Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Boy In Blue

The lovely Merilyn, from 'The Art Of Home', put me on to a fabulous iPhone app.... 'Colour Splash' today. I didn't have my glasses with me so it turns out I actually downloaded, 'Color Effects'! I assume it does similar things... as I ended up achieving my 'blue boy' at soccer!

Forgive the rough colour edges (no reading glasses).... it was my first attempt at it all. It was such fun, capturing all the action this way... and it so happened to be the best match my little one has ever played. He set up almost all of the 7 goals they scored. It was beautiful to watch. I am so pleased that I have this 'forever' memory now. 

Blue Boy Number Two... texting girls.... as you do!

We're going to give the billy cart a burl tomorrow morning. It's at our friend's place, around the corner.. thanks to his Dad, with truck. There are a few great sloping streets around here so I'm going to stand at the top of the hill and stop traffic so the kids can go wildly fast.

 Happy Tomorrow!
Disclaimer: Big son said, "yes, of course you can publish me on your blog Mum". 


  1. Congratualtions K on a brillant soccer game. Great Photos AM. Have fun in the Poketron tomorrow. Natxx

  2. Beautiful photo's A-M, and a massive Congratulations to K on his amazing game of soccer.

    Have a fun time in the Poketron.

    Much love. xox

  3. What a magic app and what a magic use for it!!! The boys are looking very handsome.
    Are you going to have a run down the hill too?!!!! x

  4. What beautiful photos. Love a new app! xT

  5. Thanks A-M, I may give that app a go at Footy today.
    We have three games today so I may master it by the end! lol
    Your photos have come up great, despite the lack of your glasses.
    Have a blast with the billy carting, hope those hills don't get to steep?
    Although, boys will be boys!
    Have a great day.
    x Jode

  6. You're the best Mum, A-M! Little one should be oh-so-proud! Great action shots I must say. Before you know it, they'll both be all grown up and these memories will be treasures for you.

    Many blessings to your family!

  7. Your Saturday mornings look similar to ours! We went to West End after soccer and were on the pathway. I looked for Bill around 1pm but I didn't see him. Roz

  8. 'texting girls' - plural? I love it!!! no surprise, that boy of yours is a keeper! x

  9. Hi, I have been following your blog since your basement flooded and before.
    Watching your boys grow into fine young men, has been a joy. Thank you for sharing.

  10. oh well I'm glad you got that "authority" sorted b4 publishing - LOL

    The pics look awesome don't they, there are so many free creative apps around now, that its almost impossible to keep up!! :)


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