Friday, June 1, 2012

Everyday Inspiration and Choir Boys

Look at these lovely black doors, architraves and transoms, in this shop in Brisbane city!

It was a 'lightning speed ' photo manouvre. I waited until the shop assistant (who was eyeing off my lingering self) went out of sight before I whipped out the iPhone. I wasn't so lucky trying to snap a picture of a Chanel frock nearby though, for a 'soon to be married' girlfriend. The security guard and I got well acquainted!

I have visions of a black and white kitchen with this very style... white walls, black doors, door frames and transoms... and these beauties hanging from the a row of three...

I seriously love them. If I could hang them in my shed, I would.
Somewhat industrial, somewhat traditional.

... but they might have to wait for this kitchen... and blend in beautifully with the island bench...

I know, this picture keeps on popping up in my blog... at least I won't lose it!

That's my little one... the tiny blonde one in the front row

And in other exciting news, little tacker's choir delighted the crowds last night, in the 'Queensland Youth Music Awards' final. All the parents were whinging about the $10 admission fee so I joined the choir queue and marched right on to that stage with the little ones and sat with the stage crew in the wings. Prime audience position. 

We bolted, straight after their performance, as it was ridiculously late and all the boys had been on a school excursion that day, to an aboriginal educational display thingy where they all got to chuck boomerangs at each other and blow into gum leaves. They were positively feral by 9pm, even though they looked angelic in their 'whites'.

Friday. Breathe out! My poor big son has so many exams and assignments. His late study nights are getting to him... he looks like death warmed up this morning. I promise, I never worked as hard as he does... even in Uni. What is the world coming to? Even little one sat up until all hours doing his 'Integrated Studies' assignment the other night. I went to bed and asked them to turn the lights out. #motheroftheyear

Happy Friday!


  1. Happy Friday darling. Thought I'd say hello :) xxx

  2. Hello back Annie, I head over to twitter and talk there. A-M xx

  3. I know what you mean about the homework and assignments. My grade 7 boy came into me at 10.30pm last night distressed that all the work he had just done for an assignment hadn't saved on his tablet and he couldn't find it. He had one assignment due yesterday and 2 today. It breaks my heart to see them so stressed. Deep breath - only 3 weeks to go this term. Kylie

  4. Got a chuckle over the askew tie in the front row.

  5. Wow, those boys have great discipline (as I sit here procrastinating on the last 600 words of my latest paper).

    Have a great Friday and a fun weekend! Thinking of you all :)


  6. Adpre those lights A-M... I just found an old pair and hung them in my daughter's flat... they look fantastic... Yours look in better nick... but the shape works so well in the kitchen... Happy weekend.... xv

  7. It is hard to watch them have to work so hard but I've no doubt in years to come your boys will benefit from it so much, sadly in our convenience store the number of young employees we have had that do not want to work or have mum and dad in defending them over their irresponsible behaviour is alarming. That wont be the case for your hard working boys, they will be awesome at whatever they choose to do.

  8. I have to soon as I saw some of your pictures I thought 'How'd she get away with that...?' You see, the other day I took a very quick sneaky shot of a dome in a roof, and a security guard arrived from nowhere. She was very nice about it, but I knew it was a no-no! I know the centre = no photos. Yeah I get the security risk etc... I'm a mum of ten, I'm a blogger, my name is out there, trust me I am no risk...but I do understand their stress, and I know they are just doing their job BUT it really does curtail my photography hobby! :/ Darn that!

    Loved this blog post by the way! All the pics, the whole thing! :)
    Have an enjoyable weekend A-M xx


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