Friday, June 29, 2012

A Neat Seat

I seriously love this dining seat.... buttoned 'anything', I love. I don't know how practical it would be.... no washable slipcovers there!  I'd be spreading old cloth nappies over it like I did with my kitchen stools in the last place. I knew those nappies would come in handy again some day (besides polishing the car).... spag bol proofed everything!

I'm heading off to Sydney today to attend Blogopolis. I'm meeting Katrina at the airport.... for a natter and a cab share! It's 5.52am and I have just this minute packed my bags. I'm not one of these 'plan for days' people... although I do read these organisational blogs, with 'conference packing lists' (right down to face-cream and toothbrush) with envy. I can't pack stuff I am going to use on the day... use it.... then pack it, I say.

Are you a last minute packer? Do you arrive at your destination and wish you'd taken more time planning your trip?... wishing you'd maybe packed some jewellery?... or some underwear?... hmmm, so been there. 

Anyway... all packed... with 'cup of tea time' to spare! I am hunting down Jules from 'One Pink Chair' blog... and Fiona, from 'Lilyfield Life' blog. Dying to meet them. Girls, I will swan around the foyer of the hotel this afternoon if you're in today. I am also catching up with my darling cousin, from 'Alexandria Emporium' blog... who I know has been packed for days!! See you soon M. xxoo

Happy Friday!



  1. Have a lot of fun A-M. It'll be great meeting and catching up with all the lovely bloggers! x

  2. You are funny! Yes, I've been packed since Sunday. Looking forward to this wonderful conference! Mxxx

  3. I'm heading to the city later this morning. Have to visit Haigh's and David Jones and then will wander down to the hotel to find out where and when so with a bit of luck shall catch you today. Quite looking forward to it all.. xx

  4. Jules, text me when you get to the hotel. xx

  5. Had to comment - I remember my sister giving both her daughters-in-law a dozen flannelette nappies just around the time disposables were coming in. She said she knew they may not be used for the original purpose, but wanted to make sure they had a good supply of dusters.

    I have agree, seating looks lovely, but not really practical. It says 'only adults live here'.

    Your trip with all the girls sounds like so much fun - enjoy.

  6. Missed you today sorry catch up tomorrow xxx

  7. If it's a short trip I can totally pack as I go. But the longer ones (like my 9 mos. journey to Australia) took a lot more planning. Have fun!


  8. Do you know the name of the chair and where I can purchase it?

  9. Do you know the name of the corner chair and where it can be purchased?


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