Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mondo Cherry, Life In Style and A Conference

Good morning!  I am over at 'Life In Style' Blog today, waxing lyrical about my love of Mondo Cherry's beautiful creations.

I'm heading off to 'Blogopolis today'. Katrina and I did not draw breath yesterday, from 11.30am until bedtime. We wandered, and ate stuff and chatted and ate more stuff and sat with our computers and phones and schemed stuff. I learnt heaps! She's such a tech head.

Will tweet all about our day today... with photos.... apparently I am responsible for recording Katrina's Masterclass! Yeah, I hope she has a back up.... I'm technologically challenged at the best of times.

My twitter link is at the top of my blog sidebar... or you can search for me at: @thehouseofam on Twitter.

Happy Saturday!


Friday, June 29, 2012

A Neat Seat

I seriously love this dining seat.... buttoned 'anything', I love. I don't know how practical it would be.... no washable slipcovers there!  I'd be spreading old cloth nappies over it like I did with my kitchen stools in the last place. I knew those nappies would come in handy again some day (besides polishing the car).... spag bol proofed everything!

I'm heading off to Sydney today to attend Blogopolis. I'm meeting Katrina at the airport.... for a natter and a cab share! It's 5.52am and I have just this minute packed my bags. I'm not one of these 'plan for days' people... although I do read these organisational blogs, with 'conference packing lists' (right down to face-cream and toothbrush) with envy. I can't pack stuff I am going to use on the day... use it.... then pack it, I say.

Are you a last minute packer? Do you arrive at your destination and wish you'd taken more time planning your trip?... wishing you'd maybe packed some jewellery?... or some underwear?... hmmm, so been there. 

Anyway... all packed... with 'cup of tea time' to spare! I am hunting down Jules from 'One Pink Chair' blog... and Fiona, from 'Lilyfield Life' blog. Dying to meet them. Girls, I will swan around the foyer of the hotel this afternoon if you're in today. I am also catching up with my darling cousin, from 'Alexandria Emporium' blog... who I know has been packed for days!! See you soon M. xxoo

Happy Friday!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Favourite Shop Is Having A Sale

I am heading off to Sydney this Friday, for the weekend, so I am going to miss Daryl's half yearly 'Footpath Sale' at his gorgeous store, 'Du Monde', in Paddington, Brisbane this Saturday.

Daryl has a wonderful miscellany of treasures for sale this time 'round....
furniture, decorator accessories, ceramics, glassware, lamps, quilts, cushions and throws, framed prints, stationary, linen and French perfume.... just for a start!

Discounts range from 50% to 80% off RRP.

Daryl's store is at 171 Latrobe Tce, Paddington, Brisbane.
His 'Footpath Sale' is this Saturday, 30th June, from 7am - 3pm.
One day only.
Rug up and get there!
Say hi from me!
Wish I was there!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Holiday Waffle

See them? ... climbing?

We're not going away these school holidays.... but we have heaps planned.

Both lads have piano exams next term so they are getting up to scratch these holidays.... so that there isn't that last minute panic before the exams. Oh, it does get better!... they're going to wait in the shed while their Mum works ..... ha... no, we do plan to do some exciting things. 

We have sleep overs at friend's places and catch ups with family planned, including a few days down at Gran's climbing more trees and wallowing in the dam shallows looking for lifeforms. 

We're going to hunt down the elusive Bill (where are you Bill?) and hang out at Justine's.

See him? ... waiting? 
Look Olivia, still scoffing your chocolates!

We're also going to try some new recipes. We have the recipe books out ready for attack. Both of my boys are going to leave home with the skills to cook at least 15+ decent meals each.. staple recipes that they can repeat over and over whilst at Uni and while bachelor-padding.. recipes that will ensure  health... and not scurvy or atheroschlerosis. Last night's lesson was in how to cook a creamy seafood pasta dish without cream... it was delicious... overdid the garlic and eschallots a bit...but hey, they were in charge... and I got to sit on the couch and bark orders. I had my back to them so I didn't stress about the mess! 

Do your kiddies have meals that they love to cook? We're up to scratch on Spag Bol, a few slow cooker meals with lamb/chicken, chicken and vege stir-fry, chicken in filo, chicken parmigana (hmmm, lots of chicken) and our favourite... spinach and ricotta cannelloni... or as my little one used to say, 'tannatannelloni'.

Ha, big son just came down and announced that he would do the ironing for me today. At least one daughter-in-law is going to love me..... the little one?... he's another story...still asleep.... and always absent when there are jobs to be done!

We're off to the shed again this morning and then on the bikes this afternoon to compensate. At least I 'compensate'. Back in 'the day', I spent my holidays in a piano practice room at the Uni, where my Mum was a lecturer. There were no Nintendos back then or anything really interesting to do. You'd think I would have mastered my drawing skills... or become a maestro on the piano... but no. 

Oh and before I go, pop on over to 'Habitually Chic' blog today. Heather has featured Gwyneth Paltrow's new digs... 'The House Of Windsor'. Take a deep breath before you go! It's heavenly. HERE.

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Nook

Ok, so I thought last week's kitchen nook was 'the one' .... but I have found another! 

This one would work well.. as I plan to have my house layout in an L shape, with the kitchen being on the little part of the L.... opening out onto a small deck, stepping down to lawn area to the pool. 

I love everything about this little nook, the shelving, the yellow accent colour, the metallic drum shade, the 'Eames-ish' chairs, the storage drawers.... the beautiful sunlight! I can see homework being done at that table!

Here's the rest of the kitchen. 

For me?... I'd put the entrance to the Butler's pantry where the fridge is and then we'd be done.... or maybe move the stove along and have the entrance to the pantry to the left of the stove, continuing that shelving along the back wall into the pantry. Now there's a thought!

Oh, and look, glass pendant lights! I have some of them in my shop! Done.

Happy Monday!


Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Boy In Blue

The lovely Merilyn, from 'The Art Of Home', put me on to a fabulous iPhone app.... 'Colour Splash' today. I didn't have my glasses with me so it turns out I actually downloaded, 'Color Effects'! I assume it does similar things... as I ended up achieving my 'blue boy' at soccer!

Forgive the rough colour edges (no reading glasses).... it was my first attempt at it all. It was such fun, capturing all the action this way... and it so happened to be the best match my little one has ever played. He set up almost all of the 7 goals they scored. It was beautiful to watch. I am so pleased that I have this 'forever' memory now. 

Blue Boy Number Two... texting girls.... as you do!

We're going to give the billy cart a burl tomorrow morning. It's at our friend's place, around the corner.. thanks to his Dad, with truck. There are a few great sloping streets around here so I'm going to stand at the top of the hill and stop traffic so the kids can go wildly fast.

 Happy Tomorrow!
Disclaimer: Big son said, "yes, of course you can publish me on your blog Mum". 

Thea and Sami's Digs and Blog Friends

I knew, when I captured the sunrise on my run yesterday, that it was going to be a beautiful day.

I grabbed a carrot cake from Miette's and headed on down to Thea's studio/shop for a catch up and a sticky beak at all her beautiful new designs and custom projects. Thea is a fabric designer and printer. Her studio is here in Brisbane and it is a sight to behold. Thea creates beautiful designs on natural linen fabrics.... that can be used anywhere in the home....cushions, upholstery, lamp shades, napery.... frocks!

I am seriously in love with Thea's Peacock Party design. Can you see this in a Roman blind, for a full length door window, in a laundry... like my next one? ... well I can! If the house doesn't come fast enough, I might have to make a 'Peacock Frock'!

I was most enamoured with the big screen printing table, on which all the action happens. Thea says it's a lovely permanent souvenir of her screen printing classes and custom projects ... where each little print reminds her of her client's special project at the time.

We sat in the sunshine and nibbled our way through some serious calories, Thea's customers coming and going while we chatted.

Brismod, from 'Fun and VJ's', arrived with the most wicked Lemon Syrup Cake.... which we all inhaled in a millisecond. She's put the recipe up on her bloggy HERE. As, FF would say, "run, don't walk". Katherine, from 'The Old Boathouse', entertained us with her 'product sourcing' stories and Annie, from 'Red Roses and Crystal' and I discussed all the important issues such as country living, the best jam drop recipes and parenting teenagers.

As always, we said we must do this more often. It's so therapeutic to put our busy lives on hold for a morning, once in a while, to just stop, and regroup... and giggle. There is just no point to 'all work', I say. There must be 'play'. Thanks so much for letting us play in your studio, Thea!

Thea's studio is open on Fridays from 10am - 4pm, or by appointment, if you can't make Fridays. It's at Unit 1, 6 Jones Road, Capalaba, Brisbane, QLD, 4157. Thea's website is HERE and she also has a bloggy HERE.

I seriously love Thea's apron and suggested she should sell them!

.. and if you pop in on Fridays, if you're lucky, you might even catch some live screen printing action!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Great Race

We had a fabulous day. 
The 'Poketron' came second in it's heat. 
There were 3 in each heat. 
So grateful that we beat someone. 
It was good enough for the team and that's all that mattered!

There were two false starts. 
It was hard to hear the whistle over the loud speaker music. 

There was a big crowd.

Even the littlies were let out of kindy for the occasion. 
This spot saw all the action. There was a spectacular crash where the billycart flipped on it's head and the boy was trapped. I thought he'd broken his neck, as his head was the only exposed part of his body in the cart. It was very distressing... but he was carried out in one piece, in tears. 
Breathe out now.

They were inseparable.

Beautiful little boys... such good friends!

They still hug each other at the end of play dates... my eyes fill.

They're going to hang out these holidays and give the billycart another bash.

I'm posting tonight as I won't be around in the morning. I am heading out early to pick up a bloggy friend, as we are all converging on another creative bloggy friend's studio for tea, cake and chatter. Will tell you all about it.. their studio and their talent... and stuff.

Have a great night.... sweet dreams....

... and 'Happy Tomorrow'.


It's All Fun And Games....

In a bit of a rush this morning. It's the last day of term .... and little one is off to race his billycart in the 'Annual Prep Billycart Grand Prix' today. I have to iron the creases out of the 'poor attempt at team shirts' that I whipped up last night #craftfail. The school closes off the main street for the event and even the local police will be there in attendance, with their radar guns, at the finish line. Serious stuff.

You should see some of the machines that were being unloaded from trailers yesterday morning.... rockets, sleek fibreglass rockets!.... no expense spared. This is serious stuff....serious, testosterone-fuelled stuff...... and my little darling has serious visions of winning his race..... god love him.

If they had a prize for 'Billycart That Looks Most Home-Made', I reckon he'd be in with a chance.

Will take lots of photos and share them with you tomorrow.

Happy Thursday!

Go 'Poketron'!

PS Yes, it's got brakes... and yes he'll be wearing a helmet.... and everything else I can bandage him in!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Being Still

Image Via Southern Grace And Sunshine 

"When you speed through your life, overlapping one thing with another, you lose sight of yourself.  You are alienated from reality.  You live in your head – in your thoughts and pictures of what things should be like."
 A Flourishing Life

This wonderful article, on 'Stillness', appeared in my inbox last night. It made me think and be still!

Gail, the author asked, "What if you were to stop? Stop thinking, stop doing, stop analysing, stop the endless loop of stories in your mind?" She asks, "what would you discover?" Would you get clarity on something that's been bothering you? Would you find that elusive creativity? Would you realise that you don't live 'in the moment' enough?!!

It really made me stop and think!

Is my running my 'still time'?.... as when I run, I'm not in my physical body, or in my head or my thoughts, I'm somewhere else.  I feel 'still' even though I am being physical. Gail suggests that you "let go of all the noticing, and just be still. Boundaries dissolve, and you are here - quiet, alive, and completely at peace. Notice that the quiet appears to expand everywhere". Yep, that's how I feel every morning. That's why I run. Maybe I should stop half way and sit on a park bench? I'm going to try it today.... just sit and be still... on a bench somewhere.

Gail is right. When you speed through every day, you do lose sight of everything. You need to get out of your head... away from your thoughts and the movie reel playing in your head and 'just be'.

I love these 'wake up' messages in my inbox. Isn't technology wonderful? It does enhance your life.

Do you take time out of your busy life to sit and be still? 

Head on over to 'A Flourishing Life' to read the full article HERE

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Southampton Dreaming

I'm going to hit the ground running, when I get to New York, and hightail it straight up to the Hampton's, before the 'BlogHer' conference.

I am staying in the most beautiful B&B, in Southampton. I have been emailing the owners and they have been very helpful, helping me plan my time while I am there. I told them all about my travel goals and they emailed me to let me know that The Hampton's Designer Showhouse will be open when I am there. Exciting! I'm am going to take all their wonderful advice and spend full 3 days exploring as much as I can before I head back to NYC.

In the meantime, I have been admiring some of the homes for sale up there! This gorgeous waterfront cottage is close to the Southampton Village. It's currently on the market for just under $2 million USD.

Isn't the kitchen lovely? 
I love the country bench and the rustic VJ's......
.. and the beautiful stone benchtop and modern tapware. A nice mix.

.... oh, and the view from the window seat! 
 I like the idea of the little bistro table set up near the window seat too!....
... and I love windows with lights. Love. Love. Love... but you know that!

Looks so cosy!

Love all the neutrals. So calming.
I want to see those VJ's close up.... hard to see what they have done with the walls. The cottage is only 20 years old. The walls look like they have history.

You can view the listing HERE. Tell me if you buy it. I'll be your first house guest! #selfinvite

Happy Tuesday!