Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vintage Treasures

Met Annie at the WAC (Woolloongabba Antique Centre) yesterday, so we could search for treasures.

Look at this beautiful old Dentist's Table, circa 1939!

I was seriously getting my 'industrial' on....

... until we stumbled upon Sandy's (Paint Me White) shop. I recognised it from this beauty that she had just recently featured on her blog. It was snapped up, right there and then, by a lucky customer. 

Sandy, you are so talented!

Look at this gorgeous 'coastal buffet'.... Sandy's....

... and this darling 'little person's' desk... Sandy's.
My youngest would love it.

Annie (she's gonna kill me) bought one of Sandy's sweet little blue coastal chairs... and then surprised us all with an impromptu 'sitting down dance' performance to 'Saturday Night Fever', that was playing over the loud speaker system. WAC, you have GREAT music!

Thought I'd recognised this Ikea tin with fake lavender in it. The stall holder confirmed that she had retrieved it from the Salvos at Capalaba. Yep, that's where it was deposited, along with all my Balinese furniture, when I moved from my home in Morningside way back when. It's a small world. Flattered that someone thought my taste back then is still relevant to the world we live in today.

And don't think I didn't stop by Katherine's shop ('The Old Boathouse')... I know, Katherine has shops everywhere... and.... you guessed it... she wasn't there (the Scarlett Pimpernel, I tell you).

Katherine, I love this vintage scooter and I would have bought it..... but my son's stitches have not yet dissolved in this chin from his last accident. 

Of course, all this activity lead to the overwhelming need for mid morning sustenance.
Gluten free of course....because that's important..... so I'm told.

Katrina was having a 'challenging' day.
Couldn't help thinking of her when I walked past this.

And who didn't sit at a table like this in 1971 for their 4th birthday. Not me.
Remember Mum? I'm going to go and dig out that photo in the shed (blog fodder).

Annie was most excited about visiting my shed later in the day. 
The excitement soon wore off.

Thank goodness for damaged stock. I now have new lamps in my little dining area...

... and new chairs... well sort of.. recognise them? 

Put them in storage long enough and they feel like new again...
..... although my tastes have changed... anyone want 8 beautiful, as new, linen skirted chairs?
... or even 4? Or the whole dining setting from 'The House'... big oak table included?

I digress. 

It was a lovely day. Friends, food, new treasures and old.. and even damaged ones!

Happy weekend! 
What are you up to? 
We're off to the movies.


  1. Hello - I think this is my first comment here, although I regularly rip off large chunks of your Pinterest boards, follow Annie and play the violin, so I feel we've a lot in common! This looks like a great fun day and such nice things! You're right - Annie IS going to kill you!

  2. Oh Mrs Exeter, you made me laugh with the Pinterest comment. Were we in an orchestra together perhaps? I find that all music roads lead back to the 'Mt Gravatt Area Schools String Orchestra' of 1976. Oh dear, is Annie really going to kill me? Blogger's remorse. A-M xx

  3. I'm so glad you posted about your lovely day - I love the WAC and have practically furnished the house with vintage treasures I found there. And the coffee is great too. Annie will forgive you, it's a lovely photo :-)

  4. I am seriously interested in your dining table and chairs.

  5. Great post A-M I feel like I was tagging along for the trip. Funny about the lavender pot. That often happens here in our op shop. I drop stuff off and go in weeks or months later and there it is. I always thought they shipped things off to other oppies. Great to see Annie, that image will be stuck in my brain on twitter now.
    Off to footy now.

  6. What a great day and fantastic dance by Annie! Wish I could spend a day shopping with you, looks like so much fun. xT

  7. Because it was a side on shot I'll spare you :))
    Now everyone knows I break out in dance whenever my ears hear Stayin Alive.

  8. The WAC is a great place for a morning out and I agree the music there is always good. As you would expect I love the old laminex tables - so easy to wipe down! xx

  9. A-M Oh how exciting to see my pieces on your blog today. I was at the counter talking when you and Annie purchased the chair. What ashame I didn't introduce myself. Glad you had a great day, the WAC certainly is a great place to spend a few hours. Have a great weekend. Sandy x

  10. Lovely things. I will have to have a look at that shop next time I'm in Brisbane. sigh. Mx

  11. I'm so over all of my furniture! I want to start again! I loved browsing through this post of yesteryear. Oh dear, I could relate to the 1971 table and chairs (those of a great aunt) and fond memories too I might add! M x

  12. Sounds like a gorgeous weekend A-M! I'm volunteering at the local surf-rock music festival. Was introduced to the music of a certain Aussie (Kim Churchill). Swoon!!!!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  13. what a great day ! love the smartie with the coffee :) also the new buterfly lamps ... le xox


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