's contains profanities.... the normal stuff that everyone else says out loud on their blogs..... but not me, as my Mum reads my blog.

Hope it gives you a giggle....
Happy Sunday!



  1. Oh stop...Lice...nightmares...yuk

    I don't swear on my blog either.

  2. I'm a non cursing blogger too!
    Thanks for not swearing. There's enough coarse language in the world already!

  3. Ohhhh, I'm lice-phobic as it is! Yucchies. Funny and hilarious sketch! Mx

  4. Thanks - it did make me laugh and I need to go bed shopping sometime. I'll be sure to take my own pillow.

    Julie Q


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