Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Nook And More

Let's start the week with this beautiful little nook. 
Neutrals... love them. 
This is part of a beautiful old home renovation in Maryland, USA.

Big statement ... but I seriously love every room in this beautiful home. 
Every room.

Look at that tub!
Love the colour palette.

You can read all about it and see more pictures HERE.

I'm currently scheming my quick trip to the Hampton's. 

I have booked the most wonderful accommodation in the Hampton's. It's all booking out fast, as it is peak season, so I got the last two rooms in a gorgeous B&B, in Southampton. In order to stay there, I have to change rooms during my stay.... and the delightful owners have joked that I will become an official member of 'The Sleep Around Club' as a result! Their emails to me are so informative. They have been so helpful. I sent out many emails to various establishments but this one was my first choice because you can feel their passion for their home, and their love for their business and their customers, in the way that they write.

Mentally, I am already there. I am already walking down the main street of Southampton, planning where I will go for the day, what bus to catch and what hedge to peer through in search of the odd pretty home hidden away. I am hoping that I will be able to find some sort of architectural tour, happening somewhere/anywhere on Long Island, the days that I am there. If it's happening, I'll find it!

I only have a few days, for the Hampton's, before the conference, as I am spending the time after the conference in NYC. Don't you hate how one has to fit jetlag into all this as well. I'm going to will myself out of it. Oh, yes I am. No time for jetlag. 

Any advice on how to avoid/minimise jetlag? I'll do anything.. that's legal!

We have a public holiday here... thank you 'Your Majesty'... no school run.. so we're chilling out, in more ways than one. It's cool here. Love the colder weather! I'm going to get my boys on their bikes for an early morning ride to the shops.

Happy Monday!



  1. Lucky you A-M - What a dream trip!

    Going from personal experience only, I don't think jetlag will hit you in the US. We've done that route several times over the years and we have never suffered jetlag.

    On the other hand, my husband & I have found that the jetlag kicks in when we return to Oz! Best time to suffer it - after the holiday - yay!

    As I said that's our experience only. Hope you have the same!

  2. I use "jet ease" it really is the very best! I think jet lag is always worse coming home. Adrenaline will help when you're there too.

  3. Thanks for the link! Just love, love this house. And I can feel your excitement about the trip. Sounds like you are in for a treat.

  4. The trip is going to be amazing A-M, I cant wait to see your photos and posts! I agree with the above comment, jetlag tends to get you worse coming back, but my husband does regular trips to the US and swears by melatonin. You have to get it in the US as it is on prescription here, but over the counter there, but it works a treat, with no "hangover". I hope that helps!

  5. Oh A-M this trip is the stuff of dreams. I would love to go to the Hamptons and New York. I am seriously looking forward to your posts and photos.

  6. I have THE jet lag cure, and I am a registered medical practitioner, promise! And it's totally legal. You need a prescription, so need to see your GP anyway. You also need a compounding chemist as it needs to be made up. What you need is 5mg Melatonin. Take it about an hour before bed, local time ie around 10.30 or so. Do it for about 3-5 days while you are away and when you get home. Do not let your GP give you the 2mg slow release melatonin, they don't work. It's got to be the 5mg. It's an unstable compound, that's why you need the compounding chemist, it doesn't have a long shelf life. If you do a Cochrane (evidence-based medicine) search on melatonin (just google it) you'll see I'm right. Enjoy your jet lag-free trip!

  7. Take me, take me:). What a wonderful adventure.
    As you know DH travels a LOT. So here are his tips for not getting jet lag:
    Change your watch to the time of your destination as the plane takes off.
    When you arrive stay awake until the evening. You can go to sleep around 8pm but not sooner.
    When you arrive have a shower as soon as possible to hydrate your body.
    Drink lots of water on the flight - but only if you have an aisle seat so you can access the loos easily lol.
    On my last trip I to had to hit the ground running. I felt a bit dizzy at times during the 1st day but survived. I just crashed for 3 days when I got home.
    Have a fabulous trip lovely and be sure to tell us every detail:)

  8. how exciting for you - I can't wait the pics ... as to jet lag - no alcohol on the plane, heaps of water, eye covers and a vitamin c, then berroca on arrival :) also loving image one - just right for a cold day in Bris - best le xox

  9. Can I come??? what an exciting time coming up for you! enjoy enjoy! travel safe and we all look forward to your photos and news take care
    Libby xx

  10. How exciting. Hope you have a wonderful time. I love the pics, especially those pretty window seats. G.x

  11. Yes, travelling East is better for Jetlag, and get your body into the time zone you are going to, as others have said. You'll be right!

  12. I hate to tell you this but I disagree with the first comment. I went to New York last year and experienced the worst jet lag ever. I've travelled to the USA before but only to the west coast ... I experienced a big difference in travelling across to the east. I was exhausted for days (I literally felt drunk at times). I had three and a bit weeks there so it wasn't a drama for me and I could take my time. Funnily enough I didn't experience any jet lag coming home and was back at work the next day after landing. The total opposite to the other comments. Good luck ... jet lagged or not you're going to love it !!!

  13. I"m a no alcohol on the plane, lots of water, and I take melatonin so I can get my body's sleep rhythms back to normal as quickly as possible. I'm so excited for you.

  14. I am just back from three weeks in Oz (I was in New Farm!) and had NO jet lag going, just one long night. Not so good travelling eastwards, sorry. However I know this flight backwards and do suggest packing a picnic so you can eat when YOU like and sleep through the offered meal if you want to. I also took a miniature bottle of vodka for medicinal purposes, an eye mask and a big enough container for water (I kept my smoothie container from lunch). Moisturiser, lip balm etc. Excitement will carry you through!

  15. A-M if you find some architectural tours please let us know as I would love to do the same trip-maybe that's something you could do as a sideline. I was a fan of the hampton look long before Revenge came on the screen. Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket are on the wish list too :)

  16. I can't tell you how excited I am for you!! That B&B sounds so delightful, exactly the type of place I'd be looking to stay too. I will be eagerly awaiting your photos and posts when you're away!! :)

  17. When it comes to avoiding jet lag, I have some "rules" that work great for me. I used to travel often from the U.S. to Australia and NZ and here's what I did on the plane that helped. I drank so much water, I floated off the plane. Seriously. So what if I had to use the filthy loo twenty times? It avoids jet lag, which I believe is caused by dehydration. Also NO DRINKING ALCOHOL on the plane. Liquor, ironically, dehydrates you! When you get to the US, drink more water still!

    I never sleep on planes, even 16 hour flights. I wish I could, but nevertheless, with all that water, I used to arrive in OZ and go immediately to a casting session and never suffered jet lag at all! Good luck. I know you'll love your trip. Do try to get to to Nantucket, though. Seriously. It has your name on it, A-M. It's everything you love in architecture and more!


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