Tuesday, July 3, 2012

10 Architectural Features I Love

1. Bricks... as a feature.
They may be rustic but I reckon they soften a room ...
... take away it's airs and graces...bring it back down to earth.

2. Panelling and coffered ceilings... oh and black doors.

3. An entire wall of French door assemblies. 
Love doors with transoms.

4. Dark transoms. 
They don't even have to be black... just dark, framed in white.
Love the timber in this home!

Image Courtesy Charlie Allen Restorations

5. Basketweave tiles... 
....especially when paired with a classical subway tile.
See them? on the shower floor?
Love the transom feature too.... and the sink... and the floor tile.
Look, they've tiled the shower ceiling!

6. Transoms in bathrooms. 
They bring in such beautiful light.

7. .....well this is really still number 6... more bathroom transoms..
see?.. lots of light ....
.. and these are black which makes them even more heart-stopping.

8. Full entry way transoms. 
This one is perfection in my eyes .... simple moldings, deep reveal.
Are you sensing a theme here? Obsessed with transoms.

9. Chunky French door assemblies.... with deep reveals... love.

Isn't this a beautiful room?  I sort of desperately love everything in it... the cabinetry, the door hardware the coffered ceiling, the contrasting black tile around the fireplace, the herringbone in the fireplace!... the neutral furnishings, the natural fibre rug. Yep, love. it. all.

10. Interesting staircases. 
I love this..... as it is tucked away behind a transom.

Maybe I should have just titled this post, 'Rooms With Transoms'... I'll never get over them you know!

School holidays! Delicious. 7am and we're all still in bed. Loving it. I love that my boys aren't waking up to an alarm and sleep as they need it. No wonder they grow 2 shoe sizes in the school holidays.

We're off to Gran's today.... to climb trees and wallow in the dam shallows, looking for things with signs of life. I am looking forward to having my tea in a pretty cup... and there's always something yummy to go with it at Gran's!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Possibly the yummiest collection of photos I have ever seen. I didn't know I loved transoms until I found your blog but now the affair has well and truly begun.

  2. Such beautiful photos I can't decide which I like the best, possibly the 2nd last? Maybe that's just because I wish I was sitting next to that fire? Oh and the exposed bricks, gorgeous. Have a fun time at Grans. xT

  3. Just lovely - I think I have each and every one of those images in my Houzz Ideabook!

  4. The timber does add warmth and texture. In some of the pics it makes the home seem like it has been there for ages......perfection!
    Tania xx

  5. Such a great collection of images - in love with the bathroom with the 2 round mirrors. I never knew those things were called transoms - thanks for the education!

  6. Ditto...I'm in love with all of it!

  7. What a great selection of photos.

    Any chance you could do a post of architectural definitions or the newbies? It took me a while to realise what a transom was (I have no idea how to pronounce it).

    Also, just wondering if you ever found Bill?

    Keep up the good work, A-M.

  8. Thank you A-M for a gorgeous post... I enjoyed every photo.

  9. Okay, so the first thing I've learned today is the word transom! I've loved them too, and never knew what they are called (shame shame, despite my years of architectural training, but then again it was sooooo long ago I don't remember much from those days except the fun we had!).

    Plus, the 11th Architectural Feature that you love is symmetry! Probably more unconscious! But you do love a certain casual formality and symmetry!

  10. What a beautiful post - theres nothing better than scrolling slowly down knowing theres more lovely surprises to come. Thank you.

  11. I didn't know about transoms either. So I am now classing my time reading your blog today as "educational" not "recreational". Sounds so much better. We are at our Grandma's too, off to explore the woods this afternoon, dressed in warm coats and beanies. What fun!Hope you have a fun day too. deb

  12. Ahhh! the inspiration,just gorgeous! I'm with you though black doors all the way!they take my breath away. Have a lovely day in the glorious sunshine xx

  13. I love very photo, drooling in fact, but no thank you to tiles on the ceiling. Imagine trying to scrub off mould?

  14. I love the pics you choose - talk about MORE room envy! I reckon you could design and decorate a house for me and I'd LOVE it! :-) And I'm pretty picky! Hence my husband and I have designed and built two homes already - we like what we like! I agree, brick brings a room back to earth, to the grass roots, makes it homey! I remember when in QLD it was typical to do double cavity brick - none of the gyprock rubbish on the walls ;) lol It was earthy and cosy! I wouldn't mind just ONE room done like that, even just a feature wall or archway...maybe not the entire house. I hate trying to hang pictures on brick walls...

  15. Oh, and I forgot to add, in my new house design (which Katrina has a copy of incidentally) I have transoms for the kitchen and dining area! LOVE THEM! Have always loved them and I think, will always love them!

  16. Who knew how versatile those little transoms could be?

    My fave room is the lounge with fireplace. Certainly ticks all the boxes!

  17. I sighed out loud over those first three images and my husband just asked what was wrong!! Stunning rooms. I am completely in love with the brickwork in the kitchen. I might even print that out, frame it and put it up in my kitchen.

  18. I cannot argue with any of those photos or any of your comments on them! Just beautiful xx

  19. Happy school holidays A-M... and great rooms too... xv

  20. GREAT POST:)
    Your blog is so wonderful and Im following...I hope you follow me also:)

    If you want some cute swedish decor inspiration...check out my new post:)

    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  21. ADORE this post!
    Have the transom bug now!


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