Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Nook

Ok, so I thought last week's kitchen nook was 'the one' .... but I have found another! 

This one would work well.. as I plan to have my house layout in an L shape, with the kitchen being on the little part of the L.... opening out onto a small deck, stepping down to lawn area to the pool. 

I love everything about this little nook, the shelving, the yellow accent colour, the metallic drum shade, the 'Eames-ish' chairs, the storage drawers.... the beautiful sunlight! I can see homework being done at that table!

Here's the rest of the kitchen. 

For me?... I'd put the entrance to the Butler's pantry where the fridge is and then we'd be done.... or maybe move the stove along and have the entrance to the pantry to the left of the stove, continuing that shelving along the back wall into the pantry. Now there's a thought!

Oh, and look, glass pendant lights! I have some of them in my shop! Done.

Happy Monday!



  1. A divine nook! I really like the lemon accents with the white, it looks very fresh and inviting. I could sit in the nook and drink coffee I think! Mx

  2. What an amazing kitchen! And I love your ideas...I can see it now, a cavity slider to the butlers pantry that, when open, makes the pantry simply looks like a continuation of the main kitchen *drools*

  3. Great Kitchen A-M. And look ... they feature my favourite appliances Wolf/Subzero. If only my budget was a little more generous!

  4. I know you think I've fallen off the face of the earth, which I kind of have, but I had to let you know that I love that kitchen and I know yours will be even prettier...which won't be easy, but somehow you'll manage to pull it off!


  5. That backdrop of trees really sets off the area. What a spacious airy kitchen. The windows are a huge asset here. X

  6. The view out of the window from that nook is just divine. Imagine whiling away a few hours just staring out the window. Very pleasant indeed.

  7. This one is in my neck of the woods A-M, perfectly in keeping with place and lifestyle, love the yellow and the green hills beyond...

  8. Perfection!! Such a gorgeous nook and an even more beautiful kitchen - love the drawers, the lights, the view... everything!! x


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