Sunday, June 10, 2012

What I Love About Winter In Brisbane ....

... brisk, clear mornings...

...with cleansing, morning showers...

..... blue, blue skies...

... soccer games...

... and Grand Finals!....

... breakfast in the warm winter sun....

... and winter sun shadows...

... dressing gowns ...

...and warm drinks, made at home.....

... and out and about..... with Haloumi on the side! ....

... winter food ...

... and winter clothes...

... winter uniforms....

..... snuggling up...

... and getting out for a cool morning run. Brrrr! ...

... or just hanging out at home.

What lights your fire in winter? ... besides a fire (I wish).
You can say 'snow'... I won't be #jealousmuch
Fires, snow, real cold... I wish. 
I'm just grateful that it is coldER than summer!

Happy Sunday!

P.S. This has got nothing to do with this post, or winter, but I just had to throw it in.... because I can (creative licence). He knows what had to be done, to keep him at his school ... and he is working his guts out... and I love them (his guts). He sent me this picture as soon as he got his results. #ridiculouslyproudmother


  1. I love this post! Firstly congrats on the awesome marks! What a proud mamma moment! What lights my fire... being able to snuggle in bed with a good book! I promised myself that this weekend, it hasn't happened yet...

  2. Much as I loathe the cold (poor circulation in hands & feet makes it a trial for me), I'm learning to love some things about winter.

    - The beauty of a foggy morning
    - Boots, coats, tights & scarves
    - Snuggling up in my pjs under a blanket to watch TV in the evenings

    I would LOVE an open fire or a wood heater...and I'm scheming to get one in this house, somehow.


  3. I just adore the table in the winter afternoon sun photograph! The Brisbane blue winter sky photographs make me feel incredibly homesick! Congrats to that brilliant son of yours (well, one of your brilliant sons!) in those results. Can't get much better than that! Mxxx

  4. An impressive criteria and standards sheet - an A+ is hard to come by; obviously, a well-earned grade for your lad.

    That soccer breakfast is just as impressive! I haven't yet been to a soccer ground that serves breakfast like that...or did you BYO? A sterling idea, A-M!

  5. I do miss the fireplace in our old farm house but I don't exactly miss the upkeep.
    I relish rugging up in warmer clothes and not feeling like I'm drenched in sweat day in day out, plus I like all the yummy hot food we can indulge in.
    Well done B!

  6. What I love about winter - hmmm - I love the thrill of the first snow fall; crunching ice along the sidewalk; kicking snow out from behind the tires on the car (weird I know); soups and stews; frost on the windows; pretty woolly scarves with winter jackets; sleeping under a cozy duvet; seeing the sun rise because it gets up so much later that I am actually up for it every morning; and going ice skating.

    Congrats to your boy (the oldest I presume) on his marks.

    Hard work will get you where you want to go.
    My motto in this house is:
    Education is Choice.
    Education is Power.

    Power over your own life to choose what you'd like to do.
    Go Son No. 1... My daughter is same age/brightness so I can relate!

    Winter...Clear Blue skies, jeans, boots, leaves making a mess in my yard - that's my favourite bit as I love to garden and see the seasons change.
    and the wind. I love the wind as I grew up on the south/west coast of Victoria where it blew 355 days of the year! We hardly ever have wind here, and i miss it.
    Thanks for your daily post A-M. enjoy what's left of your weekend.

  8. I love that in winter my husband can come home one hour earlier as we close our shop at 6 not 7, that one little hour makes such a HUGE difference in the lives of our little ones.I love our fire , esp now older little one can set it and light it!! I love that our winter days are so beautiful and it is only 3 months and then I can look forward to our beautiful spring! Well done on those marks, his future is positively bright!

  9. What a great result for your boy... and such encouragement to keep it going... Your weekend looks absolutely lovely A-M.. xv

  10. the fire is the best bit. wet and cold here today, but the crackling fire makes it all worth while! xxx

  11. Love your post today.
    Oh and
    Totally son- inlaw material
    Pen ;)

  12. Congratulations to your hard working son - that's wonderful!

    Lots of lovely pics here - I adore your winter clothes - the scarf is great fun. And I have serious piano envy - I have a sad looking upright which does nothing for the room. Your violin is enjoying a well-earned rest - I will post a pic of my own fiddle next! xxx

  13. Well done. Keep it up! Winter has always been a favorite. Sleeping in, cooking, long walks, open fires, red wine, coats, boots and jackets. G. X

  14. Congratulations on those fantastic Grades! The sky is the limit for that young man.

    I love winter layering and ducted heating.

  15. loving that coffee cup with the wee birdie on it ... plus all the A+sssss - ya son of yours :) le xox

  16. Oh A-M...what stunning snaps! Winter is Brisbane is just divine isn't it... E & M xx


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