Friday, July 13, 2012


Not a day goes by, down here, that I don't think, 'this is so like Paris'. 
You Melbournites have got it all!

... twinkling trees along the Seine.... I mean the Yarra....

 ... Masters painted on footpaths...

... quaint little shops ...

... and gorgeous little lanes ...

... beautiful architecture...

... warm fires everywhere ...

...stylish fashions... the lady, not 'tracksuit man'!...
(love the green!)

... and gorgeous bikes to hire!...
 (no wonder no one uses the City Cycle in Brissie).

How can one NOT go for a run! 

I picked a runner, about my age and size at Southbank yesterday morning... and followed her. 
Its the best way to see a city you don't know... follow a local!

She took me over bridges, as the sun rose....

.. and up hills.. 
(that slow incline of Queen St is a killer)...

... and down along the Seine, I mean Yarra.
I followed at a distance, so she had no idea she was giving me 'the tour'.

Off for a few meetings with suppliers today....
.... after I pick someone to follow, for my run this morning!

Happy Friday!



  1. I live in Melbourne, but on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. Have you been?
    Anyway I don't venture into town much anymore. Thank you for showing me its beauty with fresh eyes. I must play tourist in my home town again soon.
    Enjoy the rest of your visit. Oh, and even though I'm not a runner that runners station at your hotel is a truly lovely touch.

  2. By the way, my name is Georgia, I have been a follower for years. I have two google accounts so I have no idea why my comments always come up under the name 'unknown'. Until recently I never commented at all because as I tried to sign into one of my google accounts my comments would be deleted! One day I'll work it all day

  3. Breath-taking! When I win the lotto I'm going to Melbourne to visit as I'd hoped to in 2008! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

  4. Love this post A-M. I agree Melbourne is just magical. I wish I could spend more time there. The GC today is grey and she really doesn't look her best or even middling best. Have a lovely day and enjoy! Rx

  5. Your photos are just beautiful!

    I love Melbourne but the last time we went I think it was just TOO COLD and I didn't enjoy it as much. My favourite part was hanging out in my friend's house and just chilling! Perhaps that's a sign of my age. Or the fact that I had a two year old at the time who I struggled to keep up with.

  6. Glad u are enjoying Melbourne A-M, I still love it after 11 years, except for the weather sometimes ........(miss the sun!) Mxxx

  7. I KNEW I loved Melbourne for a reason! You totally nailed it. I loved your where to stay in Paris post yesterday and pinned up a storm after that!
    Great idea to follow a local! You're so clever A-M!

  8. Hi A-M I am a lurker but wanted to say love this post. I love Melbourne too can't wait to visit it again ASAP. Always enjoy your blog xx

  9. I think you are really getting the most from your Melbourne visit A-M. and thank you for introducing me to some of its delights. I have been there so seldom, maybe it's time I took some time. I'm a Sydneysider but my mind isn't closed...

  10. I am loving these photos here and on instagram. I love the runners station, what a great idea. Have fun.

  11. i love that you stalked a fellow runner! what a brilliant idea... but how did you know you'd end up where you needed to be?!? i admire how much you pack into your everyday... keep it up please, you inspire me no end!

  12. Hi A-M
    I am a quintessential Melburnian! Live here, L.O.V.E it
    Just one small point.... in recent times the likes of Scotty Cam et al have mistakenly called us Melbournites which means others are too.

    Please, Please call us Melburnians in the future :0)

    Scotty also called the ground floor the first floor and the first floor the second floor in the last series of the Block even though it was aimed at an Aussie not US audience so I guess he needs a bit of 'ed.u.cating' lol


  13. I adore Melbourne, have to return for a visit! Janell

  14. Oh, and for a lovely taste of France, I hope you get to the Napoleon exhibition, Empire period Dreamy!

  15. Ooh. I'm going to Melbourne in October for the Problogger Event. Now I'm even more excited! It's been TOO long.

  16. I love finding great places to eat hidden away in all those little laneways. xxx

  17. Great post! Quite entertaining. Very clever way to get a lovely tour. Wish I could run for that long. Fiona

  18. I'm a 'lurker'. I live in Melbourne. I love it. Your post has just made me love it just a little bit more. Thank-you A-M.

  19. Melbourne is the best, isn't it!

  20. Melbourne looks gorgeous through your eyes, as a Melbournian not sure I always appreciate it so thanks for the fresh perspective. I am a bit besotted with Paris, maybe it's the little bit of Melbourne in me...:)

  21. I adore my city but you made me appreciate it from a strangers eyes. I hope you have a lovely time in our fair town.

  22. What a lively, thoughtful post A-M! Running early in Melb- holy cow that must have been freezing.
    I so love and miss Melbourne- sporting capital of Australia. Being Victorian we are sports mad!

  23. Hi A-M,
    Suggestion for tomorrow's run - do "the tan" (track around the Botanical Gardens) clockwise so you go UP Anderson street hill, you will love it!!!!

    Christine xo

  24. I love visiting Melbourne and only said to hubs recently we should go down again and take our time wandering around as every trip has been rushed. It's a pity my relatives live quite a distance from the city and rarely venture in.
    Too funny about stalking the lady runner.

  25. Hi A-M,
    Suggestion for tomorrow's run - do "the tan" (track around Botanical Gardens) clockwise so you go UP Anderson street hill
    You will love it!!!!

    Enjoy your visit

    Christine xo

  26. Thanks for loving my city! :D

  27. Hello beautiful A-M, Those cute, quaint alley lanes with the small restaurants spilling into them are just gorgeous! It must remind you of Paris so much. When I have more time, I am going to have lunch at one of these places and just people watch for a few hours, sigh! Melbourne is a wonderful city.
    Mrs B xxx

  28. I was just thinking how much I love Melbourne when I drive into the city today!

    The jogging track around the Tan (the nickname for the route around the Botanic Gardens) is also really beautiful. You can get the No 8 tram and get off at the gardens, but it's only a short jog from the CBD if you can't be bothered waiting for transport. It's a 4 km track and all the top athletes and footballers do it, so lots of 'jogging porn', even at 5am!

    So glad you're enjoying Melbourne.

  29. The weather is lousy but oh the city is so much nicer than Sydney!!!!
    Enjoy your trip and if you are there say hello to Ellie for me!!! xx

  30. oh i love me some melbourne!!! i often wonder if the universe didn't lead me to buy the 'SFC' I would have made the move to Melbourne by now.

    Love the stalker action too.

    Enjoy lovely lady xx

  31. you are such a creative photographer AM, as you managed to not photograph all the bad stuff - :) You should do our travel marketing for us too!

    And yes, we have so much except the warmth atm, although I hear South QLD is feeling the crap weather too lately.

    I wish I'd know you were in Melb, we could have hooked up!

  32. Thank you & the other runner, for the lovely tour. Too funny to stalk a runner, brilliant idea!! Love Posie

  33. Thank you for showcasing my home town so beautifully. it is a shame it takes a tourist to point out how lucky we are in order for us to appreciate where we live. Next time I am in the city I will have my 'tourist' eyes on.

  34. Beautiful shots of Melbourne! But I think that slow incline is Collins Street or Bourke Street. Queen St is a cross street without trams. Anyway, I used to walk up that hill everyday when I worked in the city.

  35. Love love love. I lived in Melbourne for about 4 years some time ago. It is wonderful. A city I return to regularly for a 'fix'. Gorgeous pics AM!!


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