Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kitchen Furniture

 I found the kitchen that belongs to this beautiful antique armoire that I have been coveting!
 I so love that soft grey-blue colour. 
Isn't it wonderful how the cabinetry just hugs it tight?

 I'd almost forgo a Butler's pantry for that gorgeous armoire smack bang in the middle of it all.

Check out the stove!.... flanked by beautiful double hung windows of course!

I love this kitchen! It has the same layout as my old one.. sort of..... in a more glamorous fashion!

See? Twins! 

I seriously love kitchen furniture....

... and I needed to tell you that this morning!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Good morning A-M, I think I have only commented once before on your blogg but this morning I had to! Love, love that kitchen but I'm thinking your old kitchen was up there in the glamour stakes!!! Luuurve the cooker in the photos, bet it would cost a pretty fortune to buy it here though....sigh only in America! Have a good day and thanks for putting a smile on my face first thing. Tracey

  2. Through your love of kitchen furniture, i now love kitchen furniture.
    Pen x
    Hope you are well. Love to catch up for a cuppa when you get back from New York

  3. Are you tricking A-M? I keep flicking between the last two trying to spot the differences. Kind of like the game where you list them all down. The light in the 2nd and 3rd photos is pretty nice.

  4. I don't think you'd ever get me out of that kitchen. Just imagine the HUGE mess I could make in there!
    Yours was just stunning as well.
    Am with you on the armoire :)

  5. loved your old kitchen it was so attractive x

  6. In love with that armoire - I especially like the wire mesh. I also love the piece you had in your house. Dreaming that one day I can afford a cabinet maker to do some bespoke work for me. And don't even get me started on the cooker - "swoon"!

  7. So, so beautiful and exactly what I dream of having one day! Our kitchen is very much builders basics so I can't wait to get a new one :)

  8. Swooning in Hobart, A-M. I'm off to clickety-click right now ☺. J x

  9. Love the amoire too, and your beautiful old kitchen. Are you there yet? Hope the flight went well. xxx

  10. Hi A-M,
    Sorry to hear about you falling out with ----- ------, Just had to post this comment as I know how you feel.
    I too in the not to distant past had a falling out and it was all smiles and kisses at the last two trade fares. They soon forgot the pain they caused my business when they made a major mistake the previous season with delivering all my ordered stock for the entire 5 month season at once, (really over a 3 week or so period but it was still a disaster). When they were directed to send it spread out over months. But were then very happy to threaten to take me to court if I didnt pay them in 30 days. This was extremely hard to do in a small business at the time. Some of my other suppliers are amazing and so supportive to us and so we are to them.
    I think I must be a elephant in another life as I remember everything, pity they don't.
    Oh well there are plenty more suppliers out there who are looking for people to sell there products.
    It is a shame a few wholesalers forget we represent them on the front line, (thank god it is only a few).

    1. I got the 'smiles and kisses' right up until the death knell yesterday, Daryl. Talk about being blind sided.... nasty letter from someone I didn't even know and had never dealt with. I don't think they get 'relationship selling'... and the whole trust thing. I suppose my 200,000 readers per month meant nothing to them. So many of my readers read about them here and then walked into their bricks and mortar shop to buy. For God's sake, they had the Home Beautiful article featuring my home and all their damn products, out for all to see in their shop at the time. Interesting business decision, their wanting to be the only online source of their products. Talk about cutting out your market. And the online discount prices argument doesn't cut it as bricks and mortar stores discount all the time. I sold at RRP out of respect for them and their supply to me. I don't understand why they didn't contact me prior to the whole debacle and think, how can we best work with one of our biggest, vocal supporters? What if I was planning a bricks and mortar store? What if I just so happened to have secured a contract with a big project builder for kitting out their display homes!!!! I might have a small shop but I have a big voice and big plans Oh well, their loss. I am deleting every kind FREE word I said about them... everywhere.
      No more free publicity... Xxxx Xxxxxx! Love Anne-Maree, spelt with eeeeeeeees!


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