Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Great Race

We had a fabulous day. 
The 'Poketron' came second in it's heat. 
There were 3 in each heat. 
So grateful that we beat someone. 
It was good enough for the team and that's all that mattered!

There were two false starts. 
It was hard to hear the whistle over the loud speaker music. 

There was a big crowd.

Even the littlies were let out of kindy for the occasion. 
This spot saw all the action. There was a spectacular crash where the billycart flipped on it's head and the boy was trapped. I thought he'd broken his neck, as his head was the only exposed part of his body in the cart. It was very distressing... but he was carried out in one piece, in tears. 
Breathe out now.

They were inseparable.

Beautiful little boys... such good friends!

They still hug each other at the end of play dates... my eyes fill.

They're going to hang out these holidays and give the billycart another bash.

I'm posting tonight as I won't be around in the morning. I am heading out early to pick up a bloggy friend, as we are all converging on another creative bloggy friend's studio for tea, cake and chatter. Will tell you all about it.. their studio and their talent... and stuff.

Have a great night.... sweet dreams....

... and 'Happy Tomorrow'.



  1. My 10 year old is very jealous! (watching over my shoulder.
    His exact words were "OMG! How awesome!, Can we do that?"
    It may take a trip to Brissy, no hills on our road!
    What a fun day out!
    Enjoy your tea, cake & chatter A-M.
    x Jode

  2. Love this post A-M, the smiles on the boys faces say it all, their smiles cannot be wiped away. So good to know you had a lovely day out too.

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow with your friends.

    Much Love xox

  3. My boys and their dad spent one xmas break making go carts from council pick up finds and had a friendly competition with friends as to which family made the fastest go cart. Lots of wonderful memories. Wish I had videoed our boys in action. Loved your post!. G.x

  4. Warms my heart, then melts it. Beautiful little friends.

    The Team Shirts look great btw.

  5. Sounds like a perfect afternoon A-M. The fun kids still get to have. Enjoy your day of bloggy friends and cake!


  6. Absolutely Fantastic! Wonderful! Go boys! Yay! Enjoy the "bloggy-tea!" Mxxx

  7. That brought back such beautiful memories! Poketron had an amazing crew.
    Have a wonderful morning tea. xx

  8. Glad they had a wonderful time. Although I often wish boys could do activities that don't make their Mothers worried sick. Glad the crash victim was okay.

  9. Wow that looks awsome I bet they had the best day what a way to celebrate the end of term, enjoy your morning tea :)

  10. We'd call that a " soap box derby" here in the states. Great fun. Too bad there aren't any races right around here in Virginia. We did do "Pinewood Derby" in scouts. Kinda a mini version.

  11. Obviously, I'm just catching up! Adorable! So glad they placed in their heat! Fess up, A-M, were you jumping up and down like a school girl? I would have been! Congrats to little one.

    As regards your morning "tea" with Thea and the girls, if time isn't taken out for the feeding of our souls, we would wither. Love her prints!

    Tip from Dr. Oz in this month's Oprah magazine: ". . .if you've flown east, expose yourself to plenty of light(ideally natural light) during the daytime hours. ....When you go west,... seek brightly lit spaces in the evening.... it's safe to take small doses (.5 milligram)[as someone already stated on your blog] of...melatonin for several days to reset your body's circadian rhythm.

    Bon Voyage, A-M!

  12. :) So happy for your little guy! He looks like he had a ton of fun!


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