Sunday, June 3, 2012

What's Your Earliest Memory?

Hesitantly meeting little brother for the first time.
 He doesn't remember this moment but does remember hanging out for the dinosaur I promised him if he was good for Gran and Papa while I was in hospital. 

We sat up really late last night, sprawled out on my bed, chatting, chatting, chatting. We didn't mean to... but the boys starting talking about what they could remember from their early childhood years and we giggled our way through memories of places/countries we had lived and friends we had made along the way.

The hours I whiled away with my first born, in the park (twice daily), feeding the ducks, swinging on the swings, rescuing naughty 12 year olds from the house they were in the process of burning down while their parents were at work (I kid you not, big son sat in the pram and gnawed a 'milk arrowroot' while I dragged the kids out of the house just before the roof caved in.. they'd been playing with fire in the garage)... big son doesn't remember any of it! All those hours spent gazing adoringly at his little face, tending to his every need, planning my whole life around his every waking moment... not a teeny, tiny memory of any of it remains in his busy brain.

Little one on the other hand remembers drinking warm milk on a gold sofa, on a very furry cushion. He has not seen any photos of that house, sofa or cushion he is referring to.... but he's right.. and he was 8 months old at the time! Amazing.

My first memory was around when I was 2 years old. I remember we were moving into a new house on the outskirts of Brisbane (1969) and I remember having a massive tantrum because I was not allowed the pink room (which was the main bedroom). What a brat!

Is it possible to have memories of before you were 'self aware'? How does my little tacker remember when he was less than one????  What's your earliest memory?

My Sunday ponderings. All the big questions.

It's raining here again today. Big soccer has been cancelled... much to big one's relief. He has 3 exams tomorrow and has had his head in a book since Friday night. I am going to brave the light sprinkle at the moment and head out for a run... clear the cobwebs... plan the week... solve the world's problems.

Happy Sunday!


  1. That is so awesome he remembers that! I have no idea what my first memory is!! Mum and Dad have told me about so many things from when I was young I really don't know what are memories and what are the bits and pieces Ive heard from them if that makes sense! Enjoy another rainy day, we have been on the edge of the system by the look of the radar and just had a little bit, all adds up though! Best wishes to big son for exams!

  2. My Mum has been too timid to comment on my blog for more than 4 years now. She often drops me an email to comment on my posts so I am posting her email to me this morning, whether she likes it or not:

    "First memories are amazing aren’t they. I don’t remember your wanting the pink room! My first memory is of sitting on a very prickly coir mat at the door of old, old Craiglea farmhouse on Christmas Day in 1941 with my wonderful Christmas and birthday presents – a brightly coloured ball and, “Oh joy of joys “, a book entitled “Puppy Smuts” which I loved until it fell to pieces and I had a massive tantrum because my parents couldn’t get another copy!!!!! T’s earliest memory is of standing with his mother and her women friends on a dark night looking up and watching bombers on their way to bomb shipyards".... looks like tantrums are hereditary in my family! A-M xx

  3. Aren't mother fabulous. Funny how yours doesn't remember your tanty about the pink room. Perhaps she was too busy unpacking.

    You've motivated me to walk in the rain today as well.

    It's cats and dogs here in Ole Sydney town, but I have cabin fever so I'm going to shut this computer down and get out amongst it right now.


  4. Wet here too and my big one is studying for her last exam tomorrow -Science.
    first memory was when I was 5 going on a holiday to Merimbula on south coast of NSW. We lived on the coast of Victoria near the S.A. border so it might as well hav been visiting another country at that age!
    Cooking, washing and using my brand new electrolux vacuum today -which I'm WAY too excited over for a vacuum!
    Had a Dyson for ten years and glad to see the back of it!
    Don't believe the hype people!

  5. Must be wet right down the East Coast! Amazing to think that someone could have a memory at 8 months of age! Mine is at 4, when I was in hospital having open heart surgery. I remember nothing of the op, but I remember my favourite aunt coming to see me and her waving at a door; she couldn't come in. I didn't understand why and tried to get out of the plasic tent that was locked over my bed and got in trouble. Not getting that hug is my first memory then nothing else till 7!
    My children's favourite stories / discussions revolve around cherished times together....can't imagine life without them!
    x KL

  6. I remember visiting Mum in hospital and meeting my little sister for the first time. I was nearly two and was more interested in the vegemite sandwich Dad had brought for me. Typical really!

  7. My earliest memory is also of going to hospital to meet my baby sister, a month before my second birthday. I remember Dad lifting me up so I could look out the window.

    That is such a beautiful photo, A-M.

  8. What a beautiful post..yes I sure do remember my first memory..I was too young for school, so I'm thinking about 2 or 3 years old..I was playing in the garden and I remember my mum was there..

    I caught a butterfly in my hands and ran to show mum..when I opened my hand, I had squashed it..and it had turned to butterfly dust....I can remember this so so clearly...amazing what we can recall xoxo

  9. I can remember a few things before I was two. How my cot was positioned in the second house we lived in, and how I could make it to the front door. I then remember the big moving truck that moved us. And my fave before two memorie was sitting at my grandparents house, with my grandad feeding me mashed veg on a sunny evening.

    I've lost a few years memories of my twenties though!

    Julie Q

  10. I remember lying on the convertible top of my mom's Ford while we were at a stop light at a major intersection. The person in the car next to us told my parents that their baby was lying on the back of the car. I got in trouble and was upset because the man told on me. This was before my sister was born, during summer months so I was either just over 1 or just over 2. I don't think I'll ever forget that moment in time.


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