Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Californian Beach House

I stumbled upon this gorgeous Californian cottage, over at House Beautiful....

Isn't it glorious?!!!

I am particularly in love with the kitchen, with it's vintage stove and it's breakfast bar blackboard! 

Look at the fridge! Custom made to look like an old icebox!

A beautiful trestle table with rustic captain's chairs, wicker baskets, timber floors bathed in sunlight.... just perfection. Those fabulous lights are made out of old buoys, cut in half.

A vintage pull-down map hides the TV... very clever.

Check out the bunk room!!!....

... and associated bathroom!... with lockers for guests! 
I love the striped walls... alternating bands of flat and semigloss paint. 
Now there's an idea!

Saved the best for last... the outdoor dining area. 
The marble bench-top extends from inside the kitchen to outside. 
Could it get any better? Sigh!

You can see more of this gorgeous cottage HERE. 

Happy Saturday afternoon! 
I'm off to a little bloggy afternoon tea... apparently it's my New York send off....
.. even though I am not leaving until next weekend.

I'll instagram the goodies!


  1. Pull down map to hide the ridiculously large TV my husband HAS to have. Brilliant, I'm stealing that idea for sure!

  2. So many good ideas in this house - I wonder how you go about building an ice box?
    Are you stopping off in San Francisco A-M?

  3. That second image is giving me stair-envy!

    I also think I will borrow the chalk-board idea for the kitchen island...

  4. It's just fantastic...the bunk room is so great and I'm in love with the outdoor dining...too cool!

  5. Again you've provided some amazing inspiration! Wow imagine the pennies involved in the custom made fridge! Not worth thinking about! . X

  6. The bunk rooms, lockers and bathroom are just what I need for my four boys!

  7. Love this house. Wish I was spending the summer there myself.


  8. Breathtaking! So many elements I adore. xx

  9. oh well found AM - beautiful white rug - great for looks, not for kids under 5 - maybe I could tempt fate??? :)

    Jealous of your trip to NY - maybe next year i'll go, yeah right.

    But I have booked into ProBloggers Melb 2 day Conference, so I'm looking forward to that one!

  10. Gorgeous... I love the white with the black floors... xv

  11. Hi A-m,
    Oh Yes, this one is a beauty. Have been dreaming of how I can make one similar here in Oz.
    Certain house resonate with you and this one does it for me.
    Simple, not too big, elegant but so relaxed.
    Dream on.
    Have a great week.
    Warm wishes Daryl

  12. Yep...loved them all! Have loads of fun on your NY trip...luck you!!
    Ness xx


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