Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's All Fun And Games....

In a bit of a rush this morning. It's the last day of term .... and little one is off to race his billycart in the 'Annual Prep Billycart Grand Prix' today. I have to iron the creases out of the 'poor attempt at team shirts' that I whipped up last night #craftfail. The school closes off the main street for the event and even the local police will be there in attendance, with their radar guns, at the finish line. Serious stuff.

You should see some of the machines that were being unloaded from trailers yesterday morning.... rockets, sleek fibreglass rockets!.... no expense spared. This is serious stuff....serious, testosterone-fuelled stuff...... and my little darling has serious visions of winning his race..... god love him.

If they had a prize for 'Billycart That Looks Most Home-Made', I reckon he'd be in with a chance.

Will take lots of photos and share them with you tomorrow.

Happy Thursday!

Go 'Poketron'!

PS Yes, it's got brakes... and yes he'll be wearing a helmet.... and everything else I can bandage him in!


  1. That is an awesome machine! How fun and how cool! Did you have to help with the construction ? I think it looks pretty professional actually. Not like the ones my brothers made in the back yard , I know for a fact they never had breaks ha. Good luck can't wait to see pics of the big event!

    1. Hi lovely, yes, his father and grandfather helped him, with materials from the dump. We're all class here. See you tomorrow! A-M xx

  2. How fantastic! Great billycart! Good Luck ! Mxx

  3. What a cool billycart! Good luck little one.

  4. I think it's gorgeous! Love the yellow. I agree with Katherine, very professional looking. My brother made one of a wooden crate with ropes for steering and no brakes either. No wonder he has so many scars and a missing finger from his childhood. No helmets back then.

    Good luck to your cutie! It's all about having fun and what a lovely car to keep.

  5. That billycart is rad! Love it - reminds me of a beaten up one we had - no brakes and yes I did put out my feet once to stop it when big brother took me up a seriously big hill (suspect he never liked me!!!!!). Hello hospital and very torn up little feet!!!!! I suspect little tucker will have a much better experience - go Team Pokemon!!!!!!

  6. How cute and what fun! Did the boys make that themselves? Did you help them? I couldn't help with something like that in a million years I'm afraid! I will hand the mom-of-the-year prize to you!

  7. Materials from the from Dad and Grandad...this is the spirit of the Billycart race. All class in my opinion.

    Kate (long time reader)

  8. Surely all those Pikachu's will make it go ever so fast. :) Enjoy. It sounds like a fun event.

  9. That billycart looks like a Formula One car A-M!
    My nieces' school held this race every year too. They took it so seriously. There was often sabotage. The year my niece and her best friend won, the boys tried to wreck her cart the night before and my father (and hers) had to make urgent last-minute repairs had to be made. It was like a comedy film, listening to it all! My father (her grandfather) shouted at the top of his lungs at the end of the race; so uncharacteristic for a former school principal!
    Wish him good luck! It looks like the vehicle to win!

  10. Oh gosh he looks so cute standing next to it in the photo, wish him lots of luck from us x

  11. Aww that's sweet - that's the stuff memories are made of! xxo

  12. that;s an awesome cart. you're a brave mummy. i hope there's no tears or broken bones...

  13. Go K. Your billycart looks awesome but most of all it looks like a billycart. I can only imagine the expense some of the parents have gone too. The winner should be the billycart that looks like the majority has been built by the boy with some help from the parents.I remember in Prep O had a box car race and the car had to be maily built by the preppie and I was horrified at the amount of expense and help some parents had gone to. Have a lovely day and we oook forward to seeing the photosxxxx

  14. That is so cool....
    and a heaps of fun

    Pen x

  15. That is one seriously awesome Prep moment! I won't show my Prep boy or else he will be envious! I hope the race goes smoothly and I can't wait to see your little one's huge smile of excitement. It's also a beautiful Brisbane winter's day so the race conditions are just perfect! Roz

  16. It's absolutely perfect!

    Will you have to make room for it in the Shed?

  17. I have a knee that's still full of debris from billycarting. My Dad forgot to include brakes..hope he enjoys every moment, these are memories to cherish.
    x KL

  18. There are two boys here with are extremely impressed with this video! They've watched it a couple of times this morning! Mxxx


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