Monday, July 30, 2012


We touched down in New York at 7pm last night, after a fabulous Virgin America flight from LA. I have to say the Virgin America crew have so much more life in them than the Aussie crew! It was a long flight so I made myself stay awake, to get used to local time, by chatting to the lovely crew up the back. We flew in over the western end of Long Island so I was climbing over my fellow, less enthusiastic, Aussie passengers to see the Long Island mansions on the shoreline. Seeing my first glimpse of the Manhattan skyline silhouette, against the setting afternoon sun, brought on the tears big time. I'm finally here. New York!

I had the most gorgeous driver pick me up. Simon. He's been here for 16 years, originally from South China. He gave me his best broken English tour of Queens, as we made our way into Manhattan over the beautiful Queensbro Bridge. He told me how spectacularly the crime rate has dropped in the time he has lived here and he even stopped the car so I could take my first picture of an NYPD cop car as he reckons NYC cops are the best in the world. Gorgeous. I wish I could have stolen him to guide me around the city for the rest of my time here. He drove the long way round, up gorgeous Park Avenue, for my benefit, and he chuckled at my tears as we hit Central Park.

I dumped my stuff off at the hotel, had a quick shower (the best I have ever had in my life! - big statement, but true) and then headed out into the bustling Times Square.

I just stood in the middle of it all, the thousands of tourists, inhaling the sounds, the tooting horns of the taxis and trucks, the smell of the street corner pretzel vans, the monstrous flashing bill boards.


I bought my first piece of NYC pizza to scoff whilst I wandered..... $3 for a piece the size of my head...a vege one .....soft doughy base, hardly any cheese .....was the tastiest piece of pizza I have ever had - another big statement, but true! There are going to be a few 'big statements', emanating from this here blog, over the next few weeks, I predict!

I wandered and wandered through Times Square until I came across two rather chilled out firemen perched on the bumper bars of their trucks in their station. I wandered in to have a chat. The engines were beautiful! Turns out Engine 54, Ladder 4, Battalion 9 nine lost all 35 of their crew in 9/11. They had a beautiful memorial to them all in the station. They let me climb over their gorgeous trucks and have a good look through their station. They have such pride in their work and station...such an institution.

I headed back to my hotel when I realised it was midnight and I had to start sleeping on NYC time.

Got 5 hours sleep and now I am bouncing around realising that I have enough energy to do the 2 free guided walking tours I adventurously booked before I left Australia. My guide emailed me last night. I'm going to start in Lower Manhattan and work my way up to Greenwich Village by this afternoon.

I might try to get on one of those double decker tourist buses at some stage too. I only have today in NYC before I jump on the Jitney first thing tomorrow morning, for The Hamptons. I'll have to see the rest after The Hamptons and after the conference. I'll have 8 glorious days after the conference to explore everything then. I will be staying up on the Upper East side, near Central Park, after the conference. I have visions of running in Central Park every morning, once I am settled up there.

But now, today, feeling good, no jet lag yet. 'Fingers and toes'! Ref: Faux Fuchsia, 2010. I'm off to find something that is not pizza for breakfast!

Back soon!

A-M xx

Ps my apologies for my spelling and punctuation. I am not proof reading.... Just getting stuff down here and getting out there!



  1. wow A-M wow wow wow have a fantastic time!!!! see you when your back :) xx Cat

  2. Amazing, have a wonderful time. Keep running, with all that pizza you will need to!

  3. Wow. I am officially jealous. But in a good way. Enjoy your trip. It sounds amazing already. Love how your getting on with the trip. I always used to do the jetlag when I got back home...don't want to waste a minute of a trip of a lifetime. xx

  4. My oh my I'm so excited for you! We're planning a trip to NYC this time next year, you're fuelling my fire, I love it!!

  5. Oh A-M, sounds like you are having a blast. Enjoy every minute of it. So much to do and see. Your post was bursting with excitement. I'm getting itchy feet just reading about your first day in NYC.

    Sandy K

  6. Amazing Pizza....beautiful fire truck...sad story all in your first few hours!!! Can't wait till you get to the Hamptons. Hope that adrenaline keeps flowing!! xxx

  7. Dang it! If only I wasn't busy with work stuff I would hop a bus and meet up for a visit! Enjoy your visit!!!


  8. I've been stalking you big time! Looks amazing! See you soon. X

  9. It's a fantastic city, isn't it? Now do you see why I want to move there?! The energy just emanates off the streets. It's so infectious too.

    Central Park is great for running, but do run around the Upper East Side as well; the architecture is superb. You'd love the houses around E73rd and streets parallel to that. Running (or walking) is the best way to see the architecture!

    Looking forward to seeing your photos. Have a lovely day in the Village!

    janelle mcculoch | library of design

  10. PS I still tear up whenever I arrive in New York - and I've been there lots of times! It's funny how you become so sentimental about it, so quickly...

  11. What a wonderful journey you took us on with this post. I'm 44, never been to NYC either, but I really felt it through your photos, so exciting! I can't wait to be a part of the rest of tour trip x

  12. Wonderful its all are making me cry too!!!!

  13. All so exciting! Mxx

  14. Soooo excited for you A-M! I'm reliving our trips to NYC through your pics.
    Isn't that car ride through Queens with Manhattan on the horizon just breathtaking !!! When I saw the skyline at dusk, I was speechless!

    Have a ball !!!!!!

  15. A-M it sounds all too exciting!

  16. A-M, I am so excited to be experiencing your Trip with you via your blog! I love how you are embracing every little detail. Absolutely beautiful. So happy for you.


  17. I enjoyed this post soooooo much. Keep them coming <3

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.


  18. Oh, I want to go back to NYC!
    Thanks for getting your fantastic photos to work along with your fantastic description of everything!
    Looking forward to the next instalment!
    x Jode

  19. Takes your breath away. It's like a long lost friend as we are so familiar with its iconic images. Love New York. Really. Wish I was there too!

  20. I'm sitting here with a grin on my face and feeling so happy for you! Oh to be there, it's on my list of places to visit, but for now I'm inhaling everything you blog about. Can't wait to see The Hamptons through your eyes :) Enjoy A-M!!

    V x

  21. So much you have done in a 24 hr period - not even.
    I am 39 soon and havent left Australia. So i am totally loving all your pics and your BIG but true STATEMENTS. lol
    Keep them coming
    Pen x

  22. Just looking at that Pizza has made me hungry AM .... Looking forward to living vicariously through you. Loving the fire stations pics ... enjoy!

  23. ohhhh Jeeeeeeaaaallllloooouuuussssss!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so happy you are taking it by the horns .
    LOVE the pics!! enjoy yourself

  24. A-M thanks so much for sharing your journey. Your words and images are creating such a fantastic storey to read and I am and will look forward to every post wondering how "our" day was.....Living vicariously through you...;-)xxK

  25. Lots of people commenting on how ur trip relates to their visit to NYC. I've never been anywhere but your enthusiasm is so palpable that I feel like I'm along for the ride!!! Excited for the Hamptons bit:-)
    Be safe...

  26. o exciting A-M, reminds me of my first time in NYC. It's amazing, the energy you have there. It truly is the city that never sleeps. Looking forward to the next edition.

  27. How excited you sound A-M. I can feel that New York energy reverberating through your post. And what an amazing first few hours. Such a brilliant city. Can't wait to follow your trip - and am enjoying those photos on instagram too! Have fun!
    Amanda x

  28. Go girl!!!!! Enjoy every single moment! xxxx

  29. I just read back through all your travel posts since you arrived in NYC and it is a joy to read how excited you are about everything. I love that you cry at all the major finds and that you chat up everybody. Have a wonderful rest of your trip.


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